Due to the growing demand of consumers pining for something to make a dining experience extra special… we spoke to spoke to Lanchester Wines’ Tom van der Neut to discuss how sparkling wines can fit into a hotel’s wine offering. 

Sparkling wine will always have a place on every wine list. Indeed, the sight of tiny bubbles rising to the surface of a wine creates an alluring and celebratory ambiance, making it a popular choice for special occasions. A glass of fizz can add a sense of luxury and sophistication to any event and is even more attractive now the UK alcohol duty on sparkling wine has been reduced.

However, a sparkling wine list can reach far beyond Prosecco and Champagne…

Petillant Naturel

Pet Nat (short for Pétillant Naturel) is a naturally carbonated sparkling wine, which is made using the ancient ‘ancestral method’. As natural wines, they are unfiltered and therefore will have a cloudy appearance and only a slight fizz. Pet Nats can vary widely in flavour profiles, from dry and crisp to fruity and slightly sweet, depending on the grape variety and winemaking techniques used. This diversity makes Pet Nats perfect to compliment an array of foods including fresh seafood, charcuterie, cheese and spicy dishes.

Pet Nats, as with Prosecco and Champagne, are also excellent with brunch dishes, adding a touch of celebration to the meal.

Because Pet Nats are still fairly new to most consumers, we’ve introduced a new range created with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes which are familiar to all wine drinkers. Our Pet’ Mout’ range is from renowned Champagne house, Champagne Moutard.

Sparkling Red Wines

Sparkling red wines can be found in various regions around the world. While they are not as prevalent as white sparkling wines, they are certainly worth seeking out for their unique and enjoyable characteristics. These wines offer a distinctive alternative for those searching for something different and exciting, with a completely different flavour profile to Champagne or Prosecco, thus expanding the reach of a venue’s sparkling wine list.

Lanchester Wines has launched the Trevisana Bio Raboso Frizzante. Raboso is a red grape native to the Veneto region of northern Italy, particularly in the area around the Piave River. It is one of the lesser-known grape varieties in Italy, but growing in popularity due to its accessibility and easy drinking nature. Raboso pairs well with a variety of dishes, including pizza, grilled meats, and rich pasta dishes, making it a versatile choice for food pairing.

This dry and full-bodied sparkling red certainly adds a point of difference to a wine list and, aside from being both vegan and biodynamic, it’s incredibly drinkable to boot.