Leading hotel and spa textiles supplier, BC SoftWear, has announced it is launching a brand-new luxury range of spa linens and robes.

The SupremeSoft Deluxe and Pure Spa Deluxe ranges will include premium extra-large treatment towels with or without head holes, an Oxford pillowcase and an extra-large spa duvet. There will also be a more luxury robe, with or without a wider collar for added comfort. The robes will feature streamlined ‘trouser pockets’, rather than the more traditional patch pockets. The robes will also have piped embroidery around the collar, cuffs, pockets and belt.

The range will be available in white, pebble, slate grey and a new colour, sage green. Treatment towels will have rounded edges and binding around the hems for a spotless finish. For each item in the range there will be the option to select personalised embroidered logos and labels, as well as bespoke piping or binding around the edge in white, pebble, slate grey and sage green, or a bespoke colour.

Barbara Cooke, BC SoftWear’s founder and CEO, says: “We’re launching this new range to meet a huge spike in demand for larger, more deluxe spa linens and robes. Our five-star spa clients are requesting extra-large treatment towels in an ultra-luxurious heavier weight, plus rounded corners and options for bespoke personalisation, to really up the sumptuousness of their offer, but still using the sustainable fabric from SupremeSoft. It’s increasingly what guests expect from a five-star hotels and spas.

“This range has cleaner, neater lines thanks to the bespoke piped binding; the extra heavy weight means it feels truly extravagant. We opted to add a new colour, sage green, as spas are increasingly choosing an all-natural and biophilic design scheme and looking for linens to tie in with this.” 

The high-end range will feature in white in the new Guerlain spa at Raffles London at the OWO when it opens later this year. 

BC SoftWear also has plans to expand the range further with the addition of a deluxe blanket as an ultra-luxurious option to spas and hotels.