As a company who understand the day-to-day struggles and pain points of working in the hospitality industry; the sole mission of Hop Software is to support clients by developing technology that frees management and staff from daily hassles, to focus on the most important thing – guests.

Introduce us to Hop Software and what the brand does.

Hop Software is an all-in-one, cloud-based Property Management System that has been expertly developed by hoteliers – with you, your team, and your guests in mind. At Hop, we aim to deliver an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable system that will significantly increase revenue through increasing direct bookings, reducing time spent on additional admin and making your guest’s experience seamless.


How can the software fit into a hotel to provide excellence?
Our HopPMS will assist in providing excellence for hotels in various practical ways:

  1. Our Booking Engine is seamlessly integrated, commission-free and optimised for mobile.
  2. HopPMS links with OTA’s, allowing for distributing and updating listings all from one platform.
  3. We have further developed an Event Management tool within our PMS, allowing hotels to manage events from the initial enquiry through to after the occasion.
  4. Reporting has been implemented across all areas of the HopPMS, allowing hotels to pull data on any information they need at the click of a button.
  5. Managing guest and corporate profiles have never been easier than using our embedded CRM.
  6. Got Multiple Properties? HopPMS can centrally manage Hotel Groups, including reservations, inventory, rates distribution and maintenance plans.
  7. As an add-on, hotels can have their own bespoke, branded HopApp allowing for easy access for guests to book, check-in and out, order food as well as access hotel information. Payments are fast and secure, and we also have Apple Pay!


Tell us about the simplicity of Hop Software and how it appeals to everyone.

Our software has been developed with the genuine desire to help simplify property management processes. For example, clients can manage listings, reservations, and guests from one simple, easy-to-use dashboard. In addition, our PMS has a built-in academy that is regularly updated, making learning the system accessible to everybody. Although we have many offerings and integrations, we have developed the system with simple navigation, highlighted vital features and ongoing support from the Hop Team.


You are experienced hoteliers also, how does this work in line with making the software an asset to an overnight stay venue?
HopPMS was developed by hoteliers with over 40 years of experience in the industry, but not only that, but most of the Hop staff also come from a hospitality background. Therefore, as a team, we deeply understand what precisely overnight venues need to reduce stresses, increase direct bookings, and lower commission spending. We set out with a purpose to take our past learnings and develop a tool that would assist us, and now it can help you too!


How can our readers benefit from the use of Hop Software?
With our hassle-free software, readers will instantly benefit by saving money and, as a result, increase revenue; this can be achieved by reducing hours spent on admin, increasing direct bookings and having more time to give guests a high level of attention. HopPMS is reliable and will provide the hotel with the time they need to empower their guests, improve efficiency, and boost revenue.