The hospitality technology experts at Siemlus have joined forces with Hoteza to innovate and prioritise the guest experience and we have all the details. 

Hotels are using casting technology to provide guests with interactive experiences such as online gaming, virtual tours of their property, and educational content. This technology offers hotels endless possibilities to engage with their customers in a more immersive way.

The advancements in casting technology bring benefits to both customers and businesses, enhancing satisfaction and engagement. It is an essential part of how hotels operate, today and for the future.

Siemlus, the hospitality technology innovator is among the plethora of companies driving this increase. They have formed a partnership with Hoteza, who share their goal of prioritising guest experience, but with the help of impressive technology. 

Hoteza Stream is a solution which supplements the hotel TV system with AirPlay and Google Chromecast technologies. No new wiring and no new server or software installation is required. There are no binding contracts or subscriptions. Start from eight Apple TV boxes and/or Google Chromecast dongles, and if needed extend to more later.

With Siemlus and Hoteza, casting is just the tip of the iceberg and it is the complete view of the guest experience that makes this a real game changer. Hoteza is a hotel guest user interface (GUI) platform that enables hotels to improve the way they interact with their guests. Hotels can provide their guests with an easy-to-use digital experience while providing them access to the latest features and services.

Siemlus and Hoteza provide hotels with advanced features such as digital check-in/check-out processes, payment portals, and virtual concierge services. They also offer Siemlus Connect to assist with installing and supporting hoteliers to ensure smooth activation. These services help to increase customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and revenue for hotels.

By leveraging technology and its suite of services, Siemlus is revolutionising the hospitality industry one customer at a time. To provide a complete experience, Siemlus offers integrated solutions that combine multiple technologies into one cohesive service. No longer will hoteliers need multiple SLAs. Everything is taken care of by one master SLA under Siemlus Connect to give clients one point of contact and peace of mind. A 24-hour, seven days a week, support ecosystem.

Siemlus also gives clients access to new technology through its partnerships with leading technology providers like Hoteza. Siemlus recognises the ever-changing landscape of hospitality technology and strives to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology trends. Making the impossible feel Siemlus.