• 65% of UK business travellers would like to extend a work trip*
  • 2/3 of Brits report suffering from pre-work ‘Sunday Scaries’ ** (source)
  • 72% of people see improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised in the morning ***
  • Aztec Hotel & Spa, Bristol, launches Sunday package (from £84 per person) to extend the weekend and reduce the Sunday Scaries 

Bristol’s Aztec Hotel & Spa has launched the new ‘Sunday Night Getaway’ Spa Package, so that ‘bleisure’ guests can upgrade their WFH (working from home) to WFS (working from Spa). The term ‘bleisure’ (business/leisure) is growing in popularity, as it enables professionals to lead a more balanced lifestyle, carving out more time for family and an exploration of personal interests. The BBC recently covered global study of eight countries, where 65% of the 5,500 people surveyed in 2022 said that they ‘planned to extend a work trip into a leisure one’, or vice versa*. 

The Daniel Thwaites hotel group is seeing a rise in its visitors making use of the hotel work spaces when visiting, as well as having their family join for them for their stay so they can enjoy time together out of work hours. This is especially popular in city central hotels such as Bristol’s Aztec Hotel and Spa, where business travels and corporate customers are championing the extension of the weekend and enjoying workday wellness with the new Sunday Night Getaway Spa Package.

What are the Sunday Scaries? 

Recently coined the “Sunday Scaries”, this is a feeling of dread that regularly affects more than two-thirds of Britons ** who report work stresses, lack of sleep and looming to-do lists as the primary causes of anxiety before the start of the working week. In response to this and with more flexibility due to the rise of remote working, The Sunday Night Getaway spa package means weekends don’t have to necessarily finish at 5pm on a Sunday when the tireless routine of laundry, meal prepping and readying for work can prematurely cut down on time with the family.

Sunday guests can check in to the hotel from 3pm and enjoy a dinner in the hotel’s award-winning Curious Kitchen to set them up for the working week, before having a dreamy night’s sleep in a Signature room. A staggering 72 percent of people see improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised in the morning***, so if guests can start the week with an early morning visit to the gym and spa pool. As this is all on the doorstep there is no stress of the clock ticking away involved! Before logging on to the complimentary and reliable Wi-Fi at 9am, enjoy a breakfast of champions, choosing from dishes such as American Stack Pancakes, Eggs Royale or a full Northern Breakfast.

If it really is just one of those Mondays, guests can book in for a treatment in the spa, which is sure to melt any stresses away… at least until Tuesday anyway! Treatments such as the Caudalie Des Vignes Body Massage (55 minutes, £72) which uses compression techniques to gently sooth tension and re-boost your energy. If deadlines are looming and guests are short on time, there is the option of an express 25-minute treatment like the Temple Spa My Kinda Massage (25 minutes, £45) to help soothe and calm frazzled nerves and wind down an active mind, tension and stress simply melt away.

Aztec & Hotel and Spa has numerous areas for workers to beaver away, whether its next to an open fire in the reception lounge, or a working pod for something a little more private. For larger groups there are eventing spaces, so adapting to the work setting is easy.

To top things off, an indulgent feeling weekend extension doesn’t cost the earth. With a very special room rate and 25% off everything spent on food, drinks or spa treatments, starting the week right seems like a steal at just £84 per person (Prices are based on 2 people sharing a Signature room and are per night, including VAT)

On the package Gareth Ireland, General Manager at Aztec Hotel and Spa said “Being a city-based hotel in close proximity to a business park, we see plenty of travellers passing through on a regular basis. Making the experience a little more special, as well as affordable, means guests can take better care of their wellbeing as constantly being on the move can take its toll. Often travelling alone, we also want to encourage travellers to bring their families so they can all enjoy some quality time together, as its these times are ultimately the reason why everyone wants to work hard.”