As tourism bounces back following the pandemic, labour shortages mean hospitality staff are busier than ever. Serving individually wrapped food options such as Babybel, the UK’s No.1 snacking cheese can provide a convenient solution, satisfying both guests and staff.

Growing Pains
The growth in inbound visitors post- pandemic, forecasted to be 18% higher this year than last, marks a positive uplift for the sector. However, as hospitality staff are increasingly overstretched, it also presents new challenges. With 67% of venues lacking non-head chefs and 36% lacking kitchen porters, the increase in the number of meals served is further adding to the pressure on workers. This makes the need for convenient, easy-serve options a must to support sector staff. Babybel, the No.1 snacking cheese brand, is serving up a solution.

Banish the Block
Unlike block cheeses, where timely processes are required to prepare products for serving, Babybel, a globally recognised brand that’s sure to be loved by international and British guests alike, is ready to serve with no preparation required. Not just a convenient, nutritious, and delicious option for travelers, Babybel’s easy-to-serve format also minimises labour for overstretched hotel works and caterers.

Providing a quick and convenient solution to replenishing the buffet when food runs out, the easy-serve format can optimise staff response time, minimising chances of a reduction in quality customer service for guests. With 48% of hotel guests likely to write a review after a negative experience, s 81% of travellers read reviews before booking accommodation, promoting a positive experience across all areas of service is key.

Say Farewell to Food Waste
Babybel’s individually wrapped format also provides a convenient solution to another issue facing the industry, food waste. Food waste generated by Britain’s hospitality sector amounts to a staggering 920,000 tonnes each year. Babybel’s sealed and hygienic format helps minimise this issue, as it is able to be served again the following day if not consumed, unlike traditional hotel buffet choices, such as cooked food, bread, and pastries, which need to be thrown out following service. With 58% of people wanting to stay in accommodation with environmentally friendly practices, food service options resulting in less wastage not only deliver clear sustainability kudos, but also money saving benefits to the operator.

Post-Covid Credentials

Whilst insights show the sector is in recovery post-pandemic, hotel guests are still seeking comfort and reassurance, and this goes beyond simple accommodation cleanliness, extending to food and drink options too. With three in four diners citing health and safety concerns as the biggest deterrent to dining out following Covid-19, health and hygiene remain firmly on the consumer agenda, meaning visibly ‘safe’ buffet options are sure to appeal in a post-covid travelscape. Individually wrapped, Babybel offers a simple solution to serving up a buffet staple for hotel guests, with health and hygiene provisions in place with minimal input from staff.

The New Eat-conomy
The challenging economic market has seen consumers become increasingly mindful of how and where they spend their money, and with insights highlighting how modernising breakfast and lunch menus by adding flexible and convenient options such as picnic lunches will help entice guests to add meals to their room rates, rather than eat elsewhere, Babybel’s individually wrapped format offers the perfect option to meet this consumer appetite.

A must-stock for hotels looking to entice guests to boost their internal spend during their stay, Babybel is loved by adults and kids alike, with with one-in-four households buying into the brand . As a fun, portion controlled, real cheese, Babybel Original is a great source of protein and calcium. Vegetarian friendly and lactose free, with a 20g serving containing 29% less fat than cheddar and 59 calories, it also adheres to Public Health England’s recommended calorie cap for children’s snacks, giving it broad family appeal.

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