With a recent report on succession planning from Caterer.com revealing interesting insights, we delve deeper into the findings. Looking at how hotels can capitalise on these whopping statistics, we share an intimate conversation with Calvern James, Director at Caterer.com.

Your recent Hospitality Talent Migration Report shows that 80% of hospitality businesses are planning to increase their staffing levels for the summer – equating to an additional 993,034 roles. Why do you think this is?

The surge in staffing levels for the summer is likely driven by several factors. Primarily, the hospitality industry experiences peak demand during the summer months due to increased travel and tourism. Events, festivals, and holidays also contribute to higher foot traffic in hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, with the gradual recovery from the pandemic, businesses are preparing to meet the pent-up demand for travel and dining out. This proactive approach ensures that hospitality businesses maintain excellent service levels and capitalise on the seasonal influx of customers.

The report also showed 64% of hospitality businesses are most concerned about hiring chefs throughout the year – what is your advice on coping with this worry?

To address the challenge of hiring chefs, businesses should focus on specific strategies. Firstly, investing in training and development programs can help upskill current staff and create a pipeline of qualified chefs from within the organisation. Additionally, offering competitive salaries and benefits packages can attract top talent. Businesses might also consider collaborating with culinary schools and colleges to recruit graduates. Building a strong employer brand and promoting a positive work environment can also make a significant difference in attracting and retaining skilled chefs.

Based on statistics you accumulated, almost a quarter of hospitality businesses believe lack of available talent in their local area as a big challenge in recruitment – how can Caterer work to provide solutions in line with this?

Caterer.com support businesses facing local talent shortages by expanding their reach through targeted advertising, and through our partnerships program. Utilising advanced matching algorithms and data analytics, help to connect employers with relevant candidates who may be willing to relocate. Additionally, promoting remote work where feasible and offering relocation assistance can make positions more attractive.  Caterer.com also work closely with key industry bodies, to support their efforts in attracting new talent into the industry that help to bridge talent shortages right across the UK.

The report revealed that 8,422,552 UK adults thinking about changing careers would consider a hospitality job, what can venues do to ensure they are capitalising on this huge statistic?

To attract career changers, hospitality venues should highlight the unique benefits of working in the industry, such as opportunities for growth, diverse work environments, and the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. Offering flexible work arrangements and emphasising the transferable skills that career changers bring can also be effective. Additionally, creating clear pathways for career advancement and providing comprehensive training programs can make the transition into hospitality more appealing and attainable for those considering a career change.