Bolsius, the largest candle manufacturer in Europe, unveils its latest innovation this month in its Bolsius Professional range – the 30-hour burn Relight® candle. 

Specifically crafted to enhance the ambience for special dining moments, this new addition to the Bolsius Professional Relight® range is a game-changer. The 30-hour Relight® Candle is designed to be a safe and ideal atmosphere-enhancing light, providing operators with a long-lasting and versatile solution.

With its relightable and easy-to-replace features, this candle ensures a hassle-free experience for operators aiming to create the perfect setting. The extensive colour options in the Relight® range allow operators to swiftly change the colour of the candle, catering to various moods and occasions while also emphasising sustainability by minimising waste.

Paul Christodoulou at Bolsius Professional, explains how candlelight can play a key part in venue design, especially during key dining occasions. 

“The mood created by the soft flicker of a candle flame can make a venue feel intimate, warm, and inviting, elevating a night out to create a more premium experience. Our independent research reports that ambiance is key to more than 90% of UK consumers when choosing where to go out*; creating the perfect aura for customers can mean longer visits and repeat business – our candles can help with that.

“Our Relight® candle lasts 30 hours and is a fantastic table decoration and ambience tool. We introduced this candle to provide operators with more value and a refill option with an even longer burn period. This candle has a stable, and odourless flame that can be relit and only needs to be changed once a week, reducing wastage and employee time.” 

The refills, available as 24 and now 30 hour burning hours, are currently being offered at the same price, offering operators more value. Made from plant-based wax from Europe and, whenever possible, recycled plastic and recyclable materials. The recently certified B Corporation goes above and beyond to make sure that its candle ranges are produced sustainably with care for people and planet.

For further details on the full range visit Home | Bolsius Professional and to request a sample email