Welcome to the wonderful world of VOYA – the Irish spa brand presenting endless opportunities to your hotel’s spa.  

Please introduce us to VOYA and what the brand strives to achieve.

VOYA is an award-winning global lifestyle brand that specialises in sustainable, organic luxury. With a rich heritage in seaweed bathing, a tradition that is over 300 years old, we create certified organic skincare products and spa treatments that are made using sustainably hand-harvested seaweed. Independent scientific research shows that our products are not only environmentally kind, but also deliver best in class results. 

What benefits can a hotel see from becoming a VOYA partner?

VOYA work with luxury spa partners across the globe, and this global reach raises the hotel spa and brand profile awareness. Our strong brand identity and rich heritage helps to promote the spa through unique treatments and experiences a VOYA partner can offer. We have an operational team of business managers to support you in driving your business KPI’s, combined with brand experts that provide a strong and innovative marketing, digital and sales strategy. Our sustainable ethos is at the heart of our brand and in line with current industry trends where hotels and spas are seeking ways to better care for our planet and staff. We continuously review our strategy to remain innovative and improve our ways of working, our quality and sustainability, while building successful partnerships. 

How can stocking VOYA’s products benefit a hotel?

VOYA supports a hotel’s appeal to clients and customers who have a focus on wellness and sustainability, raising acquisition and retention of this clientele. Our brand story and heritage provide a great story telling aspect for marketing, with opportunities to host events that bring the brand to life and captivate customers. We have a full 360 offering from retail, treatment, and amenities to create opportunities to drive from hotel to spa, raising average spend. Our products are effective and results driven, providing wellbeing experiences at home that encourage repeat purchase. VOYA’s organic products appeal to a wide demographic of customers looking for quality products with sustainable processes, that again puts the hotel and spa in a prominent position for customer acquisition and retention. VOYA offer a variety of treatment experiences, with certain treatments having high margins such as VOYA bathing rituals, where minimum therapy staff are needed to provide such services that are high on-trend for 2023. 

What areas of a hotel can VOYA be introduced into?

We have an amenities offering, including turndown service, VIP and corporate gifting, a range of spa treatments including bath butler, home fragrance in the hotel main reception, retail opportunities and fitness programmes. 

For more information and how we can work with your hotel, please contact sales@voya.ie.