An authority on luxury guest cosmetics, VANITY GROUP’s House of Beauty is home to a designer playground of over 40 brands, each with their own je ne sais quoi. Ready to find your hotel’s perfect match? Let’s discover together.


Urban Apothecary London

For proudly British locations with an unconventional, contemporary twist.

Properties seeking olfactory opulence are catered for with the newly launched Urban Apothecary hotel amenities collection. Rich in poised, refined elegance with a naturally luxurious twist, the perfect accompaniment to any luxurious bathroom vanity.

Priding itself on creating aromas that encapsulate life’s moments and travel experiences, hoteliers have the opportunity to share these fragrances with guests, opening up the scents to being a part of future memory making.


Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE

For five star opulence with no luxury spared.

One of the hotel industry’s most in demand collections, Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE is available By Invitation Only to hotels that embody elegance, creativity, and a lavish overnight experience. For properties that pride themselves on creating beautiful, unexpected moments, the four prestigious Jo Loves hotel collections invite guests to create their own treasured scent stories.


Carner Barcelona

For contemporary hotels that encapsulate a lifestyle full of vitality and freshness.

From energetic summer nights inspired by Ibiza, to the calming cool gentle breeze of the Mediterranean, Carner Barcelona’s fresh scents embody a special kind of property with a modern yet funky eccentricity.

Connecting with the free-spirited traveller, Carner Barcelona uses aromatic experiences of Mediterranean culture with tantalising scents that will have guests lathering and moisturising to the beat of a Spanish drum.



For historic, legacy driven hotels with a promise of rest and relaxation.

Iconic, heritage properties deserve to have an equally as celebrated brand lining the bathroom for their guests to enjoy. TEMPLESPA, a brand created by the desire to combine travel and wellness, is the perfect pairing for these esteemed getaways. The cleansing, deeply divine formulations of the hotel collection is quintessential, traditional British luxury with modern skincare science. Each lovingly created product designed to optimise skin and soul health with every lather.



For quirky, boutique stays that aren’t afraid to stand out.

For the artistically led, musically inclined properties who are a safe space for guests to authentically express themselves, IIUVO is the ultimate alignment. A London-based fragrance house who put emphasis on exploring evocative nuances of scent through visuals and sound, IIUVO take guests on a sensory experience that can only be described as exceptionally bohemian.

Boasting brand collaborations with the likes of Madonna, IIUVO moves in influential circles.


Atkinsons London 1799 

For luxuriously aristocratic hotels, with fine reputations.

It’s essential for properties with an esteemed, historic reputation to align with a designer amenity brand partner who mirrors their unwavering commitment to tradition. Founded on the glittering cosmopolitan streets of London, Atkinsons London 1799 is a contemporary interpretation of a rich history of fragrance and scents.

Worn by former Monarchs and historians, Atkinsons has captivated British sensibilities since 1799. Hoteliers looking to seduce guests with aromas of affluence, look no further than Atkinsons timeless range of guest cosmetics.



For hospitality visionaries, with a contemporary, forward-looking spirit.

The house of KARL LAGERFELD shares the iconic vision and design aesthetic of its founder, Karl Lagerfeld, fusing seamlessly with hotels who embody a Parisian, rock-chic attitude and cutting edge approach to style.

Available By Invitation Only to ultra luxury hoteliers, KARL LAGERFELD hotel amenities signify a new era of in-room experiences.



For socially conscious hoteliers.

Guests now proactively seek accommodation with a philanthropic twist, wanting to lessen their impact on the planet and its inhabitants while travelling. For hoteliers looking to give back to local communities INK & WATER’s mission is to spread its values of community and togetherness more widely, promoting personal care that goes beyond self-care.

INK & WATER connects the dots between self-care and community care, donating 5% of proceeds to StreetSmart, an organisation that seeks to prevent homelessness in Australia.


Each iconic VANITY GROUP Hotel Collection boasts eco-friendly certification including being both PETA Certified and Vegan Trademarked by The Vegan Society. Additionally, VANITY GROUP incorporates sustainable packaging, including OceanBound Material and Post Consumer Recycled.

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