ELFOFresh EVO has been voted product of the year for domestic ventilation in the Energy Saving Awards 2022.

The event, organised by the leading UK publications in the Plumbing, HVAC and Energy Management sectors, aims to celebrate the best professionals, products and projects in these sectors.

ELFOFresh EVO received top marks and was proclaimed product of the year for domestic ventilation at the awards ceremony, which took place on 1 December at the Tower Hotel in London.

Andy Taylor, General Manager at Clivet UK, said: ‘The importance of indoor air quality has been widely recognised in recent years, but an effective ventilation solution must improve IAQ without wasting energy. Winning this award is a great recognition for our innovative energy-saving technology for air renewal and purification in our homes, which combines the high efficiency of air purification with the high efficiency of heat pump technology.”

ELFOFresh EVO: its strengths. 

ELFOFresh EVO is the revolutionary air renewal and purification system, with active thermodynamic recovery, which applies inverter technology to the compressor and fan to further increase energy efficiency and comfort. It is the ideal solution for new constructions and renovations: it is in fact the controlled mechanical ventilation and air purification unit, for homes from 90 to 250m2, that extracts stale air and purifies the outside air before it is introduced, also by means of high-efficiency filters with an active electrostatic system with an intense dielectric field iFD.

These filters guarantee a very high filtration efficiency of up to ISO ePM1 90% (ISO EN 16890) and are effective on a broad spectrum of pollutants, including pollen, dust, micro- and nanopowders, in particular PM10, PM2.5, PM1, toner, mould, smog, viruses and major bacteria such as Legionella. Therefore, they ensure better air quality even in the most polluted urban areas. They also have a high microbicidal power due to their high efficiency on sub-microbial particles. The introduction of the new R-32 refrigerant reduces the environmental impact, and the unit is designed for maximum simplicity of installation in the false ceiling, making installation and adjustment of the unit very easy.