Revolutionising hotel-based laundry with Girbau. 

Ensuring your hotel laundry is always fresh, clean and soft means you take control of a vital part of how guests perceive the whole experience of their stay. An on-premise hotel laundry can not only offer considerable savings in running costs, it also enables you to personalise and control the quality offered to your guests. Over time many hoteliers experience a drop off in the quality of an outsourced laundry contract as fabrics begin to wear, grey and no longer smell and feel fresh.

It pays to look at what measures can best help you to maintain an impeccable quality of finish while controlling operating costs. Investing in an on-premise laundry enables you to take 100% control of quality, turnaround times and stocks with the potential to cut costs by 25-45%.

Every hotel is different, and so is every laundry. Girbau supports the laundry needs of a wide range of hotels from boutique independent operators to nationwide groups, offering energy efficient, high productivity laundry equipment for the ultimate in-house laundry operation.

Its innovative new GENIUS Series Internet-enabled commercial washers feature a robust chassis design, high levels of water extraction and a 10-inch colour user interface.

With GENIUS washers comes the easy-to-use Sapphire cloud-based management system that allows users to completely monitor, manage and configure a laundry, giving greater control for energy efficient operation, faster turnaround times and high-quality finishing.

Sapphire allows you to check machine status and alarms as well as analysing data trends to spot how operational efficiency can be improved. Analysis can show what types of fabric are being processed and in what volume. You can also set up activity reports and use the alarms feature to show down times and check machine history.

Genius Series washers offer exceptional reinforced strength and durability for years of constant use. The high spin washers can achieve up to 450G extract force for outstanding levels of water extraction, leading to faster drying, lower energy use and higher laundry productivity. The new unique Care Plus Drum extends linen life and increases productivity by decreasing tangling. The drum perforations also provide faster dispersion of water.

Girbau’s premium ED series dryers ensure all items including delicates are dried safely, uniformly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Designed to be more energy efficient than any other conventional dryer, ED Series feature Girbau’s Transflow technology. This is a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency, reduced cycle times and lower energy costs. The highly reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring textile care. 

Girbau’s full range of washers, dryers, ironers and folders ensures you have the right equipment for a truly professional finish for all your towels, bath robes, bed linen and table linen. For a small to medium-sized establishment, a towel laundry is very often the best starting point.

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