The Madrid EDITION included in 50 Best Discovery

The Madrid EDITION is pleased to announce it has been included in the esteemed 50 Best Discovery, a list of the best restaurants, bars and hotels around the world and the extension of the annual 50 Best rankings.

The inclusion is a result of The Madrid EDITION receiving a significant amount of votes in the recent polling for The World’s 50 best Hotels, an academy that is made up of more than 580 industry experts, writers and seasoned travellers. The discovery offers a wider variety of expert recommended hotels from local favourites, to luxury travel experiences. 

We are so pleased to be included in 50 Best Discovery. To be associated with the 50 Best brand is an amazing accolade for The Madrid EDITION, one we are very proud of. It reflects our dedication to excellence and the unique experiences that awaits our guests.” Michel Notten, General Manager. 

The Madrid EDITION is the city’s first luxury lifestyle urban resort, with two restaurants, OROYA and Jerónimo each helmed by a world-class, award-winning chef, three unique bar concepts including EDITION’s signature Punch Room, exciting nightlife and entertainment. In addition, the hotel offers its guests a magnificent outdoor pool located on the rooftop with spectacular views of Madrid’s cityscape, a wellness and spa facility, and a series of meeting and event spaces drenched in natural light. There are also 200 beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites, including two of the largest Penthouses in the capital.


To showcase the importance of ambience and the power of candlelight in setting the tone for Valentine's Day, Hotel Magazine has teamed up with Bolsius Professional to give readers the opportunity to enter a free prize draw for a year's supply of Bolsius Professional Candles.

Earlier this month Bolsius unveiled its latest innovation in its Bolsius Professional range – the 30-hour burn Relight® candle. Specifically crafted to enhance the ambience for special dining moments, this candle is a real game-changer as it provides operators with a long-lasting and versatile solution

With its relightable and easy-to-replace features, this candle ensures a hassle-free experience for operators, requiring only one change per week, and providing perfect atmosphere-enhancing light for up to seven services!

The Relight® range, which comes in 10 distinct refill hues, also allows operators to quickly change the colour of the candle to suit different moods and occasions. With Bolsius Professional’s own independent research revealing that ambience is important to more than 90% of UK consumers when deciding where to go out*, establishing the perfect setting for customers can result in longer visits and repeat business.  

With a value of up to £750 and the option to try out the entire Bolsius Professional range, including the Relight® collection, this is the perfect chance to introduce candlelight into your venue. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO TAKE PART – PRIZE DRAW CLOSES SATURDAY 3RD FEBRUARY. 

W Barcelona reports 60% increase in guest spend following implementation of IRIS’ mobile ordering solutions

The 5-star Barcelona hotel has increased guest spend by two-thirds since upgrading and streamlining its mobile ordering capabilities with IRIS’ hospitality app .

The W Barcelona hotel, situated on the famous Barceloneta Boardwalk, recently partnered with IRIS, the leading provider of digital F&B and guest experience platforms, to offer a broader digital ordering experience resulting in a boost in revenue and efficiencies.

It selected both its mobile dining solution to deliver an in-room dining service and a world of culinary delights direct to its guest’s doors, in addition to its digital guest directory solution to provide all guests with direct access to hotel and local area information, whilst at the same time maximising revenue and profits.

The luxury hotel, which is popular with both residential and day guests, has reported significant results since implementation. Most notably, a 60% increase in average guest spend across all operations via mobile dining compared to traditional dining. More specifically, since deploying digital dining, 35% of all F&B room service orders are now placed digitally, accounting for nearly half (46%) of all revenue.  

Commenting on the results following installation, Martin Daniel Voštiar, B&F Coordinator, W Barcelona said, “Guests appreciate the ease and efficiency of serving themselves and enjoy the convenience of being able to access information wherever they are, in their own time – they are fully in control of their experience.

“The IRIS app is a convenient and holistic tool that ensures guests have all the information at their disposal and the ordering and booking process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Remarkably intuitive, it boasts a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and manage. Considering the increase in guest spending through online orders, it’s undeniably delivering a substantial return on our investment.

Operationally, the team has reported significant improvements in efficiencies and guest service management. In-room dining has reduced the workload for its “Whatever/Whenever” team who previously took all room service orders over the phone. They now have more time available to focus on other aspects of their role and enhance guest service, particularly during peak times when phone lines are congested, eliminating the need for guests to wait on hold to place an order. It has also assisted the In-room dining team, allowing them to concentrate solely on preparing and delivering orders more efficiently.

Alongside mobile dining and ordering, the digital guest directory means guests can easily access information on the hotel facilities, fitness classes, special events and what’s on in the local area. Additionally, guests can download a range of newspapers and magazines, book appointments at the Spa, barber and Tattoo Studio, and view information on the hotel’s services and sustainability policies. A wealth of information is clearly visible and accessible in the palm of the guest’s hand, wherever they are in the property or local area.

From a guest perspective, they have found it simple and easy to use, and have been swift to adopt the simplicity of self-service ordering from the comfort of their own device, particularly during peak times when staff are busy.

The hotel has invested heavily in promoting the app (accessible via QR codes) at check-in to ensure guests are provided with complete and accurate information on its facilities and services in the most convenient way possible.

Offering a more cost-effective, sustainable alternative to traditional paper menus and directories, the hotel team can simply edit and add information online as and when required without the costly and inconvenient job of re-printing and replacing material in all 473 bedrooms. Likewise, they can amend and keep menus and opening hours up to date to ensure the app is always accurate with correct information at no extra cost. Multi-lingual, it delivers a consistent experience for guests, regardless of their nationality and reduced guest wait times with a direct integration to the Micros POS.

Voštiar continues, “Following its success we are now planning to extend digital dining in 2024 to our Salt Beach Club. Guests will be able to access digital menus via QR codes printed on the sun beds. They will be able to place their order, have a dip in the sea and return to their lounger with their order waiting for them and we look forward to fulfilling this enhanced guest experience next year.”

Podcast Travel Market Life launches new Industry Monthly Review show

New podcast series from the creators of Travel Market Life gathers industry experts to dissect the latest travel industry trends and news with fun and frivolity.

Following the success of Travel Market Life in 2023 - with its audience growing 220% - the podcast series has added a new Monthly Review Show [Spotify, Apple, Deezer]  format, exploring topical subjects in the travel and hospitality industry, and putting industry experts to the test.

Ryan Haynes, host of the new Travel Market Life Travel Monthly Review Show series produced by Haynes MarComs, said:“Our industry is known for its characters and we want to bring people together in a way that explores key topics across travel and hospitality but in a light-hearted way and allows are experts and their knowledge to shine.” 

Featuring Will Plummer (CEO, Trust My Group), Claire Steiner (UK Director, Global Travel and Tourism Partnership), and James Clarke (General Manager, Travelzoo UK), the first episode addresses the trends that defined 2023, predictions for the year ahead, and the latest consumer travel behaviour reports, before concluding with an entertaining quick-fire quiz round.

In the episode available now on podcast channels including Spotify, Apple and Deezer - Will Plummer, CEO of Trust My Group, said 2023 featured “a lot of buzzwords - ChatGPT, AI, sustainability. But at the very heart, I don’t feel there’s been any meaningful development in terms of the industry…We could be doing better. 2023 was good financially [for travel] but not good in terms of moving forward holistically… I don’t think we’ve put the foundations in place - or are even looking at them - to make meaningful progress.” 

For Claire Steiner, UK Director of Global Travel and Tourism Partnership, 2023 heralded the start of large change in the workplace: “Some is positive, some may be seen as negative, but we need to create workplaces that people want to be at. AI may not have really gone anywhere yet, but it slapped people in the face; it was a big thing. We’re also seeing more companies in travel becoming Bcorps - and that’s a really positive thing, not just from the ethical part of it, but showcasing how seriously our industry is taking sustainability.” 

James Clarke, General Manager, TravelZoo UK predicts more change in 2024, particularly around consolidation in the industry.“There’s a very clear few players in the industry who I think are likely to get bigger - such as easyJet Holidays and Jet2. TUI are falling down with the others eating away at their numbers. Consolidation with operators such as Hays Travel, who are bringing in more retail branches, growing their network and keeping a presence on the High Street, shows promise. Cruise will also be fantastic in 2024” with sea-bound travel making it clear for holidaymakers to know their expenses and tap into the multi-generational travel trend.

The panel also discussed the need for regulatory reform across the travel industry, the impact of inflation on holiday prices, how AI is likely to impact the workplace, and the importance of wellness - both for clients and employees, before delving into recent consumer reports from the likes of and Visit Britain.

Gill Haigh (Managing Director, Cumbria Tourism), joined the conversation to provide a first-hand look at regional tourism in one of the UK’s most visited regions, before the panel discussed the impact of domestic and inbound tourism around the UK.

The new series will broadcast a monthly episode, discussing the rapidly evolving travel and hospitality landscape both in the UK and globally. To listen to the Monthly Review Show series by Travel Market Life, visit, or podcast channels on Spotify, Apple or Deezer.

SIHOT and LADE facilitate hotel EV charging

Hotel Management System and EV charger integrate to provide seamless payment options to guests.

Leading hotel management system, SIHOT, together with energy transition start-up LADE, is facilitating improved guest experiences with connected onsite electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs.

A direct integration between LADE and SIHOT PMS automatically applies electricity top-up charges to the guest’s hotel room, reducing friction in the payment and billing experience.

Using LADE’s charging stations, guests connect their EV and authenticate at the charger using either a QR code by smartphone and entering their room number and ID or through an RFID key card issued by the hotel. Hotels can also integrate existing chargers if they support the Open Charge Point Protocol (OPCC). The charging process is immediately connected to their hotel account to be automatically billed on check-out. Active charging processes can be controlled within SIHOT PMS, allowing hotels to end charging on check-out.

Currently available in Germany and Italy, hotels - such as Best Western Hotel Nierstein and Rhine-Main Youth Hostel Mainz - are lining up to benefit from this partnership as the number of EVs on the road increases.

“In an effort to bring greater simplicity to hotel amenities and facilities, we are exploring ways to integrate new devices into the PMS to provide greater seamless digital journeys to guests and for hotel operations,” said Carsten Wernet, Chief Executive, SIHOT. “With EVs becoming more commonplace, the need for hotels to have onsite charging hubs grows. It makes sense to integrate EV charging into the overall hotel offering and provide seamless payment experiences for guests. Our partnership with LADE reflects our ongoing commitment to reduce the friction throughout the guest journey and provide more automated services.”

“For e-mobility to work, we need more and better charging infrastructures; our hotel partnership with SIHOT is one way to realise this. EV owners staying at a hotel can simply park, register and head to their room while the car recharges, knowing the cost will be applied to one centralised bill along with other costs from their hotel stay,” said Dennis Schulmeyer, founder and CEO, LADE.


To find out more about how LADE and SIHOT’s partnership for your hotel, contact SIHOT or visit


The world's first seaweed-based skincare brand, inspired by the Irish tradition of seaweed bathing, VOYAharness the goodness of this incredible natural ingredient in both their spa and retail skincare products. Ireland'sonly indigenous wellness therapy, seaweed bathing stems from a three-hundred-year-old tradition.



VOYA invites customers to take the seaweed bathing experience home with VOYA Lazy Days, the originalVOYA wellness product. Relax in a bath of Fucus Serratus (Seaweed) hand-harvested from the Atlantic Oceanoff the west coast of Ireland. Skin will be left feeling soft and smooth. Utilising only the natural power of seaweedto deeply moisturise the skin, a seaweed bath is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments (organic statusapproved by the IOFGA**).

In January 2024 VOYA launch their Lazy Days Organic Cotton Bag, a concept inspired by creating a moreenvironmentally friendly way of containing the seaweed bath (previously there had been a plastic net). Thisreusable bag allows people to massage the goodness into their skin while bathing and can be used as a skinsoothing compress.


With a focus on sustainability, the seaweed in VOYA products is hand-harvested off the west coast of Ireland.Hand harvesting means there is limited impact on the delicate sea-beds and only a portion of the seaweed isremoved at one time, allowing it to grow back within 12-28 months. In addition, it also allows VOYA to bemore selective about the quality of the seaweed they select.


Naturally high in vitamins and minerals, seaweed is like a boost of goodness for the skin. VOYA use 4 differenttypes of seaweed as active ingredients, all known for their different benefits.


The mushroom movement continues its global expansion as DIRTEA, the creators of the purest and most potent functional mushroom products on the market partners with Rosewood Munich, launching at Asaya Spa, which offers a holistic approach to health and self-care that goes beyond the conventional idea of spa experiences. 

As part of the partnership, from 20th October, Asaya Spa will retail a selection of iconic DIRTEA products including DIRTEA’s Pure Mushroom Powders, Lion’s Mane, Tremella, Chaga, and Cordyceps, as well as the Mushroom Cacao Super Blend, which combines organic supreme quality cacao with functional mushrooms, Reishi, Tremella and Lion’s Mane.  

“As we embark on a journey of wellness, Rosewood Munich is excited to share our collaboration with DIRTEA”, says Chelsea Dorgeist, Director of Asaya Spa at Rosewood Munich. “As we intertwine the elegance of Rosewood with the purity and potency of DIRTEA’s functional mushroom extract powders, we create a harmonious symphony for the senses – a celebration of health, vitality, and refined living, that comes from the perfect blend of luxury and well-being.”

“Since launching, we’ve made it our mission to showcase the power of functional mushrooms to health-conscious consumers”, says Andrew Salter, Co-Founder of DIRTEA. “Partnering with prestigious brands and truly innovative wellness offerings like Asaya Spa showcases the versatility of the DIRTEA 

range and its ability to enhance the health and wellbeing of those looking to elevate their self-care routine and make wellness a priority. We both seek to blend innovation with tradition and create new wellness experiences which nurture the mind, body, and soul, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing this partnership grow in 2024 and mark the beginning of a long-term relationship between DIRTEA and Rosewood Munich.”

DIRTEA is renowned for a superior product range which is 100% organic, vegan, and purely extracted from the fruiting body of the mushroom.  As the number one functional mushroom brand online, and the UK’s leading Mushroom Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Super Blend offering, the DIRTEA range incorporates some of the world’s most scientifically researched functional mushrooms, offering transformative health and wellbeing benefits, naturally enhancing everything from skin health to energy, focus to immunity and performance to sleep.

HRC announces Lisa Goodwin-Allen as Chef Ambassador for 2024

HRC, part of Food, Drink & Hospitality Week, the business event for hospitality and foodservice professionals, has announced that Lisa Goodwin-Allen will be the show’s Chef Ambassador for 2024.

Leading the kitchen brigade at Northcote since the age of 23 and a regular face on Britain’s TV screens, she draws inspiration from the beautiful Ribble Valley landscape in Lancashire to produce stunning dishes that showcase the wide range of incredible produce the region has to offer.

Beyond the kitchen, Lisa has become a familiar face on British television, impressing audiences and judges alike with her skills on shows like the Great British Menu and James Martin's Saturday Morning. In a memorable Snackmasters episode, she was also crowned "Burger Queen" for her masterful recreation of the iconic Burger King Whopper in a head-to-head battle with Chef Claude Bosi. 

Lisa is also a passionate advocate for charities and social causes, working tirelessly to support organisations including Springboard, Hospitality Action and Action Against Hunger. In addition to her role as Chair of Judges for Craft Guild of Chefs Young National Chef of the Year, she has been a guest judge for NHS National Chef of the Year and is Chef Ambassador for Slow Food in the UK and Taste Lancashire.

As part of her role as Chef Ambassador for HRC 2024 Goodwin-Allen will be taking part in a must-attend keynote session on the show’s Vision Stage and will be a guest of historic chef competition International Salon Culinaire. 

Goodwin-Allen comments: “I'm excited to be joining HRC as Chef Ambassador for 2024 and look forward to networking with the chef community and discussing the latest trends and challenges in the world of hospitality.”

Jo Farish, Event Manager for HRC, adds: “In addition to being a hugely talented chef and inspiring leader at Northcote, Lisa is an amazing advocate for young chefs and for our industry charities, not to mention a passionate champion of local produce and the food of Lancashire. 

“We’re delighted to have her joining us at HRC 2024!”

This year’s event will also see Chef HQ, curated by Chef Publishing, returning to HRC with a packed line-up of talented chefs and famous faces in the UK culinary scene, including chef and restaurateur Glynn Purnell, chef proprietor of The Elephant, Simon Hulstone, and Fenchurch Head Chef Kerth Gumbs. Plus, fresh from their epic row across the Atlantic in aid of Hospitality Action, Chris Mitchell and Robbie Laidlaw of Genuine Dining will be taking to the stage to discuss their incredible effort. 

HRC will take place alongside IFE, IFE Manufacturing, The Pub Show and International Salon Culinaire on 25-27 March 2023 at ExCeL London. To find out more about everything happening at this year’s event, and to register for your complimentary trade ticket, visit 


Eco-friendly water bottle company, Bottle Up, has partnered with London hotel Strand Palace, to offer hotel guests 2 complimentary reusable & plant-based bottles of water in their room, that can be refilled at over 15 automatic water stations conveniently located by the hotel lifts and hotel guest rooms.

Revolutionary brand, Bottle Up (, has partnered with London hotel Strand Palace to provide its reusable, sustainable, plant-based, BPA-free, pre-filled reusable water bottles as the in-room water option offered to guests enjoying a stay in the hotel. 

Accompanying the Bottle Up bottles at Strand Palace are 26 newly installed water refill stations from water systems partner, Culligan.  The water refill stations also house a bottle counter to show how many bottles have been sustainably refilled, designed to encourage guests to embrace refilling and reusing their bottles. 

Made in Wolverhampton, Bottle Up turns renewable sugar cane sourced from Brazilian grasslands into durable, sustainable bottles which are then filled with pure British spring water from Elmhurst in Staffordshire for minimum carbon impact. 

Strand Palace is delighted to be partnering with Bottle Up for this sustainable initiative, which comes shortly after the recent announcement of the Green Key certificate awarded for the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. 

Bottle Up Co-Founder, Andrew Eversden said, “The use of Bottle Up bottles and installation of fountains in Strand Palace is a hugely positive step, not only for the hotel but the wider hospitality industry. We’re really pleased that the hotel has implemented a sustainable approach to hydrating guests, and has committed to installing fountains to help encourage sustainable habits for people during their stay.”

Matthew Beard, Managing Director at Strand Palace says, ‘We are always looking for ways to get our staff and guests involved in our sustainability journey. This partnership with Bottle Up and Culligan has presented a fantastic opportunity for us to help keep our guests hydrated, and to do so in a sustainable and fun way. From implementing 17 refillable water stations across 9 floors of the hotel and complimentary eco-friendly Bottle Up water bottles for guests in their hotel rooms in the Autumn of 2023, we have prevented 34,051 single-use plastic bottles from ending up at landfill waste sites. This has been a huge step forward for Strand Palace and we will continue to explore more innovative sustainability initiatives in 2024 that benefit both our planet and overall guest experience.’

Culligan UK Managing Director, Mike Ryall said: “We are thrilled to support the partnership between Strand Palace and Bottle Up as they set a new standard in the hospitality industry. By offering a comprehensive hydration solution, including easy refill options for sustainable bottles, this collaboration creates an experience that empowers guests to make environmentally conscious choices while enjoying their stay, all without compromising on convenience.”

Long-serving hotel staff celebrated for more than 530 years of service

A boutique hotel group has recognised the outstanding service of loyal staff in its inaugural ‘A Celebration of Our People’ awards. 

The Eden Hotel Collection recognised 50 people from across the group who have been with the company for five years or more through a series of long-service awards. 

The cohort have racked up more than 530 years of service between them, with the group’s longest-serving employee – Martin Phillips, who is part of the housekeeping team at Mallory Court Hotel and Spa in Leamington Spa – celebrating 35 years in October. 

The event was held at Brockencote Hall Hotel in Kidderminster and winners in the long-service awards were presented with a certificate and a gift voucher to use at over 900 retailers, restaurants and shops. 

Martin, 65, said: “The awards were kept a surprise so it was a huge shock when I won the award for longest serving member of staff! 

“I started at Mallory Court in 1988 when it was a 10-bed hotel, beginning on pot wash and moving to portering and then housekeeping, where I have been for more than 20 years. 

“The hotel has changed a lot over the years but has been very kind to me and I have met some lovely people along the way – it’s become a home-from-home. 

“We have a great team who work together and always have a laugh, whilst making people feel welcome.

“I am hoping to do 40 years and then I will bow out gracefully with lots of happy memories.”

The event was designed to celebrate a number of key elements, including long service, Employees of the Year, staff who have completed qualifications, and a Spirit of Eden award for a member of staff who embodies Eden’s values of ‘heart, team, honest and spirit’. 

Lisa Redding, Group People Director, said: “This event was the culmination of so many positive changes in our people approach and culture over the last few years.

“I watched with huge pride as employees gathered together for photos, dressed up for the occasion, and shared great memories and celebratory hugs and cheers.

“To bring everyone together for an event like this was truly special, and I’m so pleased to say it surpassed my expectations. Well done to all of our winners.”

Mark Chambers, Group Managing Director, added: “Our people are at the foundation of everything we do, so it gives us great pride to share and celebrate their successes.

"This is very much the first of what will be an annual event and we look forward to recognising the successes of staff for years to come.”

The boutique Eden Hotel Collection employs more than 425 staff and its hotels include The Arden Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Greenway Hotel and Spa in Cheltenham, Brockencote Hall Hotel in Kidderminster, Mallory Court Hotel and Spa in Leamington, and Bovey Castle in Devon.