As coffee culture and the range of hot beverages continues to grow, make sure you’re providing high-quality products to ensure that your guests don’t venture to the local coffee shop. We caught up with Luke Powell, General Manager of Brewed by Hand Group, to talk about the importance of providing a premium coffee-fix for your hotel guests.

Can you introduce us to Brewed by Hand and its mission?

Absolutely! Brewed by Hand is a top distributor of premium tea and coffee products in the UK. Our mission is simple: we want to make every sip an experience. We carefully select products that blend style, efficiency, and quality – turning a daily routine into a special ritual.

So, Brewed by Hand exclusively distributes high-end tea and coffee brands. What does it take for a brand to join this esteemed collection?

Great question! We’re all about sophistication, innovation, and excellence. Our products, like the Opal Nespresso Compatible Speciality Pod Machines or the Hario Switch V60 brewer, aren’t just about great taste – they deliver style and a unique user experience. Let’s not forget about Loveramics ceramics, they’re durable, chic and add a touch of elegance to any coffee or tea serving.

Sustainability is a big deal these days. How does Brewed by Hand support this trend?

Sustainability is not just a trend for us; it’s a core part of our philosophy. We’ve taken steps like eliminating all plastic from our packaging and working with our partner brands to reduce environmental impact. We’re committed to promoting sustainable practices across our product range.

The hospitality industry sets high standards for food and beverage services. How can Brewed by Hand enhance a hotel’s drink offering?

Absolutely, standards are continually rising. But that’s where Brewed by Hand comes in. Our selection of products, whether it’s the Opal Nespresso machines for guest rooms, the Hario Switch V60 for cafes, or Loveramics ceramics for serving drinks, can add that extra touch of luxury. Each sip becomes a memorable experience for the guest.

How can our readers collaborate with Brewed by Hand?

We’d love to work with anyone interested in enhancing their beverage experience. Just visit our online trade portal. It’s incredibly user-friendly, offering live stock levels and dynamic online ordering. Plus, it’s regularly updated with our latest product innovations. We’re here to help you every step of the way!