Led by the visionary Group Executive Chef John Bingley, the Firepit culinary team has embarked on a globe-trotting quest for inspiration, meticulously curating a menu that reflects the pinnacle of their culinary creativity. Designed for communal indulgence, the menu invites customers to savour the bold and innovative nature of Firepit’s cuisine through an array of sharing plates.

Signature dishes such as the Black cod, Voodoo shrimp with Cajun bisque, and the Sticky fried rice with a fried egg showcase the team’s dedication to pushing culinary boundaries. These dishes exemplify the global exploration that has fuelled Firepit’s menu, promising a unique and exciting concept to Canterbury.

The introduction of new dishes adds a thrilling dimension to the Firepit experience. From the aromatic Tandoori chicken to the indulgent Pork belly, the tantalising Smores volcano, the exquisite Banana soufflé, the refreshing Mango & passionfruit pavlova, and the decadent spiced pineapple tart tatin, each dish is a testament to Firepit’s commitment to culinary excellence.

“At Firepit, we are not just serving meals; we are crafting an innovative and memorable concept that celebrates the best in global cooking and promises an unforgettable dining experience in Canterbury,” said John Bingley.

Rooted in vibrant and relaxed inspiration, Firepit’s approach carries an edgy and sophisticated spirit, inviting customers to savour the joy and excitement that food can bring. The culinary revelations at Firepit promise to exceed expectations, inviting you to indulge in a dining experience that is truly unparalleled, now further enhanced for wedding celebrations.

For reservations or more information, please visit https://www.cavehotels.com/firepitrestaurant/ or contact restaurant.reservations@cavehotels.com