Pre-filled plant-based reusable water bottle company, Bottle Up, is proud to partner with Millennium Hotels and Resorts help eliminate single-use plastics from sites across the UK.

Revolutionary brand, Bottle Up (, has partnered with Millennium Hotels & Resorts to provide its reusable, sustainable, plant-based, BPA-free, pre-filled reusable water bottles to guests of its hotels. Those enjoying a stay in Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club are each given a Stone Blue Bottle Up bottle on arrival. Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, Copthorne Tara Hotel Kensington and Copthorne Hotel Manchester Salford Quays have Stone Blue and Red Bottles available for corporate events. With around 100 being handed out every day, guests are encouraged to refill their bottles in the hotels using the newly installed water refill stations from water systems partner, Culligan.

The water refill stations house a bottle refill counter displaying the total number of bottles that have been sustainably refilled, designed to encourage guests to embrace refilling and reusing their bottles. The hotel group has already installed ten refill stations across four locations and has a further three in production to be installed across two additional further hotels. The Culligan refill station placed in the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club has already refilled 48,686 bottles since being installed in February 2023.

Made in Wolverhampton, Bottle Up turns renewable sugar cane sourced from Brazilian grasslands into durable, sustainable bottles which are then filled with pure British spring water from Elmhurst in Staffordshire for minimum carbon impact.

Bottle Up Co-Founder, Andrew Eversden said, “The use of Bottle Up bottles and installation of fountains across multiple locations within the Millennium Hotels and Resorts group is a hugely positive step in the hospitality industry. Too many hotels are still only offering their guests single-use bottled water, but Millennium Hotels and Resorts has now demonstrated that hotels can be at the forefront of change and sustainability. We’re really pleased that the hotel group has already implemented a sustainable approach to hydrating guests and has committed to installing yet more fountains across additional venues in the coming months.”

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at Millennium and Copthorne at Chelsea Football Club, Sharmilla Franke said, “Bottle Up offers a seamless blend of style and functionality to our guests. The sleek design is practical in everyday use and the bottle, crafted from eco-friendly materials, is aligned with Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ commitment to sustainability. Since we started putting these bottles in every guest room, we have collectively saved an impressive 112,00 plastic bottles. Working with the Bottle Up team has been a highly positive experience. From the initial stages of communication to the final delivery, their team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction”.

Culligan UK Managing Director, Mike Ryall said: “Joining forces with Bottle Up to introduce sustainable water fountains into Millennium Hotels and Resorts hotels marks a pivotal step in our commitment to championing eco-conscious initiatives. Through this partnership, Culligan is thrilled to offer guests an accessible and environmentally friendly hydration solution, aligning with our dedication to fostering sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.”