In an exclusive interview with entrepreneur Brad Williams, the CEO and Founder of CLUB 100 Health Clubs, reveals why he believes the business will change the landscape of hospitality health and fitness services.

What is CLUB 100 Health Clubs?

CLUB 100 is the only boutique health club service in the world that was created specifically for the hospitality industry, only offering 100 memberships per location. Our business model is very unique and was designed to partner with specific hotels that our looking to gain extra revenue with zero effort or disturbance to hotel guests. This is achieved through a percentage split of all memberships sold. We look to partner with hotels that currently have a fitness room/gym and ideally a swimming pool or wet area that is currently just for hotel guests. We then ‘open the doors’ to 100 exclusive memberships offered to local people in the area, which gives those members access to the facilities.

Where did the idea for CLUB 100 Health Clubs come from?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years covering all roles from personal trainer to health club General Manager. I understood that some hotels are required to have a gym and other great facilities like changing rooms, saunas and swimming pools. All of which comes at a great costs to these hotels. My goal was to create a business model that can generate hotels that extra income for these areas without disturbing the hotel guests or costing additional fees.

What do hotels need to do?

In short, nothing… CLUB 100 will provide the software and membership system which gives the hotel access to see who members are at any one point. We manage all membership interaction via email and telephone communication. We provide the necessary steps for each hotel to gain the desired number of members as per the General Manager’s request (up to 100). As well as added income from the members, hotels benefit from our ‘Member Benefits’ offered within the membership. This offer is down to each General Manager and can include discounts off F&B, meeting rooms and bedrooms. 

“We then ‘open the doors’ to 100 exclusive memberships offered to local people in the area.”

Will the hotel gyms and pools become too busy?

We have proven figures that on average show with 75%-85% occupancy and we see less than 10 members a day, less than one an hour. We wanted to create that exclusivity factor at each of our locations while not being greedy. CLUB 100 also has a big sister; CLUB 100 + which allows us to have a larger number of memberships (e.g. 200 memberships) for a bigger facility. However, I would always want to have a membership cap as it keeps the clubs exclusive, we have seen our members really appreciate that.

Where can you operate? 

We are based outside of London, however, we can operate our service anywhere in the world, which we have already started to do with locations open in and around the U.K. Amsterdam and Germany. This year we will also have our first few coming to the USA.

What does 2024 look like for club 100 health clubs?

We have recently acquired a global partnership with leading gym equipment manufacturers TECHNOGYM. This is something we are very excited about and has already proven to open many opportunities for us. With TECHNOGYM’S new CRM system this allows us to offer our members much more and makes promoting both CLUB 100 and the hotels services very simple. 

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