A discerning number of the UK’s top hotels have taken delighting their customers to the next level by commissioning the development of delicious, totally customised branded spirit products.  Sales by the measure over the hotel bar, or souvenir gift sales have provided some of the country’s most iconic venues with another canvas on which to promote their brands.

Leading the way in distilling excellence and world-class branding expertise is Hawkridge Distillers, based in Berkshire. Collaborating with some of the country’s most admired F&B teams, Hawkridge Distillers creates a diverse range of fully customised spirit products, including London Dry gins, aged rums, and vodkas.

Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, Hawkridge Distillers stands as one of the most decorated distilleries in the country, having earned prestigious awards, including Best London Dry Gin in England at the 2021 World Gin Awards. Phil Howarth, the Managing Director, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Offering our distilling and branding prowess to the best of the hospitality market seems like a no-brainer and we are delighted to be working with some of the most exclusive venues in the country and overseas, creating some of the best spirits you will ever taste.”

Hawkridge Distillers boasts an impressive clientele, including super premium hotels such as The Lanesborough, The Stafford, and The Goring. Exclusive members clubs and even sporting resorts like The Belfry have also recognised the appeal of introducing their own branded spirit ranges. Each product is meticulously tailored to encompass every aspect of the spirit, including the liquid profile, bottle design, stopper, and label. Many clients opt to incorporate botanicals sourced from their own grounds, providing guests with a genuine sense of local heritage within the spirits.

Demonstrating unwavering confidence in the quality of their hospitality clients’ products, Hawkridge Distillers even submits their clients’ gins to prestigious international awards programs. In 2023, Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn London Dry Gin was awarded the esteemed Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirit Awards.