As the delightful summer months unfold, a myriad of exciting events beckons, offering abundant reasons for customers to indulge in the joy of gift experiences. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to captivate your audience and extend your revenue with Gift Voucher!

Make sure to incorporate these noteworthy events into your social media posts and newsletters, enticing customers to partake in the celebrations. Let your online presence radiate with the vibrancy of these occasions, ensuring that your customers are inspired to embrace the magic of gift-giving:

  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Teacher Gifts – Leaving School/College
  • International Day of Friendship
  • National Picnic Month
  • World Chocolate Day
  • National Prosecco Day
  • National Afternoon Tea Week

Gift Voucher Brilliance have rounded up some of the top tips to boost your summer gift voucher sales:

  1. Create a discount code to be applied at checkout – who doesn’t love to get a little something off when making a purchase.
  2. Create bespoke vouchers with shorter redemption dates encouraging customers to visit you during the Autumn months.
  3. Create an exclusive offer to a select target audience and send an email blast to VIP customers.
  4. Adding value to promote gift voucher, create ‘Add-ons’ – sell a voucher at full price and then include a little something extra, i.e. adding a complementary bottle of fizz to a gift voucher for a stay.
  5. Create gift vouchers around a specific theme or event, i.e. a designated ‘Teacher Gift’ or ‘Wedding Gift’.
  6. It sounds obvious but do ensure that your gift voucher gift shop button is clearly visible on your website and utilise your social media to maximise audience engagement.
  7. Create ‘ask me about gift vouchers’ button badges for your team to wear to help promote vouchers, along with print collateral such as tent cards, table talker flyers and bill holders to take away.

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