In the current hotel industry, there is a heightened emphasis on incorporating sustainable practices. While hotel cosmetics like soaps and shampoos offer comfort and service, they most of the time also contribute to substantial waste. With an increasing awareness of environmental issues, travellers are actively choosing hotels that demonstrate a sincere commitment to environmental responsibility. There are indeed positive examples, and here they are outlined.


Partnerships Can Make the Difference

The Kapellerput Hotel in Heeze, Netherlands, showcases how hoteliers can adopt an environmentally conscious approach to hotel amenities. With an emphasis on recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and ethical sourcing, the hotel ensures that amenities unused or partially consumed in the bathroom aren’t automatically discarded. In collaboration with ADA Cosmetics, the Kapellerput Hotel showcases the seamless integration of sustainability and a delightful guest experience. ADA Cosmetics, a global leader in hotel cosmetics and skincare, with exclusive fragrances and superior formulations, has consistently contributed to sustainable travel for decades. These eco-conscious partners team up with Clean the World, revolutionizing recycling in hospitality and repurposing what’s considered waste.

Partially used Hotel Cosmetics Supporting Hygiene in Needy Areas Worldwide

With every soap or accessory donated, Clean the World helps to reduce the impact of pollution and improve the lives of people around the globe. This initiative transforms used soap bars, dispensers, and bottles into vital, life-saving supplies for communities in need worldwide. Since its inception in 2009, more than 8,000 participants worldwide have participated in the Global Hospitality Recycling Programme, diverting more than 11 tonnes of waste while donating more than 80 million bars of soap. 

In their joint commitment, the partners not only complement but inspire each other, always aiming to create a healthy environment. Lutz Hübner, CEO of ADA Cosmetics, echoes this sentiment: “True to our credo ‘Conscious Choices – trip by trip’, we would like to win over more partners for our sustainable mission. By supporting outstanding initiatives such as Clean the World, and choosing sustainable hotel cosmetics, hoteliers can contribute significantly to environmentally conscious travel.”

The collaboration between the hotel and the cosmetics provider illustrates the impact of small measures, dispelling the notion that sustainability initiatives require significant expenses.