Share the famous French taste of St Michel, with a frozen range like no other on the market, the brand offers hotels a fast and delicious treat. In an informative editorial and interview with Laurian Veaudour, Sales Representative at St Michel, we learn about the opportunities the extensive product present to a hotel’s food service.

St Michel Professionnel is a family business located in France, priding ourselves on using only the best ingredients that we can get our hands on, including: CRC French flour, French butter and free range eggs.

We decided to expertly create a dedicated range for the hotel food service that will offer the best quality for chefs in the fast-paced industry, to suit all occasions and guests.

For your coffee offering, we have an extended range from our Madeleine collection, featuring a miniature 5g that is a perfect coffee accompaniment.

For those without a sweet tooth, we have a range of savoury Madeleines 13g, which are gaining popularity amongst conferences and afternoon teas. The range includes four different flavours: Cheddar and Emmental, Pesto and Parmesan, Olives and Herbs, and Curry and Coconut.

Our sweet Madeleine range has five flavours: Classic Pure Butter, Citrus with Candied Citrus Peel, Chocolate Chip, Crème Brulee and an all Chocolate flavour.

If your guest has more of an appetite, our larger sized Madeleines will work a treat. The range is a great size for a breakfast option, in sizes 45 and 56g. You will find similar flavours with the addition of a filled range, the ultimate treat with either a strawberry jam in the heart of the Madeleine, or the popular Chocolate and Hazelnut spread, and all of this without a trace of palm oil in sight!

If you feel that Madeleines don’t suit your venue, we also offer a Financier. Rich in ground almond and butter, the Financier is ideal for snacking or a gourmet dessert. Alternatively, our French Apple Cake is a refreshing sweet treat with zingy semi candied granny-smith apple pieces.

The reason that our product range is different to any other is that our range is frozen for you to finish the important task to caramelise the product to perfection, only taking 4 to 6 minutes in an oven, you’ll get a slight crunch on the edges while the centre will be soft and buttery!

We are also able to assist chefs with our ready to fill extensive range which includes sweet and savoury tart cases, choux pastry in all  shape and sizes, a sponge sheet, vol au vent and savarins.

Let’s not forget that if you love our iconic buttery Galette, then you will be able to treat your guests in their room with one of our individually wrapped biscuits, making for a perfect welcome.

  • How can St Michel products help hotel’s food service in terms of efficiency?

St Michel has a large portfolio to suit a range of hospitality needs. Our ‘heat and serve’ range is by far the easiest and fastest solution for a venue that needs to produce big volumes with little time. For hotels that want to personalise their dishes, we have the ready to fill range, perfect for these kitchens.

  • What makes the St Michel range stand out from competitors?

An Executive Pastry Chef in a London luxury hotel recently told me that even his recipe doesn’t taste as good as ours. The product that stands out the most in our range is the savoury Madeleines, a flavourful mouthful explosion. There isn’t another product like this on the market, and it’s the one people love every time we have an event. As for our sweet collection, the variety of flavours are guaranteed to please every guest.

  • We know that St Michel is a brand that prides itself on offering efficiency, but how do you also maintain quality and taste?

At St Michel we do not use shortcuts to achieve our results, we spend a lot of time making sure that the quality is of the highest standard. We have a vast team specialising in research and development that strive to constantly improve the recipes until they are perfect for the production and satisfy the consumer demand.

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