Creating a compelling ambience for Valentine’s Day requires careful planning and attention to detail. Bolsius Professional gives us the lowdown on what key five factors to focus on when creating a memorable and romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day in your hotel.

Mood lighting 

Mood lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the right ambience, especially for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Adopt soft, warm lighting to create a cosy and intimate feel – use dimmers or adjustable lighting fixtures to control the brightness and create a relaxing ambience. 

Bolsius candles are the traditional choice for adding a romantic glow to any space; use tea lights for a delicate flicker, pillar candles for spotlighting an entrance or change of décor, and the Relight® range comes in so many colours, it’s incredibly easy to cater to different moods and occasions, allowing romantic themed hues to be incorporated into dining spaces.   

Romantic decoration 

The guest experience begins the moment they walk into your establishment, and focal centrepieces will grab their attention and set the tone.  Decorate public spaces with lavish floral arrangements in red and pink hues and introduce subtle sweet scents such as rose, vanilla, or lavender in public areas and guest rooms to contribute to the romantic ambience. 

Sharing menus 

Offer a bespoke Valentine’s menu so that couples can enjoy a romantic meal together. Highlight ingredients known for their aphrodisiac qualities and opt for dishes that our shareable and encourage intimacy and connection between diners.

Recommended wine or drink pairings that complement the flavours of the dishes give that added value and premiumisation to the dining experience – and a whimsical ‘Valentines Champagne Cocktail’ can offer that playful touch. 

Don’t forget to include a candle as part of your restaurant tableware – Bolsius’ Relight® 30-hour burn time candle ensures steady illumination and romantic ambience for an entire week of dinner services.

Personalised touches 

Making each guest feel unique is key, so add a personal touch to their visits; handwritten welcome notes addressed to the guests can create an instant connection and make them feel special upon arrival. 

Also, use the turndown service to surprise guests with thoughtful touches like placing chocolates on their pillows or leaving a personalised note for the evening. These can all leave a lasting impression and encourage guests to return and recommend your establishment to others.


Whether presented at the start of the stay or at the end, gifts are a great way to keep your guests’ memories of their time with you fresh in their minds. 

It doesn’t have to be extravagant; forethought and attention to detail are frequently what make guests feel truly special. From a personalised baggage tag to a luxurious bath, candle, and fragrance gift bundle, a gift leaves a lasting positive impression making them feel valued and cherished. 

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