Introducing Wellsystem – a touchless holistic relaxation experience for hotel guests.

Please introduce Wellsystem and how it can fit into a hotel setup.
Wellsystem is a new hygienic, touchless hydrotherapy full or partial body massage experience that can be used anywhere where guests seek rest and relaxation. The new Wellsystem model is based on the original Hydro-Therapy massage treatment system from the JK Group.

With broad guest appeal, Wellsystem is an excellent and relevant addition to any hotel’s guest offering. With a minimum space requirement of just 2.5m2 and no direct staff costs, Wellsystem can be used at any time with its simple and intuitive guest operation. A Wellsystem dry-water massage session can be offered as part of hotel break packages; spa packages; for VIP guests and also as an excellent revenue generator from individual bookings during a guest stay.

Tell us about Wellsystem and how it creates a unique massage experience for guests.
A truly complete, relaxing, luxurious and rejuvenating experience for the body, mind and soul, Wellsystem offers a touchless massage experience that connects all the senses through light, colour, sound and smell. A large, easy to use touch display enables intuitive and simple guest operation. In stand-by mode an instruction video explains all the key features and massage programmes which can be individually adjusted to body size and should width. The options can be pre-selected by the guestand also changed or adjusted at any time during the massage.

Guests remain fully clothed and lie on the Wellystem where the warm water massage jets hit the underside of the soft natural surface in adjustable, even movements from head to toe. It feels as though you are floating almost weightlessly. The soothing warmth and gentle power of the water activates the deeper tissue layers and loosens the entire muscle system. The specially shaped surface, which ergonomically surrounds the shoulder and neck area, allows the massage jet to move around the entire shoulder muscles.

A Wellsystem session assists muscle pain relief. An ideal pre or post training activity, the warm massage effectively loosens the muscles. In addition, the dry water massage improves blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and delivers heightened energy levels.

Colours and light can increase wellbeing and have numerous positive effects on the body and mind. The new LED colour light programme with Wellsystem and the skincareing LED Radiance were developed with a leading lighting biologist. Guests can select from green Relax light; orange-red Recharge light; sky-blue Activate light and Radiance red light cares for the skin. Or select Rainbow to experience all light options during the massage. Safety glasses are not required and the brightness of the light programmes can be adjusted at any time to the comfort level of the guest.

With special aromatic scents, the Wellsystem massage becomes a complete feel-good experience. The intensity of the fragrance can be individually adjusted and, separate to the internal aroma, you can offer guests the opportunity to select from individual aroma sticks. A 20-minute Wellsystem session reduces stress, increases wellbeing and quite simply is good for you.

You’ve recently installed the Wellsystem Spa into a few high-end destinations, can you tell us about thesE and how they’ve been received?
We have been absolutely delighted at the wonderful reaction from the hotel and spa industry and their guests to Wellsystem. Our most recent installations include the multi-award winning destination spa Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire, the prestigious Old Thorns Hotel and Resort in Hampshire and the luxury hotel and spa, Pennyhill Park in Surrey. Wellsystem is being offered as both a stand-alone treatment and as part of successful package options and the guest feedback has been amazing with venues stating the dry water massage to be a perfect addition to their offering. Such has been the success that in at least one location, additional units are already planned.

With spas becoming a prominent facility in many hotels, what is it that makes
Wellsystem a must have feature in overnight stay venues?
Choosing the right products for your hotel or hotel spa is an integral part of your business success, ensuring the best possible experience for your guests. The simplicity, versatility and effectiveness of the Wellsystem ticks so many boxes for today’s overnight stay venues and their guests. At one of our recent installations, the venue was keen to enhance ‘Spa Stay’ bookings.

The addition of Wellsystem as the included treatment for their overnight spa stays upsold 30 additional rooms in the first week of promoting it. With a genuine shift in the consumer’s psyche acknowledging the benefits of an enhanced focus on self-care, wellbeing and health, hotels can embrace a wonderful opportunity with Wellsystem to extend their reach and loyalty to a wider base of guests, including those hotels without a dedicated spa environment.

How can our readers get in touch to find out more about installing a Wellsystem?
With over 25 years’ experience, Wellsystem is manufactured in Germany by The JK Group using innovative technologies and providing a service you can rely on. Our UK subsidiary has a state-of-the art showroom in Harlow, Essex where you can try out the Wellsystem for yourself. To book a visit or for more information on how a Wellsystem would add value to your current guest offering, please call 020 8498 7277 or email