To bridge the gap between traditional methods and modern travellers, Kayana has developed a revolutionary QR Code Room Service. We find out all about this innovative technology in this exclusive editorial, focusing on how it enables hotels to provide guests with a seamless and sophisticated way to access services while simultaneously streamlining operations through an easy-to-use platform.

The Collaborative Beta Test:

Collaborating closely with Tonk Park Hotel, Kayana embarked on an intensive beta testing phase to validate the effectiveness and viability of their QR Code Room Service. The hotel outfitted selected guest rooms with distinct QR codes, providing guests with access to a bespoke digital platform tailored to their distinctive needs. Be it room service requests or housekeeping requisitions, all amenities were conveniently available at the swipe of a smartphone screen.

Effortless Access and Tailored Experiences:

Guests enjoyed effortless access to in-room services by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphones. This intuitive digital approach effectively replaced the traditional process of phoning reception or liaising with staff. Through direct interaction with a QR code, guests could explore the comprehensive menu, make their selections, and effortlessly place orders, bypassing the need to queue or navigate intricate phone menus.

Precision through Digital Connectivity:

This digital process seamlessly channelled exclusive details, including room numbers, preferences, and timings, directly to the hotel’s kitchen. This empowered the culinary team to fulfil orders meticulously and with unwavering precision, ensuring each guest’s culinary desires were met to perfection.

Staying Informed and Engaged:

The Kayana QR Code experience extended beyond the point of order placement. Guests received real-time updates on their orders through SMS, ensuring they remained informed about their order’s status. Additionally, the avenue for feedback was open. Through Kayana’s intuitive survey, guests could share their insights, adding depth to the hotel’s service delivery.

The beta trial underscored the transformative potential of Kayana’s innovative solution.

Enhancing Guest Experiences, One QR Code at a Time

The streamlined process significantly reduced the time and resources required to manage guest requests. Staff could allocate their time more strategically, focusing on delivering personalised experiences rather than administrative tasks.

By adopting innovative technology, Tonk Park Hotel projected an image of modernity and responsiveness, aligning with the preferences of today’s travellers. This positive perception attracts a broader customer base and has helped the business foster guest loyalty.

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