This month we showcase our top five Due Fratelli hero products, each product offers a unique benefit or just are so good we couldn’t not include them.

Ethical Coffee 

Coffee is at the heart of what we do. We source direct from farm and community based initiatives around the world.  Which gives us a high quality, fully traceable range of coffee to suit every service from breakfast to dinner. Roasted expertly and carefully at our Suffolk roastery, we will recommend the most suitable coffee or range of coffees for your business and service needs.

We also have a wide range of coffee machine solutions including traditional barista machines to state-of-the-art bean to cup machines.

Ethical portioned hot chocolate.

Maintaining quality and continuity from front of house to in room service, our Fairtrade Hot Chocolate provides clear brand awareness, attention to detail and a clear ethical message.  Easy to make for the guests and mirrors the quality of the front of house chocolate. 

Coffee Pods 

We are proud to present our newest arrival our home compostable coffee pods.   Using the same direct from farm coffees that provide for front of house use, these coffee pods are well balanced and carry a strong ethical message.  Perfect for in-room or for use in low volume back of bar applications.  

WPM Portable Steamer 

Adding versatility and consistency the WPM MS-130T is perfect for steaming both standard and dairy free alternative milks.  The machine has temperature controls with memory function to ensure the perfect steam every time.  This unit is portable with a heat-up time of less than a minute and can sit next to an existing bean to cup or pod machine.  Allowing bar staff to multitask and ensuring consistency with minimal training.

Cold Brew Martini Espresso Powder 

The classic Espresso Martini is as popular as ever but can slow service down considerably or quite often bars do not have access to coffee making facilities.   Our new cold brew coffee powder dissolves easily in cold water, thus minimises wait times, maximises freshness and is perfect for your signature espresso martini.