Wellness winter wonderland

TennoAlpin introduce SNOWROOM, unleashing the possibilities of cold therapy for the mind and body to elevate your hotel’s wellness area.

Hot and cold temperatures combined can have a huge beneficial effect on health, as their delightful contrast increases the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. 

The benefits of the warmth are intensified when followed by the cold. The positive stress to which the entire organism is exposed to and where the body has to react brings the body's own protective mechanisms into full speed. 

The cold stimulates the blood circulation, boosts the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Cold is not only used to regenerate muscles or relieve pain, but also to optimise mental wellbeing. The short, positive stress relief, manages to reduce long-term stress and thus promotes healthy sleep and a more balanced lifestyle.

Cooling down with snow

Snow is the most exclusive, but also the gentlest form of cooling down. The benefits of cold therapy are accessible to all, without shock or dizziness. TechnoAlpin Indoor is constantly working on new resource-saving snow solutions as an interior highlight. The transformation of water into snow creates a grounding feeling, soothes and relaxes all of the senses.

"The advantage is that you don't really get wet, it's a gentle cooling option and suitable for everyone, including people who are sensitive to pain. Snow is the perfect addition to any setting, be it fitness, sauna, a private spa, or for instance as a furnishing highlight independent of the wellness area," - Sara Brenninger, Product Manager at TechnoAlpin Indoor.

The SNOWROOM: a multisensory experience and a design highlight

The experience of the SNOWROOM appeals to all senses: temperatures below zero degrees, soft snow, a quiet winter landscape, the scent of the forest and the sounds of nature. The turnkey solution by TechnoAlpin Indoor not only enriches through its innovative way of cooling down the body, the design is also an eye-catcher. Various design options are available and can also be customised according to the customer's wishes. 

SNOWSKY: The most beautiful invite to cool down body and mind

The flakes fall gently form the sky. Suddenly, out of nowhere, snow begins to fall in the middle of the room. The slow snowfall calms and relaxes all the senses. 

Creativity has no limits, when it comes to SNOWSKY. The compact dimensions allow for easy integration into new and existing interiors. Whether next to the sauna or the fitness area for a hygienic cool-down, or placed independently in the hotel lobby or the cocktail bar. The possibilities are endless. 

Snow stands alone as an element and is therefore independent of style. This makes integration in your hotel seamless.


The future’s electric

In an exclusive interview with Michael MacLeod, Head of New Business Development at SWARCO Smart Charging, we explore the range of electric charging solutions they offer for hotels and the benefits they present for revenue, sustainability and overall guest experience. 

Please introduce the brand and what it strives to achieve.

At SWARCO Smart Charging we’re passionate about electric vehicles and understand the importance of reliable, easy to use chargers and systems. We provide simplicity - simple answers to sometimes complex questions and charging solutions that are easy to install and use. We are a partner who does what they say, and we are in it for the long run.

How can the installation of your charge points benefit the overall guest experience? 

EV’s are quickly becoming a mainstay across the UK with charging infrastructure expected at most locations. EV Drivers will change their habits to ensure that they have suitable vehicle charging opportunities whether that is a full charge on route during a long journey or topping up amongst regular smaller trips with known dwell time (business, family and leisure stops). As a result, the provision of charging opportunities at overnight stays is very quickly becoming a way for hotels and hospitality to stay ahead of the curve and provide this additional service to their guests. By ensuring you have the right equipment and at the right power output, your guest will have a happy charging experience to leave your venue feeling refreshed and recharged. 

What gives SWARCO charging points a competitive edge?

Our newly launched SWARCO Drive unit is perfect for the hospitality sector including everything that the market has come to expect from premium units, without the premium price. This includes PEN Fault protection, removing the need for an earth spike at the charger installation as well as cluster-based load management, allowing us to make as much use of the available power on-site without the need for costly upgrades to existing power supplies. 

What benefits do your charging points present to the overall hotel business? 

Charger availability is becoming a requirement of the frequent traveller as more and more fleets of private vehicles make the electric transition. The deployment of charging infrastructure allows your business to add an additional service for your guests in addition to being able to promote sustainable travel. 

As well as increased footfall, further financial benefits can be leveraged by your business, should you choose to pass cost of charging onto the customer. By utilising our back office charge point management solution, you can rest easy on the basis that the user can charge and be billed with minimal administrative interactions from you. 

How can our readers work with you?

Our dedicated team are on hand to help you understand the best EV charging solutions for your business. 





Restful Nights

The sleeping specialists at Silent Night share their expertise with us on the importance of a well-chosen mattress combined with thoughtful amenities to transform a hotel room into an oasis of tranquillity to enhance the overall guest experience.

For guests seeking solace from their demanding lives, hotels have a responsibility to ensure they provide an environment conducive to rest and restoration.

In today's fast-paced world, travellers often prioritise convenience and comfort, seeking a home away from home. To meet these expectations, integration of innovative technologies that promote effortless relaxation can be highly beneficial. Imagine a room equipped with intuitive touch panels, allowing guests to adjust lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems with ease. By providing user-friendly technology, hotels empower guests to create their own personalised sleep environment, fostering a sense of control and comfort.

Optimal room temperature is another crucial factor in promoting restful sleep. Guests have diverse preferences when it comes to temperature, and we know from sleep studies that we need our body temperature to drop a couple of degrees to ensure a restorative, deep sleep. A well-regulated climate control system allows guests to adjust the room temperature to their liking, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.

To create an ambience of serenity, invest in blackout curtains that effectively shield the room from intrusive light. Light pollution from streetlights or early morning rays can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to a restless night. Soft lighting is another key aspect that contributes to a soothing environment, with warm lighting creating a sense of cosiness and relaxation. Installing blackout curtains and dimmable lighting, hotels offers guests the opportunity to retreat into peaceful darkness, facilitating deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

Breathable bedding is an often overlooked but it is a vital aspect of ensuring a restful sleep experience. High-quality, hypoallergenic materials, not only contribute to a luxurious feel but also promote air circulation and moisture wicking, preventing overheating.

Of course, the foundation of a superior sleep experience lies in a supportive, comfortable mattress. A high-quality mattress, tailored to accommodate different sleep preferences, can help alleviate pressure points and provide optimal spinal alignment, resulting in a truly restorative and memorable night’s rest.

Hotels have a unique opportunity to elevate guest experiences by prioritising the importance of sleep. Through the integration of easy-to-use technology, climate control, blackout curtains, soft lighting, breathable bedding, and quality supportive mattresses, to create an environment that promotes deep, restful sleep. By doing so, they foster a lasting positive impression that will keep them returning time and time again.

After all, a well-rested guest is a happy guest, and a happy guest is the best advocate for any hotel.


Elevating experiences

The hospitality technology experts at Siemlus have joined forces with Hoteza to innovate and prioritise the guest experience and we have all the details. 

Hotels are using casting technology to provide guests with interactive experiences such as online gaming, virtual tours of their property, and educational content. This technology offers hotels endless possibilities to engage with their customers in a more immersive way.

The advancements in casting technology bring benefits to both customers and businesses, enhancing satisfaction and engagement. It is an essential part of how hotels operate, today and for the future.

Siemlus, the hospitality technology innovator is among the plethora of companies driving this increase. They have formed a partnership with Hoteza, who share their goal of prioritising guest experience, but with the help of impressive technology. 

Hoteza Stream is a solution which supplements the hotel TV system with AirPlay and Google Chromecast technologies. No new wiring and no new server or software installation is required. There are no binding contracts or subscriptions. Start from eight Apple TV boxes and/or Google Chromecast dongles, and if needed extend to more later.

With Siemlus and Hoteza, casting is just the tip of the iceberg and it is the complete view of the guest experience that makes this a real game changer. Hoteza is a hotel guest user interface (GUI) platform that enables hotels to improve the way they interact with their guests. Hotels can provide their guests with an easy-to-use digital experience while providing them access to the latest features and services.

Siemlus and Hoteza provide hotels with advanced features such as digital check-in/check-out processes, payment portals, and virtual concierge services. They also offer Siemlus Connect to assist with installing and supporting hoteliers to ensure smooth activation. These services help to increase customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and revenue for hotels.

By leveraging technology and its suite of services, Siemlus is revolutionising the hospitality industry one customer at a time. To provide a complete experience, Siemlus offers integrated solutions that combine multiple technologies into one cohesive service. No longer will hoteliers need multiple SLAs. Everything is taken care of by one master SLA under Siemlus Connect to give clients one point of contact and peace of mind. A 24-hour, seven days a week, support ecosystem.

Siemlus also gives clients access to new technology through its partnerships with leading technology providers like Hoteza. Siemlus recognises the ever-changing landscape of hospitality technology and strives to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology trends. Making the impossible feel Siemlus.


Life with no limits

In an exclusive interview with David Begg, founder of THE REAL Drinks Co., we find out about elevating your food and beverage experiences by introducing a premium, non-alcoholic range.

Please introduce the brand and what it strives to achieve.

The REAL Drinks Co. exists so that everyone can live life, unconstrained, whether they're drinking or not. As a brand we deliver the flavour and complexity of a fine wine, without the alcohol. We are experts in fermentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We apply authentic winemaking techniques to the finest loose-leaf teas, to create complex alcohol-free Sparklings, naturally.


With the low and no category rising, please can you tell us about your non-alcoholic range and the benefits it provides to guests? 

We produce a range of non-alcoholic Sparkling Teas. We take exquisite, high-quality loose-leaf teas, and ferment them for 4-6 weeks in a process very similar to the fermentation of Sparkling Wines. The result is a wonderfully rich, delicate alternative to Champagne or Sparkling Wine. We currently serve three different styles, each with very distinctive characteristics: our Royal Flush is clean and delicate, with notes of rhubarb and peach. Our Dry Dragon is dry and tannic, with notes of citrus. Our Peony Blush is a wonderfully fruity rosé and has notes of strawberry and nougat.


To elevate the food experience, venues are introducing sommeliers to pair wines to

compliment different dishes. How do your drinks work in line with this?

Many of the top sommeliers in the country choose REAL Sparkling Teas as they believe that our drinks are the only non-alcoholic alternative that pairs well with food. We have developed our drinks specifically with this in mind. Our Royal Flush, for example, pairs exceptionally well with charcuterie as an apéritif, or with white fish, white meat and cream sauces. Our Dry Dragon sits well alongside shellfish, summer salads and fruits.


What gives The REAL Drinks Co. a competitive edge against other non-alcoholic ranges?

The challenge with non-alcoholic wines is that as you industrially extract the alcohol it also removes most of the delicate aromas. Our process is naturally non-alcoholic, so all of the wonderful delicate flavour compounds that are created in fermentation remain just as they were produced. Nothing added, nothing taken away. We simply filter and bottle straight from the tank.


How can our readers work with you?

We work with leading wholesalers across the country to supply the best hotels and restaurants. We also work closely with our customers to train their staff, develop menu wording, and plan activations. We recognise that we are developing an entirely new category of drinks that requires education, both for our customers and their consumers.

Please contact oliver@realdrinks.co to find out more. 


Design innovation at the Independent Hotel Show

The Independent Hotel Show, in partnership with James Hallam, returns to Olympia London on 16-17 October providing unparalleled opportunities for the boutique and independent hotel community 

Guests to the show will have the chance to browse over 200 carefully curated suppliers, across categories such as design and décor, technology, amenities, furniture, tableware, in-room F&B solutions and much more. 

The Independent Hotel Show is working with a range of design partners and studios to bring various features and stages to life. The show’s Member’s Lounge will be brought to life by Cocoon & Bauer, Design Command will design the Hotel Business stage, and New Heritage will be partnering with the show to create the Social Business Space and Innovation Stage. 

Additionally, the Independent Hotel Show will be partnering with LEVEN to bring to life an innovative immersive experience demonstrating the potential of the Metaverse to transform hotels and hotel design. 

The ESG Hub, created in partnership with sustainability consultant Sarah Duncan, author of The Sustainable Business Book and The Ethical Business Book, will provide bespoke, actionable advice to hoteliers looking to elevate their sustainability efforts and learn more about the complex world of ESG. The hub itself will also showcase some of the latest trends and products in sustainable design and in the wider world of hospitality. 

Duncan comments: “ESG is now a critical area for businesses to address - whether that is due to consumer and/or employee pressure, supply chain scrutiny and tendering for corporate contracts, or simply the changing expectations of how organisations should now behave in terms of protecting a healthy society and planet. But it can be complex and somewhat overwhelming. 

“The ESG Hub at this year's Independent Hotel Show is designed to educate and engage - not to preach or intimidate. We hope that everyone visiting the hub will walk away with a nugget or two of knowledge or inspiration to help on their ESG journey, plus find some helpful solutions to common challenges.”

The Independent Hotel Show Awards, sponsored by Preferred Hotels and Resorts, will be celebrating its 11th year and honouring the Independent Hotel of the Year and the GM of the Future, in partnership with The Master Innholders.  

“This is the fourth year we’ve presented the GM of the Future award and each year the excitement and pride I feel in recognising and rewarding young talented hoteliers cannot be overstated,” says Dan Rose-Bristow, Chair of The Master Innholders. “The award goes a long way in supporting those in the industry to become the next generation of leaders - something The Master Innholders are very passionate about.” 

The Independent Hotel Show takes place on 16-17 October at Olympia London. To keep up to date with everything happening at this year’s event, visit independenthotelshow.co.uk. 

Driven by sustainability

In an exclusive interview with Suki Sangha, Sales Executive at Virta, we explore their innovative electric vehicle charging systems and how they can elevate your hotel business. 

Please introduce us to Virta and what the brand strives to achieve. 

Virta is a global pioneer in developing smart EV charging services. Our platform provides businesses with an easy-to-use solution for managing their EV charging operations. Over 400 hotel partners currently run their EV charging operations with us, which gives us credible insights into EV driver behaviour at hotels.


How can the availability of EV charging benefit the overall guest experience? 

The EV market has been steadily growing in the past few years, and with more electric vehicles on the roads, EV drivers need to charge at their destinations. A survey we ran with Kantar in 2022 showed that for 87% of EV drivers, the availability of EV charging at hotels has an influence when deciding what hotel to stay in.


Hotels provide the perfect setting for guests to charge for the next day while staying overnight. In addition, EV charging serves the hotel’s meeting and event facilities guests, and the increasing adoption of electric fleet vehicles means that corporate customers want to come to a hotel and charge their company EVs. So, EV charging is becoming one of the amenities hotel guests are demanding.


How does your charging solution help elevate the overall hotel business? 

We provide the whole package - software, hardware, EV driver services and more, so hotels can fully integrate EV charging into their larger services portfolio under their brand. EV drivers expect a reliable branded service that builds up customer loyalty. Once the EV driver parks at a hotel and plugs in their car, they are more likely to stay in the hotel area for the duration of the charging event and use other hotel facilities; the hotel restaurant or the lobby bar, for example.


Our goal is to enable our partners to focus on their core business while still benefiting from the EV charging service. Long term, we are ready to enable our hotel partners to develop advanced pricing and loyalty tools and integrate EV charging into larger hotel CRM systems.


As the issue of sustainability rises, in your expert opinion, is it important for hotels to focus on this, and how does your charging solution work in line with this? 

Hotels everywhere strive to lower their CO2 emissions, and EV charging can be an essential part of their sustainability programmes. EV charging has the power to present the hotel’s green credentials the moment the customer enters the parking lot.


Visit www.virta.global and get in touch with our EV charging solution experts.

A revolutionary concept

In an exclusive interview with Helen Haider, Marketing Director at LUQEL, we learn about the innovative water dispenser designed to deliver an elevated dining experience with aquatic pairings. 

Please introduce us to the brand and what it strives to achieve. 

At LUQEL, we are committed to redefining the water experience in the hotel industry. Our innovative water dispenser is designed to deliver 30 sommelier-crafted mineralised water recipes, all sourced from a mains-fed supply. With LUQEL, there's no need to purchase bottles of mineral water from around the world, saving both costs and the environment.

Our state-of-the-art system also utilises a reverse osmosis filter that surpasses ordinary dispensers and hot taps. Not only does it remove chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides, but it also eliminates micro and nano-impurities, including heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and nano-plastics.

 The result? Impeccably clean water with a consistent base taste, 30 water recipes, with adjustable temperature ranging from 4°C to 95°C, and adjustable carbonation.

How does the LUQEL Water system elevate the overall guest experience?

LUQEL looked at what was needed to improve the water experience for hotel guests. Top of the list was the need for variety but without the carbon footprint. The ability to control water temperature despite the external weather was important, as was a way to match water with different food and drink pairings, or for different events, and activities. 

There are water recipes that are aimed at a spa guest’s enjoyment and health. The NATURAL BEAUTY recipe is a low mineralised water with a smooth clean taste to encourage hydration.  

For gym guests, there is a water called RUNNER’S HEAVEN with a balanced mix of magnesium, potassium and chloride to support the body after an endurance run. 

For conference guests, LUQEL sommeliers have designed waters that support a person’s energy levels and hydration. KICK START, a magnesium-rich water gets a meeting off to a great start. 

A restaurant guest can now explore a water menu that can be paired with food. SWEET & SALTY is the perfect dessert accompaniment. The slightly salty finish balances the sweetness of a dessert. 

In the bar, your guest can choose a water that works perfectly with their glass of whisky or wine. Whisky needs very low mineralised water to allow the aromatics to come through, whereas white wine needs more sulphates and magnesium to balance the acids. 

The LUQEL tea waters not only allows the subtle flavours of green tea, oolong tea, or fruit infusions to shine, but the water also improves the clarity of the tea.

With the low and no category rising, please can you tell us about how LUQEL Water works to elevate the non-alcoholic drink experience.

 Drinking water is having a renaissance and guests now want more choices than ever, but this means that hotels need to cater for a range of tastes and choices, which makes purchasing, stocking and cooling of water a costly operation, then of course is the recycling and concern on sustainability, which is why LUQEL was created, to give cleanliness, taste and choice without the sustainability issues. How do we create taste and elevate what is essentially tap water? 

We can change the taste of water by:

  • Changing the temperature. If you drink a glass of chilled water (<15 o C) with your meal sweet, savoury, and bitter tastes will be weaker. However, if you have room-temperature water (15-35 o C), sweet, savoury and bitter flavours will be amplified.
  • Adding carbonation creates more acidic water, which often comes through as a citric taste.
  • Changing the mineral composition can alter the taste of water. Sodium and chloride add a saltiness to the water, magnesium delivers sweetness, sulphate gives bitter undertones, hydrogen carbonate neutralises acid and calcium can give a drier mouth feel. 
  • Increasing the mineral dosage, heavier mineralisation gives a heavy mouth feel.
  • Since we carbonate at 4 o C we can get higher levels of carbonation into our water, but we enable you to choose low, medium or high carbonation to taste. We are also proud that our bubbles are smaller than most mineral waters. They are similar to the bubbles in champagne in size and liveliness.

As the issue of sustainability continues to grow, how does LUQEL Water work in line with positive sustainable initiatives? 

Guests select bottled mineral waters that align with their taste preferences, and that relate to their sense of identity. Switching to tap water as a more sustainable alternative would mean compromising on taste, choice and personality. Guests would not pay for standard tap water, nor would they drink it for fear of what impurities are in the tap water.  

With LUQEL, you can preserve that taste experience and choice for people. The system can replicate around 80% of bottled mineral waters. We have 30 mineralised water recipes that cater for all tastes. This means a hotel can reduce not only purchasing, transporting, storing and recycling bottles of mineral water, which aids their sustainability objectives, but they can also offer a more personalised experience.

How can our readers work with you?

Experience the difference that LUQEL offers for your business with a LUQEL Water Station.

Call our team to:

  • Book a tasting experience in one of our showrooms 
  • Discuss pre-set recipes, bottling needs and speed of dispense.
  • Look at payment options.
  • Visit luqel-water.com 

Taking it to the next level

Mark Roberts, Director of Sales at Lanchester Wines, shares five ways to elevate your food and drink offering with wine. 

Tailor your wine list to suit your customers 

You know your customers better than anyone, so create a wine list that directly suits their specific tastes – and likewise, if something isn’t working, change it. When creating your wine menu, keep your customers front of mind and write tasting notes they’ll appreciate. Increasingly, we’re seeing operators using wine menus as their sommeliers; menus are becoming more stylistic to connect with specific foods, adapting descriptive language to suit their audience – categories or descriptions such as ‘big, bold and round, suitable for steak’ where you’d allocate Malbec, for example.

Regular staff wine training 

To cultivate knowledge while instilling confidence and credibility when discussing and recommending wines – customers, more often than not, look to the server for guidance. Training enables your staff to speak about wine with authority and assists in building trust among customers. It also ensures your team feels invested in by the business.

Customer wine tasting

Invite your customers to taste the wines with your merchant before listing. Do this when exploring new ranges and once you’ve pretty much confirmed your core list – so after your first or second consultation – it always works incredibly well to invite your top 20 customers to an exclusive tasting of the wines before you finalise your selection. Thus giving your customers a sense of ownership with the wine list. 

Introduce a wine of the month

This is a great way to easily refresh your wine offering each month while also ‘experimenting’ with different wine styles but with minimal risk as your stockholding will be low. You might even find your customers’ new favourite wine! 

Build a relationship with a trusted wine supplier

This valuable relationship can help you with all of the points above. Your wine supplier is fully trained and has oversight of both their wider portfolio, including offers and new products, and also the wine trade in your area. 


On cloud wine

Lanchester Wines is one of the UK’s leading wine importers and merchants, meaning they are perfectly placed to tell us how hoteliers can maximise their wine offering. We caught up with Lanchester Wines’ Director of Sales, Mark Roberts and asked him firstly, who are Lanchester Wines?

Established in 1980, we are one of the UK’s leading wine importers and wholesalers. We supply a wide range of quality and premium wines to the on-trade and off-trade. Still family-owned, we’re proud of our roots and, as such, our customers range from pubs, clubs, bars and hotels right up to high street retailers, supermarkets and national pub and restaurant operators.

What should hoteliers offer on the menu when it comes to wine? 

Every wine list will be different because every venue’s customer base will be different, as will the food menu. Hoteliers should always work with a specialist wine merchant when it comes to creating a wine list most beneficial to their specific venue, which understands the geographic and demographic impact of what wines work best. This collaboration will allow you to have the flexibility to adapt to market trends.

Should a wine list have a variety to appeal to different age ranges, occasions or the season?

We all want a bottle of wine that looks more expensive than it is. However, just because the wine label is fantastic and will certainly influence the first purchase, customers will only return for a second drink if the wine inside is as good, or better than the label.

Hoteliers should work with their suppliers to first identify the style and varieties of wine which will suit their venue and then discuss labels. One of the many benefits of bulk wine is that the wine supplier may have various labels for the same wine or be able to offer you a white-label solution. Some operators, such as ourselves, also offer label-only wines which, as the name suggests, are sold with just the back label, which contains all legal requirements, leaving you the freedom to design your front label. Larger customers can also create bespoke bulk wine lines under their labels. This is perfect for weddings, your bar or even in-room welcome packs.

Are customers getting more demanding about what they want from a wine list?

The provenance of a wine is increasingly important – the producer and how it was made. As a business, Lanchester Wines actively seeks business partners and sustainable wine suppliers who share our vision to proactively improve their sustainability. Each of our wine suppliers has adapted to their environment, social surroundings and used the resources available to them. At every stage of a grape's growth, development and transformation into wine, expert care and attention are given to not only quality but sustainability - from water conservation to soil management, and vineyard grazing through to community projects. (Find out more at https://www.lanchesterwines.co.uk/sustainable-wine-supply/)

How can wine add to the bottom line of a hotel business? 

Hoteliers are increasingly looking to bulk wine - the shipping of wine in bulk containers and then packing in the UK through contact wine bottlers, such as our sister company Greencroft Bottling. The cost savings are undeniable - a Flexitank, containing 24,000 litres will fit in a 20ft container, while the same volume in bottle would require two 40ft containers – which reduces both transportation costs and the carbon required to move the wine from winery to UK, around 2kg of CO2 per kilometre travelled.

Bulk wine also allows for flexibility of format – we currently produce wines in 75cl, 37.5cl and 187ml glass and PET, cans, bag-in-box, key kegs and pouches. With the pressure on the global glass industry and efficiencies achieved through working in larger formats such as premium BIB, we’ve seen a huge increase in premium draft wine which not only decreases the amount of packaging but also, importantly, allows a better margin per serve.

What advice would you give to hoteliers who are looking at their wine offering? 

Working with a specialist wine merchant will enable you to create a truly relevant wine list. But, make sure you also tap into the value-added services a good merchant can offer, such as wine list creation and staff training. Insist upon full and detailed training sessions throughout the year to make sure customer-facing staff have confidence in the entirety of the wine list which will allow upselling and food pairing.

Winemaker dinners and special events will give a point of difference. There is a global supply crisis (all commodities, not just wine) which is impacting all importers, so make sure your wine supplier can think on their feet and keep you in stock - fundamentally you can’t sell what you don’t have.