Air Multiplier™ technology that purifiers the air and cools can enhance guest comfort and create their preferred conditions

In the hospitality industry, the comfort and wellbeing of guests is paramount, and it is crucial to consider the impact of indoor air quality on guests’ overall experience. In this exclusive editorial, we look at how Dyson’s range of air purifiers can work in line with enhancing guest experience and staff productivity.

As allergy season looms, the hospitality sector has a unique opportunity to enhance the in-room experience by focusing on improving indoor air quality. By doing so, they can ensure guests breathe easier, sleep better, and leave with a positive impression of their stay while also enhancing staff wellbeing.

With individuals spending up to 90% of their time indoors[1], the presence of pollutants, pollen or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can significantly affect health, wellbeing, and productivity. These micro pollutants, emitted from sources such as fuels, flooring, cleaning products, clothes worn outdoors, and even soft furnishings, are invisible to the naked eye but can have a profound impact.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers consider air quality when choosing a hospitality venue[2], making it a critical deciding factor. Hospitality venues are high-traffic shared spaces where guests often seek relaxation and comfort. However, without effective air purification technology, guests may experience discomfort, and those with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, may notice exacerbated symptoms, including coughing and shortness of breath.

Poor indoor air quality not only impacts the guest experience but also affects the productivity of workers. Short-term exposure to poor indoor air can lead to heightened fatigue and difficulty concentrating[3]. Therefore, it’s essential for the hotel industry to address the risks associated with poor indoor air quality proactively to ensure they are providing the best experience to guests.

Investing in air purification technologies can ensure that guests and staff thrive in an environment conducive to both health and productivity. Despite the clear benefits, only 48% of hospitality managers report having invested in improving air quality at their establishments, indicating a significant opportunity for improvement in this sector[4].

Air quality is no longer an optional add-on but an essential component of guest satisfaction and operational excellence. A staggering 54% of the public now consider air quality a key differentiating factor when choosing where to stay or dine. Among the younger demographic (aged 25 to 34), this number rises to 61%. It’s no longer just about the view from the window; it’s about the invisible atmosphere that surrounds us.[5]

One such solution is Dyson’s range of air purifiers, which offer features such as a Night Mode for filtration with lower sound levels to minimise sleep disturbance, and a sleep timer for pre-set intervals of use.

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