Established in 2011, 3deep Media are a creative agency working in a variety of sectors including heritage and tourism. We caught up with the brand to find out all the details and how it could benefit you…

Who are 3deep Media and how do you work?

Originally focused around 3D mapping of underwater sites (hence the name), we are now one of the UK’s leading developers of custom virtual tours for high-end hospitality clients.  

What separates our work from other virtual tours is our unique approach to mapping each hotel or resort.  We focus on showcasing the facilities and location by building the tour around aerial 360 degree views captured with drones.  This gives the user a unique aerial perspective, allowing them to explore the stunning scenery, but then through interactive markers pinned to the view allow the user access to view individual rooms, facilities, restaurants, spas and any other features the client wants to promote. 

“We focus on showcasing the facilities and location by building the tour around aerial 360 degree views captured with drones.”


Why are virtual tours a useful tool for marketing hotels?

For luxury or high-end hotels and resorts in unique or beautiful destinations, illustrating the location and facilities on offer can be challenging through still photos or video alone.  Using an interactive aerial 360 degree view as a starting point immediately elevates the user to be able to see the resort as a whole and then explore in more detail the layout and architecture of rooms giving them more confidence in the product they are booking.  

In our experience, when so much attention to detail has been spent on manicured gardens or interior design it is a waste not to show a full 360 degree perspective of what the guests will experience.  Beyond encouraging the user into the process of booking itself, the VR tours can also be used to add value before or during the guests stay.  The virtual maps can be integrated into our clients website and linked to from confirmation emails to get them excited about their visit and start planning their itinerary.  Especially when the tours feature nearby points of interest such as beaches and tourist attractions.  


How does the virtual tour process work with a hotel?

3deep Media start with detailed discussions with the client on what they are looking to achieve and how the virtual tour can be customised to best promote the individual hotel or resort as well as matching their brand identity and ethos.  

As you might expect the next stage is photography;  3deep Media’s team will travel worldwide to the destination and capture all the 360 photography required, using specialist drone platforms for the aerial 360 shots and high quality DSLR cameras for any ground based 360 views.  We prefer using DSLR cameras and shooting manually rather than all-in-one 360 camera systems which produce inferior results, we pride ourselves on the quality of the images we capture and will only settle for the best.  

The final step is the virtual tour development itself, this is carried out remotely from our offices in the UK and we work with your existing website developers to integrate the tour seamlessly into your existing online systems.  

What kind of benefits can hotels experience from working with 3deep Media?

The main benefit of working with 3deep Media is our knowledge and experience of virtual tour development.  We’ve been working in this specialist field for over 7 years and as a result have been able to develop a unique and customisable tool to help any hotel or resort with their online marketing.  

With our expanding team of photographers and developers we have the capacity to work with smaller individual clients as well as large international chains of hotels with the same level of quality and service.  Our recent projects have lead us to working with the TUI Group on their stunning new range of 5* resorts in places such as the Caribbean and Vietnam.  We’re always excited to explore the potential or challenges that each location offers and work closely with the client to create something truly exciting for their business.  

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