As hotels adopt charge points in line with the growing number of electric vehicles, many hoteliers are seeing the importance of proper management, monitoring and maintenance. eFaraday specialise in providing a straightforward solution, from installation to maintenance – here’s what they’d carry out for a sustainably-driven hotel, wanting to future-proof their business.

The Objective

A forward-thinking hotel wants to provide EV charging, they want to better their sustainability offering and do their part in encouraging greener travel. They want to provide a premium EV charging experience to their hotel guests that is hassle-free and matches their quality of service. They want to future-proof their business and be in a position to scale their EV charging system in the future as demand increases.

They also want a tailored management system that allows them to control all aspects of the charge points from one accessible platform, such as payment terms, charging fees, energy reports, advanced booking and more. They would also like the confidence in knowing any issues are being monitored so that problems can be responded to and sorted quickly.


The Solution

eFaraday will design a bespoke EV charge point system for the hotel, based on their needs, budget and site. Partnered with leading charge point manufacturers, we will install the required amount of charge points and carry out the infrastructure work to allow for full scalability and easy installation of future charge points. Protective barriers, wheel stops and bay painting can also be carried out, as well as clear signage on how to use the charge points.

The hotel will have full access to a customised cloud-based management platform, that’s powered by iEquos software. Here, all aspects of the charge points, across sites, can be managed and controlled, including customised systems such as advanced guest booking, discounted rates for guests and live availability checking.

We will also remotely monitor the hotel’s site 24/7, 365 days a year via our dedicated EV Monitoring Centre manned by our monitoring operators which identifies any issues in real-time, with the ability for them to be resolved remotely, when possible.

At eFaraday, we understand that guests are the utmost priority, that’s why if an engineer call-out is needed, we will carry out any maintenance during guest-friendly hours for as little interference as possible.

Hotel EV charging doesn’t have to be more hassle than it’s worth. Get in touch with the eFaraday team for your bespoke hotel EV charging system.


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