Hotel Partner are renowned for their expertise in maximising room revenue and reducing costs. In this exclusive piece, we share a case study on the brand’s partnership with The Club Hotel and Spa in Jersey. 

The Club Hotel and Spa in Jersey, a unique establishment in the Channel Islands, has thrived since its partnership with HotelPartner in 2019. With HotelPartner’s expertise in revenue management and distribution, the boutique hotel’s 46 luxury rooms and suites have seen remarkable success. Tim Phillips, General Manager of The Club Hotel, along with Luca D’Achille, Chief Portfolio Manager at HotelPartner, and Managing Director UK & Ireland, Robert Holland, share insights into this flourishing collaboration.

The Club Hotel had already established a strong presence prior to joining forces with HotelPartner. Its diverse clientele, attracted by a mix of leisure and business offerings, enjoyed the spa and the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Bohemia. However, managing operations was labor-intensive. Tim Phillips noted: “Before our partnership, I was spending many hours a week on ensuring our channels were up to speed, tracking competitors and finding the best rates.”

Since teaming up with HotelPartner, The Club Hotel has gained agility in setting rates and promptly responding to market shifts. This allows Tim to focus on other aspects of the hotel, confident that his revenue management is expertly handled, particularly by Luca D’Achille, Chief Portfolio Manager.

The success of this partnership hinges on a foundation of mutual trust and open communication. Luca D’Achille emphasised: “We have a very direct way of communicating and can openly address innovative ideas, but also potentials risks. Really, the common understanding of moving the hotel forward together in a dynamic market is what makes this partnership work so well.”

Managing Director Robert Holland agreed: “In addition to trust and open communication, it’s crucial for us to maintain a proactive approach to market trends and guest preferences. This means continuously investing in new technologies and service offerings that align with our vision for our partner’s success.”

Ultimately, the steadfast partnership between Luca D’Achille and Tim Phillips, characterised by trust, open communication, and a forward-thinking approach, stands as a beacon of success in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the dynamic hospitality market.