Detail to attention

With a good night’s sleep high on the priority list for a vast range of travelling consumers, Mattressman are the perfect accompaniment for your hotel and we’ve got the details.

A lofty set of ambitions and a desire to redefine the mattress industry cultivated in the creation of Mattressman and our first store opening in North Walsham in the picturesque Norfolk market town in 2004. Mattressman hasn’t looked back since and has evolved year after year, proudly boasting ten stores nationwide and providing the country with superb sleep standards. Here at Mattressman, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of over 8000 premium mattresses, bed frames and bedding accessories products at prices that reflect fantastic value for money, moreover; in-store sleep experts provide impartial and tailored advice working in conjunction with our strong online presence, to ensure unparalleled customer service.  

Our passion and enthusiasm for all things sleep are reflected in our affiliation with the hotel industry. Mattressman desired to work within the hotel industry and enhance guests’ night’s sleep; after all, the basis for a successful getaway starts and ends with a comfortable and supportive night’s rest. With this in mind, Mattressman has supplied mattresses to hotels across the country, notably; Burlington Burties in Cromer, Brighton House Regency Square and Bagden Hall residing between the bustling towns of Huddersfield and Wakefield. With over 20,000 customers across the United Kingdom and renowned as one of the largest suppliers of bedframes and mattresses for landlords, universities, boarding schools, and leisure parks, in addition to our hotel partnerships, Mattressman can be relied upon to deliver premium services at affordable prices. 

Why choose Mattressman?

Our collaboration with hotels is accompanied by a whole host of benefits. Detail to attention and exceptional customer care provides the benchmark for Mattressman’s foundations; Mattressman remains committed to every step of the customer journey to ensure an efficient and seamless experience. Our commitment to detail and customer care is reflected in our zero landfill disposal service; for a small fee, our trade team can arrange to recycle your old mattresses in a like-for-like swap. So often, Mattresses are discarded and unaccounted for; Mattressman aims to combat this by sustainably and responsibly recycling mattresses. 

Our exclusive Hotel Pocket mattress ranges meets source 5 flammability standards demonstrating adherence to fire regulations to ensure peace of mind for guests and hotel owners alike. Additionally, our mattresses can be customised to suit your chosen dimensions, ideal for bed frames that aren’t constrained to standard sizing and to suit various tenancy requirement. 

For further information relating to our services or for enquiries regarding your businesses requirements, phone 0800 5677625 or send us an email at