Earth Month 2024 initiatives making waves in sustainability.

Aveda, the trailblazing vegan hair care brand committed to global well-being, proudly announces its Earth Month 2024 initiatives under the theme “The Power of Every Drop.” 

With a mission to care for the world, Aveda continues its legacy of sustainability by partnering with charity: water – a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing clean and safe water to those in need – via three dedicated Earth Month programmes.

 In an exciting collaboration, Aveda joins forces with NYC-based Nigerian Artist Láolú NYC, renowned for his work with iconic brands and contributions to Beyonce’s Grammy-winning album Lemonade. Láolú’s Sacred Art of the Ori graces each bottle of Aveda’s Limited-Edition Botanical Repair™ Overnight Hair Serum, creating a fusion of art and impact in the realm of hair care.

This vegan and 99% naturally derived Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Overnight Serum is a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula that creates an invisible veil on hair, preventing damage and friction during sleep. Powered by the Botanical Repair™ intensive hair repair technologies, the serum leaves hair stronger, deeply nourished, and visibly revived. 

Beginning on April 1st, Aveda will donate $20 USD (less VAT) per Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Overnight Serum sold in all participating Aveda locations and online to charity: water to help provide clean safe drinking water to people in developing countries – up to $600,000 USD donation total.

#AvedaWalksForWater: A Unified Effort for a Global Cause On Sunday, April 21st, Aveda encourages its employees and network to join the #AvedaWalksForWater initiative. Recognising that, on average, people in developing countries walk 3.7 miles daily to access clean water, Aveda aims to engage participants in a 3.7-mile walk in solidarity, raising funds for charity: water and emphasizing the importance of universal access to clean water. 

Check out to get involved and learn more!

#NoWashDay: Style Sustainably for a Greater Cause In support of charity: water’s mission to bring clean and safe water to everyone on the planet, Aveda invites individuals to skip a hair wash on Earth Day (April 22) as part of the #NoWashDay campaign. By forgoing a hair wash, participants can save an average of 6 gallons of water each, contributing to the global effort to address the daily struggle of 703 million people without access to clean water. 

Starting on April 15th, influencers and creators will champion the cause by highlighting their no-wash styles, building support and momentum for a #NoWashDay on April 22nd. Utilising #NoWashDay and #AvedaxCharityWater, will inspire followers to actively participate in the movement.

Aveda’s Earth Month 2024 initiatives embody “The Power of Every Drop,” highlighting the impactful ways individuals can contribute to global sustainability efforts. Join Aveda in making a difference, one drop at a time.