Michael MacLeod, Head of New Business Development at SWARCO Smart Charging gives us an exclusive insight into the brand and the opportunities it presents to a hotel business.

SWARCO Smart Charging offers a range of charging solutions to meet different hotel business needs. Whether it’s basic charging stations or advanced solutions, SWARCO Smart Charging can tailor the charging infrastructure to your specific requirements.

By providing SWARCO Smart Charging stations, hotels can attract and cater to the growing number of guests who own or rent electric vehicles. Offering convenient and reliable EV charging services can be a differentiating factor for eco-conscious travellers, making your hotel a preferred choice for their accommodation needs.

We offer a range of charging options, including fast chargers, rapid chargers, and ultra-rapid chargers, to meet the different needs of our customers. In addition to hardware, we also provide software and back-office services to help our customers manage and monitor their charging stations.

SWARCO Smart Charging stations are equipped with user-friendly features such as intuitive interfaces, mobile app integration, and real-time availability information. These features provide a seamless charging experience for guests, by offering hassle-free EV charging, you enhance the overall guest experience and satisfaction.

SWARCO Smart Charging provides options for monetising EV charging services. Hotels can set pricing structures for charging sessions, allowing for revenue generation. This additional revenue stream can contribute to the hotel’s profitability and return on investment in charging infrastructure. We also provide comprehensive data monitoring and management capabilities through our in-house software offering ‘Econnect’. Through this portal, hotel businesses can access real-time data on charging usage, energy consumption, and billing information. Allowing for efficient monitoring of charging infrastructure performance, optimising resource allocation, and generating usage reports for billing and analysis purposes.

Implementing EV chargers aligns with sustainability goals, showcasing your hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility. By supporting the adoption of electric vehicles, you contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transportation. This enhances your brand image as an environmentally conscious business, attracting guests who value sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

SWARCO provides technical support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of the charging infrastructure. This reduces the burden on hotel staff, as SWARCO handles installation, servicing, and support, allowing your team to focus on core hotel operations.

The team at SWARCO Smart charging are well positioned to provide you with an end-to-end service covering the hardware, installation and ongoing operation of all of your EV Charging needs. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, ensuring you have the right equipment, for the right application, at the right price.

Our dedicated team are on hand to help you understand the best EV charging solutions for your business. You can contact us via: