Set amongst the splendour of York’s only five-star hotel, The Grand, you’ll find Legacy: an intimate fine-dining restaurant.

Faber and Company worked in close collaboration with the hotel’s team to create an exclusive experience that would be unmistakably distinct from its main restaurant while honouring the history of this grade II listed building and surrounding area.

Communicating each venue’s unique story and culture lies at the heart of Faber’s distinct approach. And Legacy’s former life as North Eastern Railway’s headquarters is celebrated throughout. This is most notably referenced in the venue’s map artwork, found alongside an abundance of original hardwood wall panels which were lovingly restored by Faber’s team. Portraits of the pioneers who shaped the city also adorn the walls—in addition to blueprint wallpaper and engineered brass fittings paying homage to the city’s industrious past.

Bespoke Art-Deco-style light fittings take diners back to the building’s origins, but Faber’s creative journey doesn’t end with the interiors. Legacy’s brandmark shape is inspired by the locomotive name and number plates of the steam era, perfectly finished with a classic Art-Deco-style font. And in a final touch of Edwardian elegance, its uniform design pays homage to the fashion of the time with waistcoats and pinstripe trousers.

Faber’s creativity and passion for telling each venue’s story is attracting some of hospitality’s most discerning names, including the prestigious culinary competition Bocuse d’Or. The team brings restaurateurs’ visions to life by paying close attention to every customer touch point and how they work together. Nothing is considered in isolation during Faber’s ‘experience mapping’ process. It’s a key part of the creative team’s ‘immersive hospitality’ philosophy, which has been developed to enable restaurants to convey their unique identities and stand out in a saturated market.

Legacy is described as having a ‘fitting name’ by the Michelin Guide, featuring in the prestigious publication less than a year after its opening. And in the words of Faber’s Creative Director Tony Matters: “This is a special dining room; every detail has been considered to craft a space that has atmosphere and a tangible sense of history. The design is built on a narrative focusing on industrialism and localism, drawing comparisons between the legacy of those who came before us and its new, unique, ever-changing future legacy”.

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