In this exclusive case study we explore how luxury residence group, Cheval Collection, targeted paid advertising to boost their presence and increase revenue with SHR Group’s suite of digital tools.

Cheval Collection is an award-winning hospitality group with thirteen luxury all-apartment locations in London, Edinburgh and Dubai.

Their guests benefit from experiencing historic and intriguing cities from the comfort of spacious apartments and penthouses, with modern comforts and dedicated living spaces reserved primarily for luxury residences.

Whilst the team at the Cheval Collection are no strangers to digital advertising and have been advertising online with SHR Group since 2015, they realised that digital advertising has become increasingly competitive against third party channels and similar providers. Despite their continuing digital success and growth online, their digital strategies needed to adapt to ever-changing environments.

New Focus, New Target Markets

Partnering with SHR Group presented Cheval Collection with a new focus, and ability to open up new target markets through the use of paid advertising, website design and digital marketing.

Following the continuation of highly targeted and successful paid advertising campaigns, designed to attract new audiences to their brand, SHR Group designed and launched a brand-new website for Cheval in early 2023, achieving a more customer-focused online experience.

This resulted in building up key target markets for the Collection and chasing more international business via display and search.

Also, investing more in Microsoft ads focused attention on the key markets for the Collection.

Boosting Presence, Increasing Revenue

In 2022, versus 2019, the Collection’s London properties saw an increase of 82% in overall revenue. In addition to this, Microsoft advertising in 2022 had a ROI 80:1, paid campaigns accounted for 29% of all traffic to the website, Google Display & YouTube in 2022 resulted in 9.9M impressions, Facebook Advertising in 2022 saw a 31:1 ROI, Google searches accounted for 39% of the revenue in 2022 and Google Ads saw an increase of 99% with an ROI of 66:1 in 2022.

These results speak for themselves but Robert Speirs, Marketing Manager concludes, “the insights the SHR Group team bring to our digital marketing strategy are crucial to our combined success. Direct bookings are a growing part of our business mix, and the uplift on our 2019 results is testament to the strength of our relationship.”