Elevate Your Game

Thus piece from Valentine Equipment reveals how the range can works to support hoteliers with quality and service.

In the UK, Valentine Equipment and its sister company, CuisinEquip, is a supplier of some of the finest catering equipment on the market. With our commitment to quality, service and support, we are proud to supply the kitchens of thousands of hotels and operations nationwide. From fryers made with precise Swiss craftsmanship to Italian artisan pasta-making machines from Bottene, cost-saving portable oil filtration technology from Vito or LightFry, the only commercial air fryer on the market, our equipment offers a solution for hoteliers to propel their business to the forefront of excellence. 

From traditional and tabletop units and multicookers, to the latest computer fryers that bring innovation to the kitchen, Valentine equipment uses less oil, maintains a high product output and reduces unwanted cool zones to ensure consistent results. With cooking oil prices having risen by as much as 140% over the past two years, hoteliers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce consumption and extend the life of their cooking oil. The Vito oil filtration range from Valentine provides just the solution. Using a remarkably simple system which has safety, sustainability and convenience at its very core, the portable range from Vito can decrease cooking oil consumption by as much as 50%. Significantly reducing costs, the equipment is better for the environment, reduces the need to dispose of used cooking oil and delivers a more consistent, higher quality finish and flavour on fried foods.

What’s more, working in conjunction with Vito, the team from Valentine and CuisinEquip recently launched VITOconnect – an intelligent cloud-based platform used by chefs to complement the brand’s light equipment range. Designed to reduce running costs, an element of particular importance with today’s cooking oil prices, VITOconnect helps to improve operating procedures, resulting in a rapid ROI and greater management oil quality, ultimately resulting in less waste.

Sister company, CuisinEquip, shares the same strong core values as Valentine, specialising in some of the world’s finest professional equipment. Authenticity is crucial on today’s restaurant menu, with customers demanding traceability, seasonality and provenance. So, what better way to demonstrate a commitment to authentic foods, than with delicious, freshly made pasta? As a brand, Bottene has been making pasta machines in Italy for more than 140 years. After more than a century as Italy’s secret, the company began exporting its equipment around the world. Supplied by CuisinEquip in the UK, Bottene pasta extruders have achieved an international reputation for delivering the very best. From dedicated ravioli makers to multi-functional machines capable of over 70 different shapes, Bottene equipment can be found in some of our nation’s very best kitchens. 

The most recent innovation in the CuisinEquip portfolio comes in the form of LightFry, a professional air fryer that uses pioneering technology to consistently cook food using a process with up to 100% less oil. Using innovative technology and a combination of steam, hot air and rotation, LightFry cooks food with the same great taste, texture and consistency of traditionally fried foods. Offering the potential to achieve a healthier menu, that is better for the environment, LightFry is ideal for hotels where traditional frying equipment simply cannot be used.

Valentine and CuisinEquip celebrates more than seven decades of leading the way for catering equipment innovation and development. In that time, our equipment has become recognised around the world for delivering exceptional quality and consistency. Renowned for supplying some of the highest-quality catering equipment on the market, Valentine & CuisinEquip conveys a strong focus on quality and service and supporting hoteliers is of utmost importance in our business. 

Understanding that simply selling quality catering equipment is not enough, the team at Valentine & CuisinEquip have developed one of the best aftersales service and support offerings in the industry. From market-leading warranties which include a return to base fix if required, to detailed menu development and ongoing product training opportunities for partners. From premium equipment to premium support, Valentine and CuisinEquip is here to help hoteliers elevate their game and create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

For more information on Valentine or CuisinEquip, please visit www.valentinefryers.com or www.cuisinequip.com or call 0118 957 1344.

Innovating Hospitality

Lean, green, talking machines – Unox ignites the future of combi ovens.

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving. To thrive and innovate hoteliers have no choice but to adapt if they want to be seen as an industry leader. With the shifts in environmental legislation and public demand for more sustainable practices in hotels, bars, and restaurants, Unox is at the forefront when it comes to innovation, revolutionary vision, and complete customer support. There’s a reason why Michelin-starred chefs are talking about our combi ovens – and to them, for that matter. Inventing SPEED.PRO™, the first baking speed oven, and more recently, SPEED-X™ the world’s first self-washing combi speed oven, we’re completely reshaping the possibilities within professional kitchens. 

Innovation runs to the very heart of our business. From striving to develop commercial cooking equipment with energy efficiency and sustainability at its core, to technology that supports operators, drives consistency and delivers precision time and time again. Continuing to explore the possibilities in terms of manufacturing and technological evolution, we’re proud to have recently launched X-Generation – the most powerful range of combi ovens ever.

Introducing a new perspective to how a chef can interact with their equipment, X-Generation sets a completely new standard in terms of performance and opportunity in a kitchen. Our unique models, CHEFTOP-X™ and BAKERTOP-X™ are the result of a project that lasted more than three years and combined the expertise of over 50 dedicated engineers, physicists, chemists, and chefs. Taking inspiration from the way we interact with our remarkably intelligent smartphones, the latest ovens from Unox feature Digital.ID™, for a fast, intuitive, and fully customisable interface, complete with hyper-connectivity enhanced with artificial intelligence.

The X-Generation really is the next phase in professional cooking. Ovens that understand the way a chef speaks, in whatever language, and can intuitively learn how and when they are used to drive efficiency and consistency in the kitchen. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the ovens come with ‘HEY.Unox’, enabling chefs to operate the oven with their voice. This combined with the brand-new, optional OPTIC.Cooking accessory, allows operators to simply insert a tray of food, letting the oven recognise the ingredients virtually and start the correct cooking programme.

One of the newest Unox combi ovens, CHEFTOP-X, has been designed to minimise their environmental impact, both during production and especially when in use. They feature ingenious functions such as SMART.Energy, a feature that is capable of reducing and optimising consumption and CO2 emissions continuously, even when the oven is empty. Moreover, these features combine to provide personalised suggestions to users to be greener while cooking, for example by warning them if the door has been open for too long. Their insulation technology has also been improved to further limit heat loss and thus make CHEFTOP-X™ one of the most efficient appliances a hotel kitchen can boast.

Aside from the innovative features, the Generation-X range from Unox achieves outstanding operator functionality. Featuring Unox’s Digital.ID™ operating platform, the ovens are smarter than anything seen before. First seen on SPEED-X™, Digital.ID™ is a truly remarkable user interface that can be found on CHEFTOP-X™. Operated from the oven or via an app for complete remote access, anywhere and at any time. Built on a user profile format, operators can log into any connected Unox Digital ID™ enabled oven, anywhere in the world to instantly see their own customised layout. The system is at its full potential when combined with DIGITAL.Training and COOKING.Concierge – features that put hoteliers in direct contact with the Unox Corporate Chef team right through the oven. Not only that, we’ve gone one step further with our latest software launch. 

It’s no secret that commercial kitchens are getting smaller, and finding - but also retaining - skilled kitchen staff is becoming more challenging. With this combination, Unox predicted a shift toward more data-driven solutions. This is one of the reasons we recently launched the ground-breaking Data Driven Cooking (DDC) 2.0 solution to help deliver effortless oven management – from an individual kitchen to an entire estate. Connectivity is now a given in the world of professional hotelier catering equipment, however, few platforms can compete with the user-friendliness, detail, and capability of DDC 2.0. Created from genuine customer feedback, DDC 2.0 takes connectivity and remote monitoring to a completely new level. Ideal for hotel groups, the software helps our customers turn data into actionable strategies. From driving consistency through automatic menu updates to the ability to detect underperforming units, setting goals and targets to improve, DDC 2.0 is a ground-breaking step forward in kitchen technology.

To find out more about X-Generation combi ovens and DDC 2.0, please visit www.unox.com or call +44 (0)1252 851 522.

A Modern Hospitality Conundrum

In this exclusive piece, Greg Marshall, Managing Director at Siemlus, explains how technology can work to harmonise personalised care and online discretion.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of hospitality, the ability to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of guests has emerged as a central tenet of success. Technology undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in enhancing guest experiences, offering unprecedented levels of convenience and efficiency. However, as we navigate the complexities of the digital age, finding the delicate equilibrium between personalised hospitality and safeguarding guests' privacy becomes increasingly crucial. Siemlus, a leading innovator in the hospitality technology sector, stands out for its adept navigation of this terrain, offering a harmonious blend of digital advancements and human touchpoints to craft truly unforgettable stays. This comprehensive article delves deep into the intricate dynamics of leveraging technology to create exceptional guest experiences while ensuring privacy and personalisation remain at the forefront.

Understanding Guest Preferences: Through a Psychological Lens

At the core of delivering exceptional guest experiences lies a nuanced understanding of the psychological intricacies that shape individual preferences. Guests, influenced by their unique personalities, past experiences, and cultural backgrounds, interact with their environment and hotel staff in diverse ways. For introverted guests, digital solutions such as mobile apps for check-in, room access, and express checkout offer a sense of control and convenience, minimising the need for extensive face-to-face interactions. Conversely, extroverted guests thrive on personal connections and prefer direct interactions with staff for their needs, from booking over the phone to warm greetings at reception and engaging conversations with the concierge.

We consider the integration of digital and analogue elements in hospitality to be an art.”

Recognising and accommodating these varied preferences is essential for hotels striving to deliver truly personalised experiences. However, it's vital to acknowledge that guest preferences are fluid and can vary widely within and across different demographics. Therefore, the key lies in offering flexible and adaptable experiences that cater to a broad spectrum of guest personalities, ensuring inclusivity and satisfaction for all.

Siemlus: Bridging the Digital-Analog Gap

Siemlus has emerged as a trailblazer in the hospitality technology sector, pioneering innovative solutions that seamlessly blend digital conveniences with traditional analogue interactions. By providing a comprehensive suite of digital tools such as Wi-Fi, TV interfaces, web apps, and telephony alongside analogue options like traditional phone lines and face-to-face interactions, Siemlus empowers guests to choose their preferred mode of engagement. This hybrid approach not only acknowledges the indispensable role of technology in enhancing efficiency but also preserves the warmth and personalisation inherent in human interactions.

“Understanding the demographic is crucial as we implement technology.”

One of Siemlus's key strengths lies in its ability to tailor solutions to the unique needs of each hotel and its guests. By collaborating closely with hoteliers to understand their objectives and vision, Siemlus ensures that technology solutions are seamlessly integrated into the guest experience journey. Whether it's streamlining the check-in process, facilitating guest feedback mechanisms, or enhancing in-room entertainment options, Siemlus offers bespoke solutions that elevate the overall guest experience while upholding principles of privacy and personalisation.

The Role of Hoteliers in Guest Experience Strategy

Hoteliers play a pivotal role in shaping guest experience strategies that effectively leverage technology while preserving the human touch. As a Unified Support Partner, Siemlus collaborates closely with hotel management teams to develop and implement tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and objectives of each property. This partnership approach ensures that technology is not viewed as a substitute for human interaction but rather as a tool to enhance it.

For instance, by harnessing the power of data analytics and guest profiling tools, hotels can gain valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviours, allowing them to anticipate needs and personalise experiences accordingly. Similarly, digital concierge services can provide guests with real-time recommendations and information, enriching their overall stay experience.

By seamlessly integrating technology and human interactions, Siemlus empowers hotels to create memorable experiences.”

Furthermore, Siemlus assists hotels in striking the right balance between automation and personalisation. While digital solutions can streamline certain processes and improve operational efficiency, they should never come at the expense of personalised service. By integrating technology seamlessly into the guest experience journey, hotels can create memorable experiences that resonate with guests long after their stay.

Greg said, “At Siemlus, we consider the integration of digital and analogue elements in hospitality to be an art. Our goal is to exceed guest expectations through customised technology that improves both convenience and privacy, with a focus on a human-centric innovation approach. We're not content with merely following trends; our ambition is to redefine what exceptional hospitality looks like in the digital age. Understanding the demographic is crucial as we implement technology, and we're committed to collaborating with hoteliers and operators to continuously evolve the industry and meet the changing expectations of our guests.”

Achieving Equilibrium in Guest Experience

The pursuit of equilibrium is central to the quest for exceptional guest experiences. It's not about choosing between digital or analogue but rather about finding the optimal blend that caters to the diverse preferences of guests. Siemlus excels in creating this equilibrium, providing technology solutions that empower guests to interact with the hotel in the manner they find most comfortable, while ensuring that those seeking human interaction receive the personal touch they desire.

This balance is not static but rather dynamic, requiring continuous adaptation and innovation to meet evolving guest expectations. As technology continues to evolve, so too will guest preferences, and it's essential for hotels to stay ahead of the curve. Siemlus's commitment to innovation and personalised service positions it as a leader in crafting exceptional guest experiences that stand the test of time.

In conclusion, achieving the delicate balance between personalised hospitality and digital privacy is paramount in the modern hospitality landscape. Siemlus's role as a Unified Support Partner bridges this gap, offering bespoke solutions that enhance the overall guest experience while safeguarding privacy and personalisation.

By seamlessly integrating technology and human interactions, Siemlus empowers hotels to create memorable experiences that resonate with guests long after their stay. As we look to the future, the quest for equilibrium in guest experience will continue to drive innovation and shape the hospitality industry for years to come. Making the impossible feel Siemlus.


Transforming Hospitality

Navigating the Future with SHR Group’s Key Trends in Hotel Distribution White Paper.

In the dynamic realm of hospitality, where the only constant is change, the unveiling of groundbreaking insights is akin to unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities. Enter the latest white paper from SHR Group, Future Proof: Key Trends Shaping Hotel Distribution in 2024, a beacon guiding hoteliers through the complexities of the evolving industry landscape.

The paper offers a comprehensive exploration of Central Reservation System (CRS) strategies that are poised to redefine how hotels manage their bookings, streamline operations, and optimize revenue streams.

One of the key pillars of the white paper revolves around the integration of advanced technologies into hotel operations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation have transcended from futuristic concepts to indispensable tools reshaping the industry's DNA. The white paper delves into how these technologies are revolutionizing daily operations, enabling hotels to enhance efficiency and deliver unparalleled guest experiences.

Personalization emerges as another focal point, echoing the industry's shift towards a more guest-centric approach. The white paper highlights the role of personalized experiences in fostering guest satisfaction and loyalty. Readers will discover actionable strategies to implement effective personalization, creating bespoke experiences that resonate with today's discerning travelers.

The white paper doesn't merely stop at dissecting trends; it serves as a practical guide for hoteliers looking to implement these transformative strategies. Case studies and real-world examples pepper the narrative, providing tangible insights into how hotels can translate theory into practice.

Interviews with industry experts featured in the white paper offer a deeper dive into the nuances of the trends discussed. Their perspectives add a human touch to the narrative, offering a glimpse into the minds driving innovation within the hospitality sector.

The SHR white paper stands as a testament to the industry's resilience and commitment to excellence. It beckons hoteliers to embark on a journey of transformation, armed with knowledge that transcends the mundane and propels them into the forefront of the evolving hospitality landscape, keeping them always ahead.

Download the whitepaper here: https://hubs.la/Q02p3zdy0 

Designed For Success

Kitchen design can make the difference between success and failure in a busy hotel conference and banqueting operation. Chris Hinton, sales director at catering design, build and install experts Shine Catering Systems, explores what you need to know.

One of the most important things for any hotel is to tailor the kitchen setup – including equipment choice – to the way that the catering team operates. Do they buy frozen food or fresh? Are they batch cooking in advance? Are they regenerating plates in bulk? All of these questions and more will impact the products available to help smooth running of the banqueting operation. 

We use all of our experience delivering kitchen design and build solutions to ask the right questions and design around a detailed catering brief. Because if you don’t get it right at that stage, it could cost thousands of pounds in the long run. If a banqueting kitchen isn’t efficient, it can’t deliver meals. And if it can’t deliver meals, it will lose trade.

Equipment choice is key, because without the right kitchen equipment in place, you won’t get the right product. You won’t have the means to cook or regenerate the products correctly and you could end up serving cold or overcooked meals. 

What’s more, with so many equipment manufacturers fighting for business, it pays to go to an independent partner like Shine to make recommendations on individual appliances and individual brands as part of the overall kitchen design. We can take into account factors such as budget, cooking requirements and space to provide a much wider choice than any individual manufacturer could. 

Navigating skills challenges

One of the biggest challenges to delivering a successful banqueting operation is staff competency. It’s not always been the case, but service and front of house personnel today are often untrained, which means they do not possess the skill sets required for silver service or traditional methods of banquet service. Plate regeneration is therefore a preferred method for consistency and presentation.  

Apart from the kitchen space and energy consumption required for chilling and regeneration equipment, this increases the value on kitchen efficiency and speed. 

All of this means it is critical to get the kitchen flow and equipment choice right. If you can’t serve it quickly and on-time, you will be leaving diners disappointed. 

Addressing sustainability

The need for sustainability in any commercial banqueting facility is high on the agenda due to a combination of factors, including rising energy costs. This means equipment selection must not only take into consideration the operational aspects of the service to be provided, but also energy consumption and material construction. 

This is especially important in new construction projects, where energy efficiency standards such as BREEAM or LEED need to be achieved.

Visit www.shine.co.uk. 

Smart Cooking

MKN is revolutionising the professional kitchen with two new products which promise to change the way you work. Allow us to introduce FlexiChef and FlexiCombi.

First up, the new FlexiChef multi-functional appliance including SpaceClean, the first and only fully automatic cleaning system for professional cooking pans.

The new FlexiChef redefines versatility, performance and speed, from cooking to frying to deep-frying, making almost anything possible with enhanced speed and efficiency.   

The groundbreaking and unique SpaceClean fully automatic cleaning technology makes it possible to clean the pan fully automatically in just two minutes, with minimal water consumption of just 26 litres and without any chemicals.

Eliminate large quantities of cleaning water and put an end to time-consuming, manual cleaning of pans with fully automatic and effortless cleaning – now with no set-up process at all, because the cleaning head is integrated directly into the lid. 

The new FlexiChef is not only fast - up to 10% faster than its predecessor - it also offers smart cooking thanks to the MagicPilot operating system with Guided Cooking, so even inexperienced users can effortlessly achieve the desired results.

Another highlight is the SmartBoiling function, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 99% compared with conventional water boiling, to support carbon reduction and save costs.

The new FlexiChef includes the easy Up & Down lift system, which allows baskets to be lowered into and raised out of the pan effortlessly and safely. It is also WiFi-enabled and can be linked to the MKN Connected Kitchen system, with interfaces for integration into other kitchen control systems.

MKN is known for its innovation and quality in professional cooking technology. The German company, based in Wolfenbüttel, is represented in over 100 countries worldwide with around 600 employees.

Key features in the new MKN FlexiChef:

  • The new SpaceClean fully automatic cleaning technology 
  • Up to 10% faster than the previous model
  • Easy Up & Down lift function
  • WiFi-enabled

Next up, MKN has set new standards in commercial kitchens with the launch of the new FlexiCombi combi steamer. 

The new FlexiCombi is significantly faster to operate than its predecessor, delivering an updated design and a new innovative lighting concept that optimally illuminates the interior, even when the door is open. This not only offers better visibility, but also increases safety for kitchen staff. 

The revised operating system enables even faster handling, while the proven FlexiRack capacity concept continues to offer over 50% more capacity than appliances using conventional GN1/1 size. The crosswise insertion ensures clarity, stability and increased work safety.

The FlexiCombi combines these new outstanding performance features with unique innovations such as the hygienic cooking cabinet door, the WaveClean automatic cleaning system and DynaSteam, which automatically adjusts the steam volume to optimise cooking results and water efficiency. 

The MKN Guided Cooking concept with MagicPilot operating system guides the user through the entire cooking process and thus guarantees perfect, reproducible results every time, even if there is no trained chef nearby.

The FlexiCombi is the result of continuous research and development, giving operators the highest standards of performance, efficiency and sustainability whilst further improving workflows in professional kitchens.

Key innovations in the new MKN FlexiCombi:

  • Updated design
  • Significantly faster operation
  • New lighting concept
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Multicook for organised, mixed loading


Breakfast With A Twist

With breakfast being the last part of a guest’s stay, Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group explains why the food offering within any hotel setup needs to be unique, with every serve - whilst also guaranteeing freshness, consistency and quality.

Breakfast is arguably one of the most important meals of the day. In fact, according to the UK Breakfast Eating Habits Market Report 2022 from Mintel, 51% of adults ate breakfast out of home in early 2022. This just proves the market’s potential. 

Having a selection of both sweet and savoury products is a must-have for hotel operators looking to increase margins and drive footfall. Panesco, one of La Lorraine Bakery Group’s finest brands, offers a tantalising selection of sweet treats. 

Its Danish Swirls, also known as its ‘Scandinavian delights’, offer the perfect twist on breakfast pastries, as do its Diamond Pastry treats, manually crafted open shapes that ooze luxuriousness and sophistication. 

Other items that offer variety and uniqueness across hotel menus is Panesco’s Pretzel Butter Croissant Curved - a delicious traditional Laugen recipe - as well as the Croissant Bun - a versatile bun made of croissant dough that can be served plain, filled or topped either hot or cold.

Sandwiches and flatbreads are also big business in the breakfast channel and can offer hotel operators endless opportunities when looking to expand their menus. The Schiacciata Romana flatbread, for example, is a great way to go beyond the familiar and surprise customers with a deeply rooted local tradition. Its White and Multigrain pre-sliced breads are proving popular within the hotel catering scene and are perfect breakfast options that can be served hot, cold or as an open sandwich.

Panesco’s pre-grilled and pre-sliced Paninis can also be served well as breakfast carriers, along with its Gourmet Brioche buns - versatile breads that are distinctive in terms of taste, colour and texture and above all, quality.

Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group, said: “Breakfast is an important daypart for the hotel industry and has huge growth potential. It can open up so many new opportunities for caterers to make a healthy profit. It is a thriving sector and is certainly one that we will continue to tap into by innovating and expanding our product range.”

“Each and every one of our breakfast products excel in taste, texture, convenience, are truly irresistible and can add real value to businesses.”

For more information visit https://www.lalorraine.com/gb-en/professional and

A Personalised Service

In our May edition we delve into the world of wellness and luxury relaxation and had the privilege of sitting down with General Manager at Lemi Group, Matteo Brusaferri. With a rich history spanning 30 years, Lemi has established itself as a cornerstone in the global spa industry, trusted by spas and wellness centers around the world. In this exclusive interview, we'll gain insights into Lemi's journey, its philosophy on wellness, and how the brand perfectly aligns with hotels.

Please introduce us to Lemi and tell us about the brand’s history and experience within the spa sector.

Lemi is a renowned Italian brand that has been a leader in the spa sector for over 30 years. With a rich history rooted in craftsmanship and innovation, Lemi has continually set the standard for excellence in spa equipment and furnishings. Our commitment to quality and design has earned us a global reputation as a trusted partner for luxury spas worldwide.

Lemi, as a brand, prides itself on offering tailor-made solutions to provide customised experiences, can you tell us about this?

At Lemi, we understand that every spa is unique, with its own distinct ambiance and clientele. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of each spa. From customisable massage tables to bespoke cabinetry and accessories, we work closely with our clients to create personalised experiences that elevate their spa offerings to new heights of luxury and sophistication.

Being an Italian brand, Lemi is known for exceptionally-high quality. Tell us about this and the Warranties you offer.

Italian craftsmanship is synonymous with excellence, and Lemi upholds this tradition with pride. Our products are meticulously crafted using the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure unparalleled quality and durability. We stand behind our craftsmanship with comprehensive warranties, providing our clients with peace of mind and assurance of long-lasting performance.

The brand perfectly aligns with hotels, can you tell us about some of your previous partnerships and what they have to say about the range from Lemi?

Lemi has forged partnerships with some of the world's most prestigious hotels and resorts, including leading luxury brands such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Mandarin Oriental. Our clients consistently praise the superior quality, elegance, and functionality of our products. They appreciate how Lemi's innovative designs enhance the guest experience, setting their spas apart as destinations of luxury and relaxation.

What benefits can hotels and guests alike experience through working with Lemi in their spas?

Hotels and guests alike benefit greatly from partnering with Lemi in their spas. For hotels, our products enhance their reputation for luxury and excellence, attracting discerning travelers and increasing guest satisfaction. Guests enjoy the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, thanks to Lemi's ergonomic designs and innovative features, ensuring unforgettable spa experiences that leave them feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.


Elevating Hospitality

Crafting Unforgettable Stays: three sustainable touches to enhance guest experience as told by La Bottega.

For over four decades, La Bottega has epitomised creativity and sophistication in the world's most distinguished hotels. Our commitment to luxury amenities through unique fragrances, elegant products, and Italian charm has made us a beacon of excellence in hospitality. 

At La Bottega, sustainability is not just a trend—it's a way of life. We believe that every detail, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on the environment and the guest experience. Our Resin dispenser, sustainable dry amenities, and Green Slippers are just a few examples of how we are redefining luxury hospitality while prioritizing the planet. 

In our relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability, we are proud to introduce our award-winning Resin dispenser - a revolutionary solution for cosmetic dispensers. With this innovation, we not only elevate the aesthetic of hotel bathrooms but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. The Resin dispenser combines functionality with eco-consciousness – a simple solution for housekeeping, avoiding the labour-intensive refill solutions. Aligning perfectly with La Bottega's values of luxury and sustainability.

We believe in the power of surprise and delight to enhance the guest experience. That's why we have developed luxury, sustainable dry amenities featuring bamboo or wooden items, as found in Peninsula Hotels. By integrating these sustainable alternatives into hotel rooms, we not only elevate the guest experience but also demonstrate our commitment to responsible hospitality.

In line with our dedication to sustainability, we offer Green Slippers; crafted entirely without the use of plastics. The soles are made from materials such as cork, jute, and pressed cardboard, offering guests the ultimate green solution for their comfort. Uppers are made from natural cotton fibres, available in non-woven, woven and unbleached and lux cotton options. With the Green Slippers, guests can relax knowing that their luxury experience is in harmony with nature, leaving behind only cherished memories and bio-degradable materials.

In a world where hospitality is increasingly defined by sustainability, La Bottega is proud to lead the way towards a greener, more luxurious future. Join us in our journey to elevate hospitality while preserving the beauty of our planet—one sustainable dispenser, bamboo amenity, and bio-degradable slipper at a time.


Improving Profitability

After witnessing the role of technology in hospitality increasing in 2004, Mark Lewis is Founder and Managing Director at HotelREZ, seized the opportunity to create a business that would bridge the gap between people and technology, and HotelREZ was born with a personal, family-type approach, at its core. Today, the brand is one of the largest and most highly awarded hotel representation and distribution companies. In this exclusive interview, we share details on how the brand can seamlessly fit into your hotel.

What is the overall aim of HotelREZ and how can the brand seamlessly fit into a hotel’s strategy?

Akin to our origins, our vision is to provide hotels with market-leading sales and marketing representation, combined with cutting-edge technology to help them achieve their commercial potential. We work closely with our partners and clients; it’s about remaining flexible as no one hotel is the same, nor are tech stack needs.  

It’s not just about offering consultancy: we live and breathe the world of hotels, and work with our customers to produce high-rated and incremental revenue from the most suitable target markets at an attractive cost of sale. We open up possibilities by having our clients on the same platforms as franchises and big global brands, we also operate as a global brand on these platforms whilst reinforcing the unique identity of our members. 

This year marks two decades since the launch of the company. Can you share details on the growth of the business in terms of revenue and customers?

Today, we are one of the largest hotel collections in the world working with more than 2,500 independent hotels and aparthotels in over 100 countries. We are seeing growth in all sectors and all markets - and that’s largely down to providing excellent operational support and account management and being able to leverage our global brand positioning with key global agencies - we also deliver on our promises. Last year alone we achieved a 52% revenue growth with reservations up by over 42%, and our portfolio grew by more than 20%. Through a multichannel approach, we have enabled our clients to increase reservations through their direct booking engine by 31%, while driving valuable business through the GDS (+44%) and Channel Connect (+50%).

How can HotelREZ work to provide hotels with direct bookings to reduce the cost per sale and, in turn, improve profitability?

We focus on driving more direct business through acquisition, engagement and conversion. In the coming year we'll be rolling out WebServices to drive more direct business at an attractive cost of sale. 

The market is clearly evolving: 51% of traffic is mobile and 65% of same-day arrivals are booked via smartphone. Our distribution strategy has led to an increase in a hotel’s direct website traffic, six times the collection of vital data, and around a 25% increase in direct revenue. This reduces members' cost of sale and improves their margins. 

It’s easy for hotels to forget that direct business can come from a multitude of sources - especially repeat guests. As such, as well as working on their direct booking strategies, we’re also continually investing in technology and improving GDS presence with key TMC and consortia partners to boost both short- and long-term commercial results for our clients.  

The introduction of technology in hotels is now seen as paramount for guests and hoteliers alike. How can your services fit into independent hotels as well as the larger scale groups?

Independent groups and hotels walk a tightrope - they need to compete with the big players and key industry trends, but retain their uniqueness, on a fraction of the budgets the big brands have. Our hotels however are truly independent and unique versus a proliferation of new seemingly independent brands that are in effect part of the global chains.

We work with a fantastic portfolio of independent accommodation providers as well as sizable groups including StayCity, Greene King, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, and Queensway/Point A Group. Our services contribute to greater team efficiency, improved bookings, and by using our experience and expertise staff have the time to provide greater customer service and focus on guest engagement. 

Can you give us examples of how HotelREZ can improve marketing capabilities, specifically in niche areas?

We have two hotel consortia: Best Loved Hotels, a collection of unique global individual properties aimed at high-end leisure travellers and agents; and World Rainbow Hotels, the world’s only GDS Enabled LGBTQ+ global hotel consortium. This enables hotels to position themselves within these target audiences.

We also have a team that generates MICE opportunities, with complimentary access to the top main consortia/TMC programmes, saving a property around £20,000 per annum in participation subscription fees and harnessing increased exposure to the corporate market to generate greater income with no risk of investment.

We offer all our hotel clients complimentary access to our unique and proprietary REZtoMarket tool, which acts as a central content hub to push property assets out to hundreds of connected channels such as the GDS and OTAs.