Advance your venue’s technology by adapting them to accomplish your individual aims with Castra Solutions, guided by an independent consultant who will provide the best resolution for you.

Who are Castra Solutions and how do you approach data collection in hotels?

Castra Solutions is a specialist wired and wireless network provider with almost thirty years of experience. We are vendor agnostic and always recommend the best solution to meet a client’s requirements.

Castra Solutions is unlike most of its competitors in the sense that we don’t recommend data collection in hotels. To collect data requires using login pages on Wi-Fi. These login pages are called captive portals and they are designed to capture guest data for marketing purposes. Wi-Fi providers can make a lot of money out of these solutions. We always ask – why do our customers want to collect data and who from? But we rarely recommend doing it.


Why don’t you recommend captive portals?

Several reasons really, first and foremost because we believe that it impacts the customer’s experience and most of the time it’s unnecessary. A lot of people use false data and several devices don’t handle captive portals very well, so users can often struggle to connect or don’t get recognised when they try and re-join the Wi-Fi.

Secondly, we don’t believe hotels need to collect visitor data via Wi-Fi when most of the time they already have the guest details as they are staying at the hotel and will have a room booking. Our recommendation is not to use captive portals but if a venue really wants to then we suggest only use them in public areas. We create a separate guest and visitor Wi-Fi network and only collect data on the visitor network. If a hotel has multiple sites then we recommend a different solution where guest data is collected and can be used across the sites. This solution also requires guests to validate their data on login so you know the information captured is genuine. The visitor will never be asked to login again and you can track when and where they appear in any of your venues.


How can hotels find out more about your services?

The best way is to contact us either via email on or via phone on 0300 124 5005 and one of our sales team will be able to help.

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