Independent hotels in the UK recorded a spike in occupancy over the Easter weekend holiday, measuring 65% on Saturday, 30 March – the highest figure recorded in the UK this year. This is according to new data provided by leading hotel management software RoomRaccoon, which monitored the performance metrics of over 2000 rooms in boutique hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses across the country over the long weekend. 

The data also revealed a positive trend in hotel revenue per available room (RevPAR), the standard metric for measuring top-line performance, soaring to a year-high of £112 on Saturday, 30 March.

This jump in RevPAR performance is driven by an increase in both occupancy and average daily rate. According to RoomRaccoon’s data, hotels also recorded a 3% rise in average daily rate (ADR) over the long weekend, averaging €149  in 2024, compared to £144 in 2023.

Commenting on the data, Stevie Reffin, Market Head of RoomRaccoon UKI says: “The significant surge in hotel occupancy over the Easter weekend reflects a promising start to the tourism season for the country’s hospitality industry. However, with consumer spending tightening, hotels must explore innovative solutions beyond passing on increased costs to guests to maintain profitability.”

“Leading into the busy summer season, it is imperative for independent hoteliers to maintain agility in their pricing strategies by adding dynamic pricing tools to their tech stack. These tools can automatically adjust your rates across all sales channels in real time based on time periods, room prices, and availability with automatic yield rules. As a result, you can save your team valuable time, strike the perfect price point for supply and market demand and avoid turning guests away by pricing yourself out of the competition.”

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