Rebecca Hollants Van Loocke, COO, Frasers Hospitality EMEA, reflects on the Group’s decade old partnership with L’OCCITANE which continues to provide its bathroom amenities.


  • Which of your properties use L’OCCITANE bathroom amenities?

Fraser Suites, Fraser Place and Fraser Residence in the UK, Middle East and Europe. 

  • What L’OCCITANE product ranges do you showcase?

The L’OCCITANE Citrus Verbena range is available at our serviced apartments in the UK

  • How does Frasers Hospitality create the best in-room guest experience?

We consider the entire customer journey. From the time we receive a reservation, right through to check-out, we endeavour to ensure that every touch point reflects the Fraser difference.  Our product and service offerings are developed with consumer needs driving our decisions, including in-room amenities.

It’s key that guests staying with Frasers Hospitality have the best possible experience, and attention to detail is an absolute requirement for clients staying in our serviced apartments. Partnering with L’OCCITANE for our in-room amenities is something we feel sets Frasers apart from other offerings. 

Our partnership with L’OCCITANE, a brand that is renowned for its range of sustainable, innovative products, is therefore a natural fit for our serviced apartment portfolio. 



  • Is brand alignment crucial to your brand when choosing partners?

Elevating the guest experience and upholding strong sustainability credentials are key priorities for our Group. 

We know that L’OCCITANE is committed to creating and distributing its products in a way that respects the natural world. This is in line with our own sustainable commitments which our guests also value.

Frasers Hospitality provides guests with information about how to make their stays at our hotels more sustainable, which highlights the use of responsibly-sourced products, free from toxic chemicals and excessive packaging. The elegance and simplicity of the L’OCCITANE Citrus Verbena range means that we can easily uphold our sustainability commitments when it comes to the impact of our amenities. 

  • How important is sustainability to Frasers Hospitality? 

At Frasers Hospitality, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact without compromising on the quality of our product offerings or our guest experience. 

We choose partnerships with brands such as L’OCCITANE based on a shared commitment to sustainability. From production through to packaging and recycling, Frasers Hospitality appreciates that L’OCCITANE takes a natural approach to skincare using the highest quality ingredients and also has an ethical stance regarding fair trade. In addition, its ISO 14001 commitment to lessen the impact of production on the environment is very important to Frasers Hospitality’s own position and that of our guests. We are therefore able to reflect our passion for sustainability in the smaller details such as in-room amenities which make such a difference to our guests. 



  • Do you think having sustainable hotel amenities is important to your clients?

Guests are becoming more aware about the impact of the products they use and will actively seek to stay with hospitality brands that are responsible and reflect their own personal values. 

They want to know the steps the brand is taking to reduce its environmental impact – and this covers everything from the building materials we use to the in-room amenities provided.

By offering the range of eco-designed products by L’OCCITANE, our guests know that we care about the environment and are committed to making responsible supplier choices on their behalf.   

  • Does the hotel industry believe that luxury can go hand-in-hand with sustainability?

There is a pronounced focus on sustainability within the industry, with an increasing number of premium hotels looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on quality.  One notable area is in the bathroom amenities.

The elimination of single use plastics and travel-size amenities alone are no longer acceptable. Our guests expect sustainable options such as refillable dispensers and recycled paper products at our serviced apartments.

Guests are  also now more aware of the potential harm of chemicals  in products and the impact they might have on their health and the environment. It is therefore essential that we respond to that concern by providing products that align with their values and mitigate unnecessary damage to our water systems and environments.   And Frasers Hospitality will continue to evolve to meet the needs of sustainable travellers.

  • Can bathroom amenities be both luxurious and sustainable?

Today’s travellers are looking for more than just a luxurious setting. Luxury for many, is found in the little touches brands such as Frasers Hospitality prioritise for guests. As the definition of luxury evolves beyond décor, facilities and bed linens, so too do the expectations of guests.

When it comes to bathroom amenities, gone are the days of miniature bottles, excessive packaging, and single use plastics – it is now expected that hotel brands will provide full-size amenities in partnership with brands that are committed to providing high-end products created with the environment in mind offering both luxury and sustainability in one amenities range. 

Fraser Hospitality  has embraced the use of refillable dispensers  filled with luxury skincare products in order to provide travellers with the essential products they need while minimising on waste. 

  • Are bathroom amenities important to your guests?  

Our guests want to know that they are staying in luxurious accommodation with exceptional products. They also appreciate that they can find all of these items in one place, eliminating the need to pack, or purchase toiletries when they arrive. Guests love the fact that our bathroom amenities from L’OCCITANE are expertly formulated using natural and sustainable ingredients. They appreciate that no matter which Frasers property they stay in, they will have access to the same high-quality products and guest-centric experience.