The first Gut Health Retreat is now bookable for Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th May 2024

West Sussex, 1st February 2024 – Cowdray, an innovative country estate in West Sussex, launches the first in a series of transformative three-day Gut Health Retreats at Cowdray House this May. Providing a bespoke gut and lifestyle overhaul designed to change habits indefinitely, Cowdray has partnered with Nicola Russell, Nutritional Therapist and Gut Health Specialist, to host the first extensive programme from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th May 2024.

Taking place in the beautiful Cowdray House, a private and exclusive country house, the retreat includes in-depth functional testing, specialist advice and guidance alongside an exercise and dietary programme, and deliciously gut-healthy meals throughout, personally catered to each guest by Cowdray’s Executive Chef, Ben Judd.

Hosting just 10 participants, each programme is adjusted according to each person’s needs. Prior to arrival, guests will have an individual pre-retreat consultation and comprehensive functional testing with Nicola to determine if there’s an imbalance in their gut microbiome while looking at areas of diet and lifestyle that can have an impact on gut health. During the retreat, guests will have access to Nicola for guidance and advice alongside blood glucose monitoring, one to one consultations and educational talks.

Cowdray’s team of experienced practitioners will all be hosting personalised classes and workshops across the three days, designed for guests to feel nourished, revitalised and rejuvenated. Itineraries will include healthy cookery demonstrations, a Wim Hof Method Experience, bespoke Personal Training, Candlelit Yoga, a Sound Bath and a Change and Empowerment Workshop.

Individual dietary requirements will be catered for, with gut friendly meals using locally sourced organic produce where possible, with a strong emphasis on a low FODMAP diet under Nicola’s consultation. The detoxifying and nourishing menus will focus on educating individuals about food and the fundamentals of resetting the gut. Healthy drinks and snacks will also be available throughout the day, everyday. Guests will eat together for each meal in the beautiful wood-panelled dining room, with carefully selected wines and other alcoholic drinks available.

Guests will also have ample time to explore the one hundred acres of manicured gardens and parkland, relax in the comfort of their bedrooms and the stylish reception rooms of Cowdray House, and enjoy all the facilities including an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a private ten-pin bowling alley.

Following the three day retreat, guests will also receive one month’s support with Nicola to maintain new habits, diet and routine. The gut health retreat is set to be a nurturing and nourishing experience in the beautiful and private surroundings of the family owned Cowdray House, with results designed to last long after the retreat itself.

The Gut Health retreat at Cowdray House is available to book now for £3,000 per person in a private room. Book via email with Rachel Usher at or call 01730 812423.