Cutting-Edge Sleep Products

Ensuring the comfort of guests is crucial, and Simba's advanced products deliver unparalleled sleep quality to even the most discerning of sleepers.

As the 'world’s most 5-star rated mattress brand’, the sleep tech company has amassed over 250,000 five-star reviews and 60+ industry awards thanks to a culmination of in-depth research from over 10 million sleepers, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to the perfect night’s rest.

Simba’s Contract Mattress Collection is specifically designed for hospitality and seamlessly blends Simba's award-winning, layered Hybrid® sleep technology, comfort and performance to create an unbeatable sleep experience for every guest.

Made up of three distinct models offering incredible upper comfort layers and supportive base layers; the Simba Pro Contract, Simba Luxe Contract, and the Simba Green Label Contract, share common features that dynamically adjust to the sleeper's body, offering personalised support, proper spinal alignment, superior temperature regulation and pressure relief, with additional cushioning for the shoulders and lower back - all while minimising motion transfer.

The Pro Contract and Luxe Contract mattresses are designed to provide exceptional comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Each component of the Pro Contract and Luxe Contract mattresses is meticulously chosen and engineered to work in harmony - from the two CertiPUR® foam layers, the graphite-infused Simbatex® layer, Simba’s patented titanium alloy Aerocoil® springs and the SupportCore™base - that, when all combined, highlight what sets these mattresses apart in being able to offer a tranquil sleeping environment for guests.

The Simba Green Label Contract offers a reduced carbon footprint versus traditional Hybrids and uses a blend of patented mattress tech with natural, recycled and biodegradable materials.

This includes a 100% recyclable polyester knitted fabric surface and a graphite-infused comfort layer made with perforated natural latex, which offers increased breathability, as well as luxurious support and pressure distribution. It also features a 100% recyclable polyester comfort layer that aids airflow and discourages dust mites, a recycled base layer, and includes 1000 Aerocoil® micro springs, an edge-to-edge SupportCore™ base, and four breathable vents on each side of the mattress.

For the full experience, Simba pillows and duvets feature Stratos® heat control technology to optimise the comfort of the sleeper, and include Simba Renew Bio™, an airy, cloud-like material made from recycled PET bottle fibres.

Whether it’s for private rentals, serviced apartments, or luxury resorts, Simba’s choice of mattresses and harmonious range of sleep products effortlessly adapt and cater to all types of budget and accommodation, regardless of scale. Simba's end-to-end service also ensures a smooth experience, from consultation and design delivery, to mattress disposal and recycling.

Additionally, every Simba Contract mattress adheres to strict CRIB 5 fire regulations according to the UK Fire Regulations Act of 1988, allowing both hoteliers and guests to sleep soundly on Simba’s commitment to safety, comfort, and wellbeing.

Find out more about Simba’s Contract mattress credentials and the exciting collection by emailing

A Unique Solution

With wellbeing now centring the offering of many hotels, this exclusive piece shares details on MATIS, a Parisian brand par excellence, one that has built its success on its French art of care, its unique personalised treatments and its institute experience. 

For over 85 years, MATIS has been creating professional, tailor-made beauty treatments that combine product technicality and the art of movements. MATIS Paris is a contemporary brand with a traditional synthesis. A brand that has successfully evolved with trends but always maintained its character and ethos. 

MATIS has built its success on its French art of care, its unique personalised treatments and its institute of experience.  Founded in 1936 Doctor Mavromati a pharmacist who was an expert in ingredients and formulations created his own laboratory. He discovered that products became more effective when combined with a holistic approach to skincare. As a pioneer, he understood that chemistry and science alone were not enough and for a product to work effectively it needed to be combined with sensory and emotional aspects. As he developed these ideas Dr. Mavromati opened his first store in 1946 on Rue Fontaine. 

MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasising on most potent active ingredients (such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and AHAs) as well as the most precious (such as Caviar). Textures that give pleasure reflect French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beauty therapist, they offer the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible and lasting results. Even without makeup, the skin is radiant, smoother and more resistant to signs of aging. When combined with professional treatments they offer the most outstanding visible and lasting results. MATIS offers formulas adapted to every type of skin problem. Each “Réponse” is therefore unique and personalised, continuing the effectiveness of home skincare.

The MATIS treatment menu is the perfect mirror of the Answers in Solution. MATIS expertise has been at the heart of the cabin, creating professional, tailor-made beauty treatments. A range of bespoke treatments dedicated to global beauty, providing a solution for each skin type, in accordance with the needs of today’s women. 

Entering the world of MATIS treatments is like entering the luxurious world of a Parisian apartment, where the work of materials and the art of French refinement reign. The treatments reflect this image: a perfect balance between technique and sensoriality, where exclusive textures and active ingredients are combined with new manual techniques inspired by facialism. Together, they provide exceptional receptivity and visible efficacy from the very first treatment.

When you compare MATIS to other skin care companies you will see a brand that cares about what goes into their products, a brand that is constantly evolving to ensure it is up to date with knowing and delivering what the consumer is looking for. You also get a brand that is multi-functional, diverse, easily combined to create bespoke treatments and personalised plans for your guests. The technology behind the brand ensures a deliverance through holistic application that cocoons every single client, every single time.

French Beauty Expert business support is on always available with a friendly team that works alongside our accounts as a big family. Offering marketing support in the form of videos, images, social media etc. Motivational challenges, workshops and educational events. Allocated Business Managers dedicated to your business and much more. 

Are you ready to find out more…

Maximising Revenue

Maximise revenue from underutilised hospitality parking spaces with JustPark.

In the dynamic world of hospitality, the uncertainty of generating consistent business revenue calls upon new channels that can maximise profits.

That’s where we come in. We’re JustPark, an award-winning pre-book parking app, and we want to transform the way you manage underutilised parking. Put simply, we’ll make your spaces visible to our 13 million drivers, maximising profits through renting out your underutilised parking spaces.

Join our growing portfolio of hospitality sector clients.

“We have worked with Just Park for around three years and have always found them very proactive and approachable. I would highly recommend them as a partner to enhance the revenue of parking spaces.” - Stefanie Hardy, General Manager, Park Plaza Hotel.

Who we are

With a vibrant team of about 80 individuals headquartered in the heart of Camden, London, we’ve been working in the parking sector for over 16 years. We take pride in being the UK’s favourite parking app, recognised with awards and earning a Trustpilot score of 4.5/5 from over 100,000 reviews.

Creating new revenue streams with JustPark

If your hotel’s parking lot often sits under-utilised, we provide the perfect avenue to change that. Our platform allows you to rent out your parking spaces to non-guests, ensuring you generate additional income. What’s more, these spaces can be dynamically made available based on your occupancy levels, ensuring you always optimise your inventory.

Managing occupancy effectively directly impacts your bottom line, transforming an idle asset into a lucrative revenue stream. Our pre-book parking platform empowers hotels to make the most of their parking spaces, creating a win-win situation for both guests and owners.

Data-Driven Insights with Luna

Understanding your parking performance is crucial for strategic decision-making. Luna, our data dashboard, provides real-time insights into how much revenue your spaces are generating. This not only saves you valuable admin time but also empowers you to make informed decisions that enhance the overall efficiency of your parking management.

A seamless payment experience for drivers

More and more people now expect to pay for services without handling cash – and that includes parking.

Drivers can use our website or app to find and pay for parking and paying is easy as we accept all major debit and credit cards, Apply Pay and Google Pay. And if someone prefers to use their mobile phone to book & pay for parking, they can use IVR (interactive voice response) or book with a simple text.

Whether you aim to streamline arrival experiences, overcome space constraints, or maximise revenue potential, we offer a comprehensive solution.

Embark on this parking revolution with us, and witness the positive impact it can have on your hotel’s bottom line and guest satisfaction. Your journey towards seamless parking experiences begins here – let JustPark be your guide to unlocking the full potential of your parking spaces. 

Shaping the Industry

The evolving tapestry of traveller preferences has seen a significant shift in hotel design, with sustainability, wellness and functionality taking centre stage. Here, Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, delves into the trends poised to transform the hospitality sector.


Sustainability within hospitality is fast becoming common practice, as travellers become more attuned to the environmental credentials of their stay and expect more green practises. As such, hoteliers need to invest in designs crafted from natural, recyclable, and sustainable materials – as is the case for all Hypnos products – to help reduce their environmental impact and minimise waste. 

Localisation is also key, which means brands need to be proactive in helping the community address local issues and should prioritise working with local suppliers who promote fair working conditions and share their values. For example, Hypnos proudly works with Red Tractor assured farms to source traceable and certified British wool.

Guests are narrowing in on every aspect of their stay, from where the food that shapes the menu is sourced to who made the hotel décor and under what conditions, signalling a healthy expectation of transparency.


While conversations around wellness have been going for quite some time, it’s no longer enough for hotels to offer wellness as an add-on; they need to embrace it by offering a more holistic approach, with a specific focus on enhanced sleep. Notably, The Global Wellness Institute predicts a 21% annual increase in the wellness tourism industry.

A quiet luxury scheme conducive to sleep is one way hotels can lean into this trend. Premium mattresses outfitted with support and temperature control, pillow menus, and circadian-friendly lighting are just some of the features guests expect. In-room white noise is also an emerging trend, driven by the nearly 10% of travellers who travel with a white noise machine.

Quiet luxury embodies understated elegance, favouring high-quality materials, craftmanship and attention to detail. Now more than ever, guests want spaces that exude warmth and tranquillity, with designs that consider the impact on the environment. Therefore, as the threads of sustainability become interwoven with wellness, it makes sense for brands to prioritise bespoke, ethically made products designed to deliver a restful night’s sleep. 


While aesthetics is a crucial aspect of hotel design, functionality is equally important. Creating a functional, stylish design that’s practical, easy to maintain, and caters to guests’ needs is of the utmost importance.  

No longer is the classic bed-table-wardrobe combination enough to make a hotel room inviting, guests expect thoughtful additions to elevate their experience. A sofa next to the bed, a creative office space for business travellers, and extra storage for personal belongings are just some of the key ingredients. 

“Products designed to maximise room occupancy and minimise housekeeping without compromising on comfort or style, such as the newly launched Hypnos Sofa Bed and Upright Bed, can also help to revolutionise hospitality by offering unparalleled convenience for guests while enhancing operational efficiency for businesses.

On-Demand Pay

Archie Heaton is Head of Growth at Level and here reveals how Hilton & Village Hotels Boost Staff Retention With On-Demand Pay.

With inflation high and union strikes dominating the headlines, many employers are naturally worried about what they can afford to pay their workers. Despite good intentions, the current economic climate is making it almost impossible to match the expectations many workers have for pay rises. In the hotel sector, where staff turnover remains an enormous challenge, this mismatch is causing even greater concern.

However, what you pay is only part of the puzzle - when you pay matters as well. By approaching this from a different angle, employers like Village Hotels and Hilton - as well as many other employers like Tesco, the NHS and Capita - are taking steps to reduce staff turnover and increase wellbeing by putting their employees in control of when they are paid. 

On-Demand Pay is a new technology that enables workers to access some of their earned income anyday they need, rather than having to wait until payday. This provides a debt-free solution for dealing with unexpected expenses and helps solve personal cashflow issues. 

Interestingly, many of the operators offering this service have almost eliminated unfilled shifts. While they haven’t increased their hourly rate of pay, by compensating overtime immediately, they have made the link between work and reward much clearer. This incentivises overtime with a more tangible reward, without increasing the wage bill.

Perhaps most innovatively of all, new technology now enables this in a way that doesn’t impact the payroll systems and cashflow of employers. Payroll simply runs as usual, and everything else is handled automatically by the On-Demand Pay provider. 

With On-Demand Pay already commonplace in America and many British sectors like retail, in addition to its recent launch at hotel giant Hilton, the technology feels increasingly inevitable for hotel operators, both big and small. The hope is that, as well as supporting staff through this awful cost-of-living crisis, innovative technology like this might finally help crack the high turnover that’s plagued the UK hotel industry for decades. 

Re-Inventing Coffee

Founded by Amir Gehl, a coffee enthusiast with a vision to bring the finest coffees to discerning consumers, we share an insightful interview with the brains behind the brand to introduce our readers to a phenomenon that is Difference Coffee and how it can elevate the experience on offer at your hotel.

Introduce us to Difference Coffee and tell us how the brand was born.

Difference Coffee is a luxury coffee brand renowned for its exceptionally uncommon quality and unique approach to sourcing and roasting some of the world's rarest and most exclusive coffee beans. What sets us apart is our focus on offering single-origin, specialty-grade coffees that are often sourced from award-winning estates.

The brand was born out of a passion for coffee which I developed in later life and a desire to elevate the coffee-drinking experience to unprecedented levels of quality. 

The idea for Difference Coffee came after I observed the similarities between the worlds of fine wine and specialty coffee. Just as wine enthusiasts seek out the finest vintages from prestigious vineyards, I wanted to allow coffee lovers access to the best beans from distinguished coffee estates around the globe.

Coffee is the most widely consumed drink, with the exception of water. I never used to like coffee, it always tasted burnt and bitter. After investing in a machine at home, I kept trying it and my taste buds began to come around to the flavour, but when I would go to restaurants and buy coffee, I still felt like the capsules I was drinking at home were more enjoyable. I knew that capsules had many advantages but consumers were often put off of the idea of coffee when they realise it’s from a capsule. What people don’t understand is they don’t not enjoy the coffee because it’s from a capsule, it all lies in the bean.

I was curious about rare coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain, but they were not available, even when I went to a fine dining restaurant or a fancy hotel. It seemed strange to me because, nowadays, in the UK, people drink more coffee than tea. 

I wanted to be able to offer people something better, something more than the limited option of coffee that was available and this is how the brand came about – simple hedonistic pleasure. The only problem I had was that I didn’t know anything about coffee, but this for me was an advantage; I asked questions.

After lots of trial and error, tasting coffees and using a one hundred point grading system, which was developed by the Speciality Coffee Association together with the Coffee Quality Institute, I was able to learn about the complexities, fragrances, aftertastes, body, balances and aromas surrounding coffee.

Since the launch in 2016, our brand has become the coffee of choice for aficionados, luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and even royalty. Given the fact we hadn’t long launched before the COVID-19 pandemic, we worried that it would be a tricky time for us. When we went into the initial lockdown, we had an abundance of stock just sitting still, so we decided to send it out as gifts to all of the UK’s Michelin chefs to get the brand in their hands. It’s not until people try the products they can truly appreciate what we can offer and from then, it allowed us to really take off. We are now in one of four Michelin star restaurants. By offering an unparalleled selection of exceptional coffees, we aim to redefine the standards of luxury coffee worldwide.

You pride yourself on redefining the essence of specialty coffee, can you tell us about this?

The Essence of Specialty coffee is the coffee producer, the one that grows, picks, and process the coffee, because in my view 90% of the taste comes from the farm, not from the roasting or the brewing. Sure, the roasting can be bad and the brewing can be bad and that will affect flavour, but really we are the custodians of the beans so to speak. So, for us, we advocate a return to fostering relationships with farmers rather than just making blends and telling others how great roasters we are. We take pride in the producers that we buy from and remain humble as much as possible.

How does the range present benefits to hoteliers and guests alike?

There are many benefits to both parties. For the guest, it’s about an elevated customer experience, greater choice, a selection of options, and a superior sensory experience overall. For the hotel, if they use it as an in-room amenity, they differentiate themselves from the mainstream and impress their guests, gaining greater loyalty. If they establish a coffee menu with different options, at different prices, they make their coffee program extremely more profitable. Those who use our coffee in their cocktails can also charge a premium for the cocktail because of the superior beans etc.

How does the unique range fit into a hotel?

We fit into small boutique hotels, to large scale venues. Luxury experiences come in all shapes and sizes; our aim is to work with like-minded people. We focus on rare and limited-edition coffees to add an element of exclusivity to a hotel's offering. Guests are intrigued by the opportunity to try unique coffees that they wouldn't encounter elsewhere.

Hotels with restaurants or cafes can elevate their dining experience by serving Difference Coffee alongside or after their meals. Our coffees are so versatile that they can be woven into dishes too, for example, The Dorchester uses our coffee in one of their popular breakfast pastries. This can complement the menu offerings and provide guests with a memorable culinary experience.

Hotels can offer Difference Coffee as part of their in-room amenities too, providing guests with a luxurious coffee option for their convenience and enjoyment.

Partnering with us can be leveraged in the hotel's branding and marketing efforts. Highlighting the availability of exclusive coffees can attract a whole new audience and differentiate the hotel from competitors.

Difference Coffee was marked as a Climate Positive company in 2020, certified by Earthly – what does this mean for you and your partners?

Sustainability is really important to us. Achieving Climate Positive status demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability for us as a brand as well as our partners. It’s an expectation now amongst potential partners and we will continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Provide the Play While They Stay

TNT Sports gives hotel guests even more reasons to enjoy their time with you.

There’s nothing like live sport to get customers from across the world collectively enjoying live entertainment. 

Whether it’s a huge night of European football, the race for the Premier League, rugby union or cricket, there’s always something to bring sports fans to the bar. 

“We have it in the bar areas to provide some sports entertainment. For us it is a great way of getting people from their rooms, especially with the midweek European football – the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.” 

TNT Sports has an outstanding offer of live sport throughout the week, to ensure customers always have a reason to take time away from their rooms and head to a more social setting in the hotel. 

Midweek sport is a huge draw for sports fans, with 43% saying it is the main reason they will be tempted to go to a bar during the week*

Topping the bill is the unparalleled midweek football line-up with exclusive rights the biggest European competitions – the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the Europa Conference League. 

It means guests from the UK and beyond can enjoy the biggest teams on the continent going head-to-head on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Add in 52 Premier League games a season, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the National League and there is a football offer for all – and that’s just to kick off with. 

Guests at Britannia Hotels are being encouraged to enjoy the action in the bar with live TNT Sports. 

The group which has around 60 hotels across England, Scotland and Wales has rolled TNT Sports out at more than half of the hotels in the estate. 

Conor Georgiou, Head of Marketing, explained that the top quality live action is giving hotel guests a great reason to pay the bar a visit. 

“We have it in the bar areas to provide some sports entertainment. For us it is a great way of getting people from their rooms, especially with the midweek European football – the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League. 

“It’s used to attract people to the bars and drive spend in those areas of the hotel – It elevates the level of entertainment on offer in our hotels.”

Once customers are in the bar with the game on, they are likely to spend more. According to KAM* research, 63% of sports fans are likely to buy more beer when watching live sport. On top of that, one in five will buy more soft drinks and 14% are more likely to be tempted by a meal. 

While live football is the biggest draw, Britannia hotels across the country also show domestic and European rugby union along with international cricket to keep customers entertained. 

TNT Sports’ offer also includes rights to rugby union in the form of the Gallagher Premiership and the European Rugby Challenge Cup, huge UFC and boxing fight nights, the best basketball from the NBA, MotoGP and much more.

In addition, the international flavour of the sporting line-up appeals to a broad customer base, including domestic business customers and globe trotters. 

Conor continued: “We have a lot of European travellers coming to us, so this is universally popular. 

“We have a wide range of people watching it, so it’s very reflective of who is staying in the hotels.”

Staff at the hotels make the most of TNT Sports poster packs by displaying them to let customers know what’s coming up. 

“The posters are very useful. We have clip frames all around the hotel, so we update those regularly with new fixtures and specific games,” added Conor. 

“We use the packs that are sent to us and also create our own posters that we then print out.”

As well as sending out regular poster packs, customers can also benefit from TNT Sports’ wide range of customer support. This includes fixture planning and downloadable assets that can be used across social media. 

Customers can even create bespoke assets and posters for their own business. 

Britannia Hotels is just one of many hotel groups who have signed up to include TNT Sports as part of their package. Others include Leonardo Hotels, IHG & Accor, Marriott, Village and Whitbread.

Find out more about TNT Sports and how it could benefit your business by visiting or call one of the team today on ​0800 077 8323 

*The Value of Midweek Sport in pubs, KAM, March 2023

Maintaining Vibrancy

Hotel Magazine meets Richard Combes and Max Rumney, Co-Chairs of AVLA, to discuss about the newly launched audio-visual licence for the creative community licence for the hospitality sector.

Please introduce AVLA to our audience and tell us what the company aims to achieve. 

AVLA is a British not-for-profit collective rights management organisation. It was established by and represents the broadest and most varied community of creators of films, series, documentaries, cartoons and other audiovisual works. AVLA represents tens of thousands of different creatives: producers, authors, directors, performers and visual artists. 

AVLA’s mission is to facilitate the clearing of audiovisual rights by offering a centralised and simple licensing procedure. Moreover, it ensures that creatives are fairly rewarded for the use of their work. As a licensing agency AVLA is recognised and regulated by the UK government.

The AVLA licence enables hotels, hostels, aparthotels, B&Bs and other similar businesses to legally show in public TV channels containing audiovisual works -such as films, series, documentaries and other TV programmes- from AVLA’s repertoire. It covers TVs in bedrooms and in public areas of the premises, such as for example TVs at a hotel’s restaurant, bar or fitness areas. 

What does the license cover and why do hotels need it?

AVLA’s licence covers a vast repertoire including hundreds of thousands of TV programmes and films. In addition, our licence brings together the rights of the different creator groups involved in audiovisual production - producers, authors, directors, performers and visual artists. This   unique collaboration ensures that licensing revenues are paid fairly and transparently to creative individuals and organisations, enabling them to invest time and resource in creating new content.     

The AVLA licence is for a catalogue of works and rights not covered by other licensors. Our licence does not replace the licences of other parties and vice-versa. 

UK and international law recognise that the creators of copyright-protected audiovisual content should be fairly compensated when their works are communicated to the public. The AVLA licence provides legal compliance for establishments that make available to their guests TV channels that contain the AVLA repertoire, thereby avoiding the potential for legal action in respect of copyright infringement.

What benefits can AVLA present to overnight stay venues?

The ability to show TV and film content, either within guest rooms or elsewhere on the premises, provides significant added value and benefit to venues which can be reflected in their customer offer. 

When it comes to clearing rights, most operators struggle to navigate through the sometimes complex world of copyright. The AVLA licence helps accommodation providers to comply with legal requirements, facilitating clearing the rights to an extensive repertoire and to the rights of different categories of rightsholders all at once. AVLA’s simple and centralised licensing solution, relieves hoteliers of the burden of dealing with too many parties. Furthermore, by taking this licence venues are directly supporting the creative individuals and organisations responsible for producing current and future audiovisual content.      

How easy is it for our readers to work with you? Can you tell us about the process?

Obtaining the AVLA licence is extremely easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Your readers can go to the website and click on the section Get your licence. There are three steps to follow. Firstly: answer three basic questions about the establishment, such as number of bedrooms with TVs or public areas with TVs.  Hoteliers can then opt to register establishments separately or under an umbrella account. The second step is to review the summary. Step 3: entering the contacts for billing and choosing payment method. Once the payment is credited, licensees receive an email with the confirmation and a link to download their certificate. 

You’re offering discounted rates for hoteliers, can you tell us about this? 

There are various discounts comprising: convenient seasonal concessions, discounts for small businesses and a special “early bird” mark-down for operators that take the licence by end of June 2024. It is worth noting that discounts are cumulative, meaning that certain operators could benefit from a reduction of up to a 30%. 

Any final remarks?

We would like to point out that by taking the AVLA licence, hospitality businesses are directly helping to maintain a vibrant audiovisual sector in the UK. Almost all of the licence fees collected are passed on to the creatives we represent. AVLA is not-for-profit. 

In an industry that normally operates on a project-driven basis, this contribution is key to ensure that the talent required for ground-breaking British content remains and can continue to make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

To learn more about AVLA and to get the licence, please visit


GAIA Skincare leads the way in holistic therapy training

The female-founded spa brand, GAIA Skincare, is thrilled to see continued growth through the first quarter of 2024, praising their online training and specialist therapeutic treatments as key to their continued success.

Since the start of the year, GAIA are pleased to have launched with 7 new spa partner accounts across the UK and the Channel Islands, with several more on the cards to launch in the coming months. These new accounts have benefited from GAIA Skincare’s online training system, which was launched last summer, making training more flexible for spa therapists, and reducing spa training costs by up to 80%.

The online training complements an intense three-day ‘Essentials Training’ with one of their experienced Spa Trainers, allowing spa therapists to use their training to learn three further treatments and combine techniques to offer GAIA ‘Journeys’. The digital platform also offers flexibility for spa therapists, meaning they can train at a time that suits their schedule, and can log into the platform at any point to refresh their knowledge. Since launching last May, GAIA has qualified 142 spa therapists across the UK & Europe, with an additional 50 trainees registered on the platform who are currently benefiting from their training offering.

GAIA have also launched a virtual sales training workshop, which allows accounts to join a monthly meeting to deepen the knowledge of the GAIA Skincare range, focusing on treatment offerings, product innovations and seasonal campaigns. GAIA encourage all team members, from hotel reservations teams to senior therapists, to join the workshops to support their retail and product knowledge and optimise their customer’s experience. The workshops are also easy to book via the Eventbrite booking system.

The spa brand is also pleased to offer two specialist treatments, allowing spas to offer a higher level of wellness to those who are pregnant or undergoing cancer treatment. The Mother GAIA Massage is a beautifully gentle treatment, which helps alleviate muscular aches and stresses through the prenatal period, and currently offered at 30 of GAIA’s partnered accounts. Training for the Mother GAIA Massage is offered to spa partners with experienced therapists who are looking to complete the advanced training.

The Affinity Cancer Experience was developed for those undergoing medical treatment and in need of a little nurturing or spiritual healing and can be offered as a stand-alone treatment to spas looking to add an inclusive treatment to their menu.  The 3-day training courses is accredited by CIBTAC and equips therapists to expand their practice, ensuring exceptional standards of training.

“It was important to me to create an inclusive experience for those going through or having gone through cancer treatment. This experience allows guests to feel safe and comfortable, offering them a relaxing and calming moment to soothe their mind and body.” – Comments Diane Nettleton, Founder of GAIA Skincare.

If you’re looking to elevate your spa offering, GAIA is looking to partner with those who share their values and brand philosophy of “Your wellness, naturally. Believing in delivering exceptional guest experiences, the highest levels of service, and offering guests the time and space to nurture their wellness.


 Leading hotel experience curators, LA BOTTEGA proudly announces the acquisition of a majority stake in VANITY GROUP. The deal will mark a significant milestone in the growth and expansion of both organizations. 

LA BOTTEGA acknowledges and values the achievements of VANITY GROUP. Paul Tsalikis, VANITY GROUP’s Chairman, retains an equitable share hold in the transaction and will continue to drive the business, ensuring continuity amongst managers and associates. 

This strategic acquisition aligns seamlessly with LA BOTTEGA’s commitment to enhancing market presence and delivering unparalleled value to customers. The combined strengths of both Companies will foster synergies that not only fortify market position but also open new avenues for growth and innovation. 

Recognizing and respecting the unique strengths that VANITY GROUP brings to the table, the acquisition sees LA BOTTEGA leveraging the team’s combined expertise, and creating a powerhouse that sets new standards in the high-end hospitality industry. 

Tommaso Pacini, Chairman of LA BOTTEGA, emphasized the strategic alignment between the two entities, saying, “In the last five years, looking at VANITY GROUP’s remarkable development, it made strategic sense to partner with them to forge the next generation of Hospitality Curators. We retain our signature brand identities but combine forces across global distribution and creating an impressive, shared brand portfolio – honouring our commitment to enriching the hospitality industry. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas, being curious, and pampering guests all around the world.” 

Paul Tsalikis, Chairman of VANITY GROUP expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “LA BOTTEGA share the same creative spirit, dedication to innovation and the gusto to transform the in-room hotel experience. While we continue to operate as 

separate entities, together, we expand and strengthen our unique model to the market: part guest cosmetics powerhouse and part creative agency – focussed on creating unforgettable experiences for guests.” 

Together, LA BOTTEGA and VANITY GROUP form the most impressive list of global luxury hospitality clients, have representation in over 120 Countries, boast a combined team of over 500 people, and over 100 of the most in demand, progressive brands.