Hoping to support and inspire their wide-ranging customer base, Campbell Brothers (catering butchers), Direct Seafoods (nationwide fishmongers) and Oliver Kay (fresh ingredient suppliers) has this week released its latest Fresh Trends Report. 

Despite the multiple challenges presented by the current trading environment, operators and chefs have continued to overcome them by utilising fresh produce to create inspired dishes for their menus. The Juice Fresh Trends Report 2024 showcases how the sector can use top quality fresh ingredients that are reasonably priced and tie in with consumers’ dining expectations.  

Research shows that despite the UK slipping into recession, consumers still want to treat themselves – and have high expectations when eating out. Menus that offer a variety of options, packed full of quality at an affordable price, will be those that catch the eye of consumers. 

Chefs will know that when it comes to menu planning, having the best and freshest ingredients, bursting with quality is what truly elevates a dish. Combining the expertise of greengrocers, fishmongers and butchers, as well as working alongside chefs, managers and menu planners, The Juice Fresh Trends Report 2024 helps operators identify opportunities for growth, whilst keeping consumers engaged and excited.

The key trends identified across Bidfresh are:

Authenticity: The knock-on effect from the pandemic has left consumers with a taste for more adventurous and varied culinary options when dining out. Diverse global cuisines are on the rise with the desire of genuine representation of a dish’s origin ranking high on consumer demands, with 56% agreeing that they would be willing to pay more for a dish they perceive as more authentic.  

The team at Oliver Kay can source the best herbs, spices, marinades and vegetables to enhance the authenticity of any dish, while Campbell Brothers and Direct Seafoods have chefs covered, whether a dish is centered on the land or sea.

Provenance on a plate: As we all aim to do our bit for the planet, it’s no surprise that 76% of UK consumers currently find dishes and ingredients that have provenance within the UK appealing. Food provenance focuses on providing transparency and traceability, allowing consumers to make informed choices about the origin and quality of the food they consume.      

Mind, mood & body: Despite the pressures on budgets, consumers are increasingly interested in ingredients and nutrients that support their health and wellbeing, even if it means paying a little more. Mood, gut health, digestion and reducing sugar intake are all front of mind when it comes to consumer decisions. Seafood contains a variety of important vitamins and minerals, providing a perfect way for chefs to tap into this trend. 

Value for money: Although the industry is faced with rising costs, consumers still expect quality dining experiences at affordable prices. To help deliver these expectations chefs are using their knowledge and skillsets to make smart swaps on meat, seafood and fresh ingredients that keep costs low and quality high. 

Jodie Gamson, Senior Marketing Manager for Bidfresh commented:

“I’m pleased to see that despite unfavourable financial circumstances, consumers still see eating out as an integral part of their life, along with supporting British farmers by favouring local produce, and remaining mindful about the impact the foods they eat have on their physical and mental wellbeing.

“It has been a challenging few years for our British farmers and growers, so to see consumers take a top interest in supporting them is reassuring as we continue through 2024. The trends will challenge chefs to showcase their culinary knowledge and skillset whilst also considering how to adapt to consumers who are making more mindful eating decisions.”

The Juice Fresh Trends Report has been created to support chefs and operators plan and manage the year ahead. Using exclusive data from Bidfresh’s three specialist businesses, who supply to tens of thousands of hospitality businesses across the full breadth of the industry. The report includes information on star products, recipe inspiration and insight into current consumer behaviours and menu trends within the world of fresh. 

Readers can find out more about the fresh trends by visiting https://www.bidfresh.co.uk/fresh-food-trends.html