The female-founded spa and skincare brand was born with an ethical ethos, to not only looking after their customer’s wellbeing, but also to care for that of the planet. Founded on the vision of connection with Mother Natures, GAIA Skincare has acted sustainably since their launched in 2016. 

 GAIA Skincare are pleased to share their latest efforts to act consciously for the planet, with the re-launch of their amenities range, available to spa and hotel partners, along with consumer retail. The new 400ml bottles will look to replace the current offering, selected for the more durable construction and opaque finish. This allows partnered accounts to re-use the bottles for longer, allowing them to refill and prolong the life span.

The bottles have been sourced from an EU manufacturer, further cutting back excessive airfreight miles, and are hand-filled by GAIA’s warehouse team in the South West of the UK, consciously decided to produce and distribute in a way kinder to the environment.

The design team have also selected high-durability labels for the bottles, thoughtfully designed in GAIA’s soothing green colour pallet offering a more considered design in hotel bedrooms and high-traffic areas such as changing rooms, where the amenities bottles are in frequent use.

‘As a brand, our growth means continually improving products and packaging in line with our values, to deliver the most responsible and exceptional experience. We want GAIA consumers and partners to enjoy generous, lasting, and user-friendly bottles, which our new 400ml refillable amenities offer exactly!’ Adds Jessica Scullion, Head of Sales at GAIA Skincare.

The 400ml amenities range includes GAIA’s Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Wash and Hand & Body lotion, in the signature Awakening Blend, offering an invigorating blend of tangerine, grapefruit and peppermint pure essential oils to energise and uplift the senses.   The range will be launching on the 17th June, exclusively available to GAIA Spa Partners.