In an exclusive interview with St Michel’s UK Technical Advisor, Laurian Veaudour, we learn about the fast and tasty range that can create a more efficient hotel kitchen.


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at St Michel.

I’m Laurian Veaudour, I was born and lived in France right up until my training as a Chef, Pastry Chef and Baker. In terms of my career path, it’s taken me everywhere, from hotels, to small restaurants and even a private yacht. In 2010, I started my own French patisserie in Cardiff which led me to win The Great British Bake Off: The Professionals in 2020. After this, inspired by their dedication to delicious food, I decided to join St Michel to become their UK Technical Advisor.


Based on your experience in the baking industry, what makes St Michel stand out from others on the market?

As a chef, of course we always want to make everything from scratch. However, since working with St Michel, I have found that every time I meet a chef from a range of establishments and five-star hotels for them to taste test our range of frozen Madeleines, the feedback is always so positive.


What is the secret behind St Michel’s famous taste?

I think there is no secret other than to make a great product, you have to start with premium ingredients and this is what St Michel’s main focus is on. To make a delicious Madeleine, you need plenty of butter and eggs, to bring out the authentic flavours; we recommend elevating the recipe by using French butter and cage free eggs.


How have St Michel developed a range suited to hotel venues?

St Michel has always been renowned for its quality and great taste on the retail market, especially in France. A few years ago, the group leaders had a vision to design a range of Madeleines tailored specifically for professionals. This expertly crafted range would mean the chef could freshly bake the product to its full potential, sharing the unforgettable aroma of freshly baked Madeleines. Since the success of the professional range, we have created new sizes and flavours, even offering some savoury options, perfect for Afternoon Tea or large conferences. The inspiration was to take a simple bake and propel it to its full potential. This range helps chefs create tasty bakes efficiently, creating time for them to spend on their more intricate dishes.