Amenitiz is an all-in-one solution helping +6,000 independent hotels and B&Bs’ owners increase their direct bookings and automate their operations since 2018, in an exclusive interview with Sébastien Cramesnil, Performance Marketing Specialist, at Amenitiz we have all the details on how the brand can boost your business.

What does Amenitiz offer?
Thanks to our centralized platform, hoteliers can benefit from a website builder, a PMs, a Channel Manager, an integrated Booking Engine, and AmenitizPay, which is a revolutionary secure automated payments solution.

How can the work of Amenitiz fit into the setup of a hotel?
Running a hotel business successfully is all about maximising your occupancy rate while keeping your efficiency high. Today, too many hoteliers still rely 100% on OTAs, which is absolutely not sustainable, nor reasonable. As we often tell our customers, you must consider OTAs as a precious ally, because the visibility they offer you is invaluable. At the same time, however, the goal is to gradually reduce dependence, and possibly completely eliminate it in the long run. How? By combining excellent service, which generates positive reviews and word of mouth, with an efficient digital infrastructure (website optimized for SEO, integrated booking engine and PMS) that is able to intercept potential demand as quickly as possible. For too long now hoteliers have passively accepted the status quo that OTAs have generated mainly due to their own laziness and inability to adapt to the new digital trends imposed by the market. Amenitiz is here to reverse this trend and empower hoteliers again.

How can the solutions from Amenitiz work in line with driving direct bookings?
Nowadays, 55% of people who find you on will search your property on Google trying to book directly on your website. This is called the “billboard effect”. It’s when your listing on or any other OTA acts as a billboard and indirectly boosts your direct bookings. That’s why having a SEO-friendly website, offering a three-step easy booking experience is the key.

How can I get started?
First, you can start by getting in touch with us. An advisor will call you to identify your current needs and to ensure that our solution can help you grow your business. If we are a fit for you, we will schedule an online free demonstration of our software. If you like our product and signs for Amenitiz, you’ll be assigned a dedicated on boarding manager who will give you training about how to use our platform and also help you set up your Amenitiz account. In parallel, a website designer will create your website based on your tastes and guidelines. Once the on boarding is over, you’ll have all the keys in your hand to make your business successful. In case of questions or problems, you can reach out to us by chat, phone or email, in your native language