The award-winning spa and skincare brand, GAIA Skincare, are proud to launch their new online training platform to spa partners across the UK & Ireland.  The digital platform will reduce spa training costs by up to 80% and allows training to be more flexible for spa therapists. 

Having launched in March, GAIA are pleased to offer current and new spa partners an online training system, complementing their in-person training for GAIA skincare treatments. New Spa partners will now receive an intense three-day ‘Essentials Training’ with one of GAIA’s experience Spa Trainers, learning key brand knowledge, the customer journey and consultation, along with three of GAIA’s core facial and body treatments, including their ever-popular Bespoke Massage.

This will be followed by ‘Online Essentials Training’ with theory and in-depth training videos for GAIA’s Salt & Oil Scrub, Indian Head Massage and Mud Cocoon. Each spa therapist will have their own account, giving them the ability to login and complete the training materials and online assessment in their own time.  Once all essentials training is completed, Spa Partners will be able to offer a total of 15 different spa treatments, including the three new ‘GAIA Journeys’ combing holistic therapeutic techniques.

Once completed, Spa Partners are able to complete the ‘Advance Training’ of selected spa treatments and rituals, including the GAIA Poultice massage, Total Holistic Ritual and Mother GAIA Ritual, a spa experience developed specifically for mothers-to-be.

One of GAIA’s current Spa Partner, Whisteria Beautique has already trialled the new digital training platform “The online theory training was brilliant, we could do it in our own time, make notes and we certainly learnt a lot. We also went back over it before the final day to re-test our knowledge and we all passed. I think this shows the attention which is given by the trainer.” comments Holly Findlay, owner and Spa Therapist.

The online training offers many benefits to new spa partners, allowing therapists to learn at their own pace and when it’s most convenient for them, giving 24/7 access to training material, so spa therapists can refresh their knowledge when needed. Opting for a combination of in-person and digital training will also save new Spa Partners up to 80%, by eliminating the need to close the spa for an extended period of time, without needing to block full columns of spa therapists for the flexible digital training and also, and only having the GAIA Spa Partner on location for three days.


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