Thus piece from Valentine Equipment reveals how the range can works to support hoteliers with quality and service.

In the UK, Valentine Equipment and its sister company, CuisinEquip, is a supplier of some of the finest catering equipment on the market. With our commitment to quality, service and support, we are proud to supply the kitchens of thousands of hotels and operations nationwide. From fryers made with precise Swiss craftsmanship to Italian artisan pasta-making machines from Bottene, cost-saving portable oil filtration technology from Vito or LightFry, the only commercial air fryer on the market, our equipment offers a solution for hoteliers to propel their business to the forefront of excellence. 

From traditional and tabletop units and multicookers, to the latest computer fryers that bring innovation to the kitchen, Valentine equipment uses less oil, maintains a high product output and reduces unwanted cool zones to ensure consistent results. With cooking oil prices having risen by as much as 140% over the past two years, hoteliers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce consumption and extend the life of their cooking oil. The Vito oil filtration range from Valentine provides just the solution. Using a remarkably simple system which has safety, sustainability and convenience at its very core, the portable range from Vito can decrease cooking oil consumption by as much as 50%. Significantly reducing costs, the equipment is better for the environment, reduces the need to dispose of used cooking oil and delivers a more consistent, higher quality finish and flavour on fried foods.

What’s more, working in conjunction with Vito, the team from Valentine and CuisinEquip recently launched VITOconnect – an intelligent cloud-based platform used by chefs to complement the brand’s light equipment range. Designed to reduce running costs, an element of particular importance with today’s cooking oil prices, VITOconnect helps to improve operating procedures, resulting in a rapid ROI and greater management oil quality, ultimately resulting in less waste.

Sister company, CuisinEquip, shares the same strong core values as Valentine, specialising in some of the world’s finest professional equipment. Authenticity is crucial on today’s restaurant menu, with customers demanding traceability, seasonality and provenance. So, what better way to demonstrate a commitment to authentic foods, than with delicious, freshly made pasta? As a brand, Bottene has been making pasta machines in Italy for more than 140 years. After more than a century as Italy’s secret, the company began exporting its equipment around the world. Supplied by CuisinEquip in the UK, Bottene pasta extruders have achieved an international reputation for delivering the very best. From dedicated ravioli makers to multi-functional machines capable of over 70 different shapes, Bottene equipment can be found in some of our nation’s very best kitchens. 

The most recent innovation in the CuisinEquip portfolio comes in the form of LightFry, a professional air fryer that uses pioneering technology to consistently cook food using a process with up to 100% less oil. Using innovative technology and a combination of steam, hot air and rotation, LightFry cooks food with the same great taste, texture and consistency of traditionally fried foods. Offering the potential to achieve a healthier menu, that is better for the environment, LightFry is ideal for hotels where traditional frying equipment simply cannot be used.

Valentine and CuisinEquip celebrates more than seven decades of leading the way for catering equipment innovation and development. In that time, our equipment has become recognised around the world for delivering exceptional quality and consistency. Renowned for supplying some of the highest-quality catering equipment on the market, Valentine & CuisinEquip conveys a strong focus on quality and service and supporting hoteliers is of utmost importance in our business. 

Understanding that simply selling quality catering equipment is not enough, the team at Valentine & CuisinEquip have developed one of the best aftersales service and support offerings in the industry. From market-leading warranties which include a return to base fix if required, to detailed menu development and ongoing product training opportunities for partners. From premium equipment to premium support, Valentine and CuisinEquip is here to help hoteliers elevate their game and create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

For more information on Valentine or CuisinEquip, please visit or or call 0118 957 1344.