Our Company

We are Bijou, a small yet dynamic French producer from Languedoc and Provence. Our priority is crafting qualitative wines sustainably, our award-winning wines are recognised in 40+ countries, and we have seen great success in hotels, gastropubs and restaurants. We find lesser-known producing regions and strive to create wines that are a perfect serve with a sense of place. It is our belief that everybody deserves a little luxury in their lives, no matter their price range, so you can be sure that every wine that bears the Bijou name will transport you to the picturesque French Riviera and accompany your meals and menus with grace.

Our Mission

We are hugely passionate about sustainability. Our wines are HEV Level 3 (High Environmental Value) or organic certified. We handpick low-yielding old vines, which are better for the environment and the

flavour profile. Our exploration of alternative packaging has been ongoing for many years, which means our wines are available in a can, pouch, lightweight bottle and magnum format.

Our Passion

You will notice that many of our wines are called Sophie Valrose, they are a tribute to women in the wine industry. As women in the wine industry, as well as everywhere else have to fight for equal rights and respect in their everyday lives. Thankfully, the gap seems to be beginning to close, but a century ago this was certainly not the case.

In Languedoc and Provence, local legend speaks of a woman who fought honourably for the rights of her fellow female workers in the vineyards. Women during this time were often relegated to the back-breaking and unpleasant labour in the vineyards, while being paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Sophie Valrose symbolises the fight that women undertook at the turn of the last century to be recognised for their dedication to the wine industry, which would not have flourished without their efforts.

Our Wines

Our rosés have seen huge success as a pouring rosé, dynamic and diverse enough to pair with a range of menu offerings. For example, Eminence de Bijou is a gastronomic celebration of the region in which it was produced, Coteaux de Béziers, just 10 km from the mediterranean sea. A sumptuous blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle, a portion of the grenache is fermented with French oak in order to create a level of depth to support and enhance even the most robust of dishes.

En Mémoire de Sophie Valrose is a love letter to the women of wine. A premium provencal offering, beautifully salmon coloured, this wine is certified organic and a perfect expression of the terroir of the Centre Var. With a complex nose of peaches and redcurrant, En Mémoire de Sophie Valrose is the perfect accompaniment to al fresco dining in secret urban courtyards and sweeping coastal views.