Tim Dodd is an experienced hotels lawyer at Maples Teesdale, specialising in a range of matters including the negotiation of hotel management agreements, franchise agreements, leases, licences and other ancillary contracts for hotel operations. In this exclusive interview, Tim shares his expertise on the hotel real estate market and how Maples Teesdale can offer you their support.

How has the hotel market changed over the past few years in your opinion?

The pandemic, the proliferation of hotel brands, the merging of international global hospitality companies, and the convergence of hotel hospitality with co-living, flexi-working, senior-living, serviced apartments, extended stay, wellness resorts and branded residential operations (to name but a few), have resulted in an incredible change. Today, hotels have the potential to be the centrepiece of an entire development scheme with a number of other complimentary businesses, each of them being run to maximise revenue generated by every square metre of the development. From the consumer’s point of view, we will no longer take travel for granted, having been locked-down for so long, and this transformation of the hotel landscape satisfies guests’ key desires to feel part of the local community connected to the hotel, and also to prioritise spend on travel experiences over consumer belongings.

What gives Maples Teesdale a competitive edge in the hotel real estate market?

We have a deep understanding of the hotel sector – our lawyers have worked in-house at hotel brands as well as at law firms. Also we differentiate ourselves from other law firms, by assisting with operations at the individual hotel level. Our experienced team frequently assists hotels in their day-to-day contracting; whether that be for the procurement of goods and services, the engagement of consultants, the commissioning of events services, the drafting of purchase order terms and conditions, or for any other matters for which our hotel clients seek our advice and assistance.

As sustainability remains a priority in the industry, how does Maples Teesdale work to support this?

As well as having our own stringent sustainability standards to which we hold ourselves accountable, we are proud to provide our clients with ESG-centred commercial real estate advice on green leases, sustainable procurement, construction protocols, green financing  and more. We are also proud to be part of the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA); a not-for-profit coalition of leaders and experts within the hotels and hospitality sector who are sharing ideas and implementing initiatives to advise and help the sector achieve net zero, whilst providing hotel leaders with the guidance they need to kick-start their own sustainability schemes.

How can our readers work with you?

If you are contemplating buying or selling a hotel, or anticipate entering into a management or franchise agreement or lease, or have issues concerning contracts with suppliers, or want assistance in embarking upon your ESG and sustainability journey, please reach out to me anytime at tdodd@maplesteesdale.co.uk ­­