Cendyn CRM integration with Glowing offers connectivity to all messaging platforms with personalized messaging and AI-generated recommendations that synchronize to the master guest profile.

Cendyn, a global integrated hotel technology and services company, has partnered with Glowing, a provider of omnichannel messaging solutions, to help hoteliers facilitate more meaningful conversations with their guests. This collaboration aims to transform how hoteliers communicate by providing an integrated system to manage communication across various channels, including WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and Skype.

With today’s guests using a myriad of messaging platforms across the globe, and as platforms like WeChat become more popular globally, communicating with a guest through their preferred channel is critical. Doing so results in deeper engagement, a 98% read rate for messages, and up to 10 times higher redemption rate of promotions.1 Hotels across the globe are now leaning into how they can communicate more effectively through different channels.

The Cendyn CRM and Glowing integration ensures each guest interaction, through their preferred messaging platform, is synched to Cendyn CRM, enhancing an already comprehensive guest profile. Hoteliers can leverage the wealth of data from both platforms to build stronger relationships and implement more targeted marketing efforts, including enhanced guest communications, personalized marketing campaigns, and tailored offers.

“Integrating Glowing’s platform with Cendyn CRM empowers hoteliers to communicate more effectively, tying every message back to their unified guest profile” said Chris Egan, Chief Product Officer at Cendyn. “This first-party data is one of the most powerful assets in today’s world as it puts hoteliers in control of how they communicate their unique products and services to every guest. It creates bespoke guest experiences, strengthening the relationship between a guest and a hotel, which almost always leads to increased revenue.”

Through the power of GenAI, Glowing’s messaging platform offers bespoke messaging recommendations for guests. The platform’s deep learning paths are based on individual preferences and past behaviors so they can be leveraged to provide messaging suggestions for services and amenities unique to each guest. All communicated in the hotel’s unique tone of voice and saved back to the master profile, this technology ensures the guest feels valued and recognized while reducing the amount of time and effort needed from the hotel-side.

“At Glowing, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Cendyn, a premier brand in the hospitality space,” stated Jasen Lew, CEO of Glowing. “This close collaboration represents a significant opportunity for the hospitality industry to reach new heights with the guest experience by integrating our globally recognized GenAI messaging platform with Cendyn’s comprehensive suite of products. Together, we are committed to upleveling and completing the customer journey by helping hoteliers deliver exceptional service that defines a successful guest experience.”

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