With breakfast being the last part of a guest’s stay, Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group explains why the food offering within any hotel setup needs to be unique, with every serve – whilst also guaranteeing freshness, consistency and quality.

Breakfast is arguably one of the most important meals of the day. In fact, according to the UK Breakfast Eating Habits Market Report 2022 from Mintel, 51% of adults ate breakfast out of home in early 2022. This just proves the market’s potential. 

Having a selection of both sweet and savoury products is a must-have for hotel operators looking to increase margins and drive footfall. Panesco, one of La Lorraine Bakery Group’s finest brands, offers a tantalising selection of sweet treats. 

Its Danish Swirls, also known as its ‘Scandinavian delights’, offer the perfect twist on breakfast pastries, as do its Diamond Pastry treats, manually crafted open shapes that ooze luxuriousness and sophistication. 

Other items that offer variety and uniqueness across hotel menus is Panesco’s Pretzel Butter Croissant Curved – a delicious traditional Laugen recipe – as well as the Croissant Bun – a versatile bun made of croissant dough that can be served plain, filled or topped either hot or cold.

Sandwiches and flatbreads are also big business in the breakfast channel and can offer hotel operators endless opportunities when looking to expand their menus. The Schiacciata Romana flatbread, for example, is a great way to go beyond the familiar and surprise customers with a deeply rooted local tradition. Its White and Multigrain pre-sliced breads are proving popular within the hotel catering scene and are perfect breakfast options that can be served hot, cold or as an open sandwich.

Panesco’s pre-grilled and pre-sliced Paninis can also be served well as breakfast carriers, along with its Gourmet Brioche buns – versatile breads that are distinctive in terms of taste, colour and texture and above all, quality.

Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group, said: “Breakfast is an important daypart for the hotel industry and has huge growth potential. It can open up so many new opportunities for caterers to make a healthy profit. It is a thriving sector and is certainly one that we will continue to tap into by innovating and expanding our product range.”

“Each and every one of our breakfast products excel in taste, texture, convenience, are truly irresistible and can add real value to businesses.”

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